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Articles from Pipeline & Gas Journal (July 1, 2003)

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Abraham Ratchets up natural gas concerns. (Government Guidelines). 550
Advanced detection methods provide trace element gas analysis. (Instrument: technology improves). Crippen, Karen L. 2227
ALGOR, Inc. (What's New In Measurement and Instrumentation Systems). 124
American Meter. (What's New In Measurement and Instrumentation Systems). 108
AMETEK process instruments offers integrated natural gas quality monitoring system. (2003 Capabilities Guide: Advertorial). 527
AMREL Corporation. (What's New In Measurement and Instrumentation Systems). 115
Answers to today's questions and tomorrows challenges. (2003 Capabilities Guide: Advertorial). Glancz, Gary L. 563
ATOFINA Chemicals Inc. (New Products). 122
Baker Energy. (Company News, Mergers & Acquisitions). Brief Article 93
Banides & Debeaurain. (New Products). 109
Barton Systems, LLC. (What's New In Measurement and Instrumentation Systems). 103
Bass-Trigon. (2003 Capabilities Guide: Advertorial). 394
BP to develop technically challenging North Sea field. (Offshore Review). Brief Article 280
Building the business case: rate of gas meter automation is growing in the U.S. (Automatic: meter reading. Schlenger, Donald L. 2144
Central Plastics Company. (New Products). 102
Chandler Engineering. (What's New In Measurement and Instrumentation Systems). 122
Cheyenne Plains Pipeline project. (Projects). Brief Article 172
Clough forms 50/50 partnership with AMC. (International Highlights). Brief Article 153
CMS spokesman touts LNG safety at Louisiana pipeliners meeting. (Newsreel). Brief Article 257
Contracts awarded for Benguela Belize Project. (International Highlights). Brief Article 90
Controlotron[R] flowmeters: high accuracy capability. (2003 Capabilities Guide: Advertorial. 532
Controversy over excess flow valves. (Government Guidelines). 591
Crypticom Secure SCADA. (What's New In Measurement and Instrumentation Systems). 108
Data integration streamlines pipeline integrity analysis: MJ Harden provides the data integration applications and services necessary for comprehensive pipeline integrity analysis. (Capabilities Guide). 331
Dynasonics. (What's New In Measurement and Instrumentation Systems). 118
Editor's notebook. Share, Jeff 760
EIA issues shortage warnings on natural gas. (Newsreel). Brief Article 141
Energy Transaction Repository proposed as solution for natural gas index issue. (Newsreel). Brief Article 213
Energy Transfer Company announces East Texas pipeline plans. (Projects). Brief Article 219
Expo showcases strong pipeline security. (The hub: a guest column). Cooper, Benjamin S. Column 680
FiberTechUS. (New Products). 140
Gas and electricity markets in Europe move to open markets. (International Highlights). Clark, Bryan Brief Article 285
GRI. (Association News). Brief Article 134
Guided wave radar claims accuracy leadership vs. through-air radar and ultrasonic devices. (Tank-Level: detection). Fauveau, Eric; Hambrice, Kevin 1182
House acts to maintain ROW fee structure. (Newsreel). Barlas, Stephen 444
In memorial. Brief Article 295
Inline services concentrates on supplying the best pigging equipment for the customer's application. (2003 Capabilities Guide: Advertorial). 250
John Wood Group PLC. (Company News, Mergers & Acquisitions). Brief Article 85
Keyhole PE pipe squeeze-off technology has arrived. Brief Article 279
Kiefer Built--Industrial. (New Products). 140
Knapp Polly Pig Inc. (2003 Capabilities Guide: Advertorial). 290
Kvaerner joint venture wins EPC contract. (International Highlights). Solutions, O&G Brief Article 88
Mackenzie gas project passes major hurdle. (Newsreel). 533
Management places increased importance on measurement and its affect on the bottom line. (Measurement: issues). Feldmann, Rick 1952
Meter Engineers Inc. (New Products). 112
MOU signed for Malawi pipeline. (International Highlights). Brief Article 80
Multi-seal ball valve literature. (2003 Capabilities Guide: Advertorial). 220
Natural gas still in center ring as availability, prices cause concern: a close-up look at the natural gas business. (From The Burner Tip). Freedenthal, Carol 1225
Natural Gas Supply Association (NGSA). (Association News). Brief Article 91
New alternatives in corrosion protection for steel pipelines. (2003 Capabilities Guide: Advertorial). Stephens, Byron 224
New ideas, backed by experience. (2003 Capabilities Guide: Advertorial). 622
New products meet customer demands at Perfection Corporation. (2003 Capabilities Guide: Advertorial). 701
New WOM ball valve test data. (2003 Capabilities Guide: Advertorial). 115
New WOM gate/ plug valve alternative. (2003 Capabilities Guide: Advertorial). 212
Northern Alberta oil sands project approved. (Projects). Brief Article 223
Numerous devices compete for market in oil, gas and distribution pipelines. (Flow: measurement overview). Yoder, Jesse 1847
Offshore review. Tubb, Rita 486
OMNI and SMARTBUS--the "brain" of any custody transfer metering system. (2003 Capabilities Guide Advertorial). 779
Open-protocol gas encoder index enables flexible AMR for gas meters. (Tech Notes). Herchko, David A. 963
Parker Hannifin Seal Group. (New Products). 107
Parkline, Inc. (2003 Capabilities Guide: Advertorial). 592
Pigs Unlimited, Inc. introduces their new launching & receiving pigging valve. 346
Pipeline Inspection Company. (What's New In Measurement and Instrumentation Systems). 125
Protal 7200 liquid epoxy protects girth Welds on new pipeline construction. (2003 Capabilities Guide: Advertorial). 270
Raytek Corporation. (What's New In Measurement and Instrumentation Systems). 90
Remote pigging now possible: the original "pigging valve" concept introduced many years ago only allowed the use of a sphere. However, the Argus Pig Valve was designed to accommodate cleaning pigs that are much more aggressive than a sphere. (2003 Capabilities Guide: Advertorial). 229
Russell NDE Systems Inc. (What's New In Measurement and Instrumentation Systems). 134
SafeLines LLC. (New Products). 120
Sakhalin Island to get world's largest LNG plant. (Projects). Brief Article 193
Scanner family measures coal bed methane production. (Pod: measurements gains). Dewald, Brian Editorial 936
Schweitzer Engineering Labs (SEL). (What's New In Measurement and Instrumentation Systems). 81
SeeperTrace leak detection service locates small leak in empty dock line. (Tech Notes). 409
Self-optimizing multi-mode plungerlift methods for electronic flow measurement. (2003 Capabilities Guide: Advertorial). 857
Setra Systems. (What's New In Measurement and Instrumentation Systems). 99
Simplicity of an orifice and accuracy of high tech meters. (Slotted Plate: DP meter). Morrison, Gerald L.; Rudroff, Daniel J. 1852
Specialty Polymer Coatings, Inc. (New Products). 115
Streamlining pipeline integrity assessment and rehabilitation. (Evaluating Your System). Suman, JC 1968
Take a few minutes to read this: it could save your company a lot of money. (EN engineering[R] excellence from start to finish). 792
Technip wins riser contract for Kristin. (International Highlights). Brief Article 90
The Lincoln Electric Company. (What's New In Measurement and Instrumentation Systems). 89
Turnkey Anticorrosion. (New Products). 123
UK North Sea: global hot spot for new ventures? (Offshore Review). 350
Upcoming events 2003. (Meetings). Calendar 413
Vulcan Utility Signs and Products. (New Products). 138
YZ. (New Products). 118

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