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Carlo Collodi, author

Quentin Greban, illustrator

North-South books, Inc.

c/o Myrick Marketing & Media

PMB 248, 455 Sam Ridley Parkway West, Smyrna, TN 37167

9780735823242, $19.95

"Pinocchio" is a well known children's classic morality fable, over familiarized in the Disney version to many. This beautiful edition of the story has refreshing water tinted illustrations of great subtlety and beauty, conveying so many nuances of the familiar story by just the expressions on the wooden puppet's face. There are many new chapters and parts to the story of Pinocchio, which are faithfully recreated here. Even the Blue Fairy is somehow magically transformed into a kind Girl, even perhaps a young mother figure to Pinocchio. There is sadness, tragedy, and loss in this restoration of the original version of "Pinocchio" that greatly enriches its message. Designed to be read to children in installments over 36 chapters, "Pinocchio" is a classic revisited in its original purity, suitable for children ages 6 and up, with many a magic message and moral to teach.

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Publication:Children's Bookwatch
Article Type:Book review
Date:Feb 1, 2011
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