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Pint sized pasteurisation packages for smaller dairies.

New plug and play, combined pasteurising and separation units, from dairy equipment specialist Westfalia Separator, are set to revolutionise milk and milk product production for smaller dairies.

The new compact pasteurising unit and separator packages are available in a variety of specifications tailored to precisely meet the needs of dairies making a range of products even with relatively small quantities of milk.

Each individually configured package is a pre-assembled, pre-tested, turnkey unit, ready for plug and play operation. There is no configuration 'puzzle' consisting of valves, pumps, heat exchanger and controls, all that is already configured ready for use. All the customer has to provide is connections for product, hot water and electrics. It's child's play!

At the heart of this 'pasteurising package' are the new Westfalia Separator ECO-PLUS--milk MSE separators.With a self cleaning bowl they are available with capacities of 3000 to 10,0001/h. This performance range is ideal for combining a separator, feed tank, heat exchanger, heat retention tank and control unit as well as all the necessary pumps or valves to form a compact pasteurising line on a common base frame. In the standard version the pasteurising package is designed for semi-automatic operation. The fundamental regulating functions, as well as all safety relevant switching facilities are incorporated in the control unit.

Should the customer require, the separator can also be set up as a standalone unit next to the pasteurising line.

The package unit can be equipped with a variety of options to meet individual applications, for example, if higher heating temperatures are needed for making yoghurt milk, a larger heat exchanger can be incorporated into the modular system.

Similarly, when required a fully automatic Standomat regulating unit can be incorporated within the system for automated milk standardizing.

On the cream side, in addition to the cooler which reduces the cream temperature from 55[degrees]C to less than 10[degrees]C to enable the cream to be stored, an additional cream pasteurising unit can be installed.

Further module add-ons include, a bacteria removal separator for cheese making operations, homogenizers, vacuum de-gassing unit for removal of air and odours, fully automatic CIP operation, and additional downstream heat exchanger.

These new plug and play systems from Westfalia Separator make dairy production straight forward and commissioning of new systems, child's play for smaller dairies.

Contact Westfalia Separator Ltd on tel: 08708 305500 or visit
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