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Pipe Coil Technology.

UK company Pipe Coil Technology (PCT) has unveiled a new concept that a]lows large diameter HDPE pipe to be coiled with zero or minimal ovality. Already ordered by two major European piping companies, it will enable pipe manufacturers and end users to redefine how pipe coils are produce& transported and installed, says PCT.

The Low Ovality Technology allows pipe to have zero or negligible ovality and be coiled at internal diameters as low as only 12 times the pipe diameter (16 to 20 times is currently the norm). PCT says the major benefits for pipe producers will be elimination of coil failure during yard storage, elimination of coil rejection by end users, and a reduction in transport costs by manufacturing coils with reduced internal diameters, a]lowing longer coil lengths with the same overall volume. Benefits for pipeline operating companies will also be significant claims PCT, including the ability to buy coils of large pipe diameter up to 250mm, or to buy longer coil lengths for smaller pipe sizes meaning significant reductions in the number of joints necessary.


The new range of coilers incorporating this technology are self contained machines designed to operate at the end of any pipe extrusion line (no modification to the extrusion process is required). The range consists of three machine sizes covering pipe diameters from 90 to 250mm, with the larger machines capable of producing coils weighing up to 2,500kg. Various options are available such as wheel mounting and an integrated coil unload system. Further details from
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