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Pinnacle Security Launches Innovative New Touch Screen.

Pinnacle Security First to Deliver New Touch Screen in U.S. and Canada

OREM, Utah -- Pinnacle Security, a leader in the North American residential security market, today announced the arrival of an innovative new home security touch screen. The touch screen, first announced in January, was developed by GE Security Inc. with input from Pinnacle and represents a significant innovation in security systems. The touch screen is available for immediate distribution through Pinnacle Security's offices in the U.S. and Canada.

The expanded functionality of the touch screen provides homeowners with more information, control and features from their security system. By making this new design available to all Pinnacle Security service providers nationwide, customers now have the newest advances in home security and home automation at their fingertips at an affordable price point.

"We are pleased to be the first to deliver the new touch screen to the market," said Kelly Walker, President, Pinnacle Security. "Innovation in an affordable home security product has been stagnant for many years, both in terms of appearance and functionality. We are pleased to have provided input for and now to be the first to market a product that delivers the best in home security technology through an accessible and appealing interface."

In addition to increased functionality and industry-leading technology, the touch screen offers an aesthetic advancement to the home security market. Because the touch screens communicate directly with the security panel, homeowners can have multiple small, visually-appealing touch screens throughout their home and store the larger system panel in a more discrete location, such as a utility closet.

The new touch screen bridges home security and automation into one seamless, intuitive platform. The features and services of the touch screen include:

* Intuitive Interface and Icons: customers can easily navigate the security and home automation features

* Message Marquee: provides Pinnacle with an effective way to communicate key product and service messages to its customers

* One-Click Customer Service: allows customers to find quick solutions to questions and issues

* Weather Report: provides quick access to weather forecasts as customers prepare to leave for the day

* Thermostat Control: gives customers the option to automatically change thermostat settings as they arm/disarm their security system in order to reduce utility costs and positively impact the environment

* Remote Monitoring: text message or email notifications from a home regarding power outages, floods, fires, unlocked doors, windows or intruder entries

Pinnacle has received positive feedback from customers regarding the new touch screen including the following comments:

"My family likes interacting with the touch screen, checking the weather and are more apt to remember to arm and disarm the system now."

Ron Beaton - Spartanburg, S.C.

"I'm 57 years old, and if I can figure this touch screen out, anyone could."

Theresa Anderson - Brooks, Canada

"When I initially bought the system I thought the touch screen was just an added bonus to an already great system. Now that I have had some time to become familiar with the touch screen I don't think I could have a system without it. I am excited to have a system that is technologically up-to-date, looks great and really fits my lifestyle."

Tyler McGee - Edmonton, Canada

"This is such a convenient and good looking system. O Now that the touchpad is in my room and one downstairs, I feel completely safe knowing it is an arm's length away. It just makes sense!"

Jacquelline Hall - Indianapolis, Ind.

About Pinnacle Security

Pinnacle Security is an industry leader in providing quality residential and commercial security solutions to help individuals realize the peace-of-mind that comes from protecting the things that matter most. Pinnacle is headquartered in Orem, Utah and has sales offices throughout North America. For more information, please visit
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Date:Apr 8, 2010
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