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Pilot safety.

CAPT BENJAMIN D. LINDSAY, 77 FS, 20 FW, SHAW AFB SC. Capt Lindsay received an ENG LUBE LOW PFL and immediately turned his F-16 towards Grosetto Airfield, attaining a 1:1 glide ratio to the airfield. During the approach, he noticed the oil pressure dropping below 15 psi (-1 limits). He activated the EPU expecting the oil pressure to be below 10 psi before touchdown. He landed the aircraft 1,110' down, just past a raised approach end cable and stopped the aircraft uneventfully, taxied off the runway, and pointed the left wingtip into the wind in accordance with the Activated EPU procedures. (Oct 11)

CAPT DAVID T. MADSON, 85 TES, 53 WG, EGLIN AFB FL. Capt Madson was leading a two ship of F-16s during a close air support mission at night on Avon Park range supporting the 21st Special Tactics Squadron as a part exercise SWAMP DEALER. While orbiting overhead his aircraft engine RPM and thrust began to wildly fluctuate. The engine surged several more times before he moved the throttle to idle for the landing. He landed uneventfully on an airfield he had never seen before, with the assistance of night vision goggles, in nearly complete darkness, from an engine-out gliding profile. (Nov 11)


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Title Annotation:OCTOBER-NOVEMBER AWARDS OF DISTINCTION; Benjamin D. Lindsay and David T. Madson
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