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Pin Mill for cryogenic ultrafine grinding.

Processors of heat sensitive products such as polymers, caoutchouc, elastomers and foodstuffs now have the option for cryogenic ultra-fine grinding with a milling system incorporating the proven capabilities of the Hosokawa Alpine Contraplex 160C, a contra-rotating pin mill, available from Hosokawa Micron Ltd.

Mill operation with liquid nitrogen causes the feed material to become brittle. The specific precrushing energy is reduced meaning that the mill achieves high levels of grinding performance. Additionally the cryogenic mode prevents grinding losses and thermal damage to the feed material that would otherwise be caused by the volatisation or overheating of constituent ingredients. The inert gas atmosphere provides a high degree of safety when grinding flammable and potentially explosive products.

The design of the Alpine Contraplex 160C prevents product deposits and ensures trouble free continuous grinding even if the product is sticky.

The speed of the pin disc on the housing side of the Alpine 160C, is 16,500rpm, with the speed of the pin disc on the door side 12,000rpm, giving a relative circumferential speed of 240m/s.

The mill operates over a temperature range down to -80[degrees]C at the mill exit. Dependent on the product, the Alpine 160C achieves a throughput capacity of between 5 and 150kg/h with a fineness range between 20[micro]m and 80[micro]m. As an option the mill can be operated with air and without liquid nitrogen.

The range of the contra-rotating Contraplex Pin Mills includes machine sizes from 160C to 1120CW that are suitable for a wide variety of different products.

Contact Hosokawa Micron Ltd on tel: 01928 755100 or visit

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