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Pioneers in penology; the reformers, the institutions, and the societies, 1557-1900; 2v.


Pioneers in penology; the reformers, the institutions, and the societies, 1557-1900; 2v.

Ed. by David M. Horton.

Edwin Mellen Pr.


915 pages




Horton (no affiliation given) compiles 38 excerpts from articles and books published as far back as 1817 reflecting early European concepts of prisons and criminal rehabilitation. The 21 chapters in volume one recount the theories of such early penological thinkers as Franci Filippo, Pope Clementi XI, John Howard, Thomas Eddy, Elizabeth Burney Fry, and Sarah Martin, and report early experiments at such institutions as the Ergasteria of Amsterdam, the Maison de Force, the Panopticon, and the Walnut Street Gaol. The second volume of the anthology focuses on 19th century changes and reformers. Suggestions for further reading follow each chapter. No index is provided.

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Date:Nov 1, 2007
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