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Pipeline Porter Kona Brewing Co. Big Island, Hawaii.



The panel was divided on this one, but the coffee drinkers carried the day. They loved the great coffee aroma and flavor. The intent seems to have been to make a coffee-flavored beer that would be lighter-bodied than the typical coffee stout. On that level, this beer succeeds admirably. It's a beautiful beer in the glass, black coffee color with a rich, fluffy cafe au lait head, and the rich coffee aromatics practically burst from the glass. "Oh man, fresh roast right in the nose, it's like being in a coffee roasting plant," said Tom Conti. "Aroma of burnt coffee, strong coffee flavor," said Greg Zannella. "Where's the beer?" asked Gregg G. "It tastes like coffee," said Dr. Victor, "but shouldn't it taste more like beer?" "I like it," said Phil Simpson, "I like fresh roast, fresh brewed coffee, and I think they perfectly captured the aroma of fresh roast, and the flavor of fresh brewed."
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Title Annotation:Brew Notes
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Oct 20, 2008
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