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Pillsbury and ADM join forces to introduce Green Giant Harvest Burgers.

Our new Green Giant Harvest Burger will be catching consumer's eyes in stores this fall. Displayed in boxes of four, Harvest Burger's are being launched in the new packaging which will be common to all of the brand's products by spring of '94. Each of the four varieties has mouth-watering photos of the burgers and breakfast patties which combined with the appeal of the Giant himself is proving a winning combination with consumers.

By marketing these frozen all vegetable burgers, Green Giant is continuing to grow its overall franchise as the brand which stands for "healthier eating made easy". Our consumer research before the introduction showed a real demand for Green Giant branded products in a category which has a clear focus on meeting health and nutrition concerns, but at the same time offering a product which is convenient to prepare and serve. Since Green Giant is already the leading worldwide brand across all types of vegetables--frozen, canned and fresh--and with particular success recently in frozen value added vegetables in the USA, Europe and Japan, the Harvest Burger line makes a great addition to the range.

The target consumer group is very broad, including all those who have a concern about healthful eating. The Green Giant Harvest Burger is not just aimed at those on specially restricted diets, but it will be particularly appealing to those people who are trying to lower their fat and cholesterol consumption and hate the idea of giving up burgers. Finally, here is a burger that's good for you! We recommend preparing and serving the products in the same way that you would a burger made from ground meat--serve it on a delicious bun and load on all your favorite fixings.

The Green Giant Harvest Burgers are made from a unique blend of soy proteins which deliver the flavor, texture and taste of "ground meat". The resulting burgers contain only 5g of fat and have zero cholesterol. This level of fat provides less than 30 percent of total calories from fat and thus meets the American Heart Association guidelines for lo-fat products. They contain dietary fiber and a total of only 140 calories in a 3.2 oz. burger. The products are entirely suitable for vegetarians. In addition, they satisfy Kosher requirements and also meet the dietary requirements of Seventh Day Adventists. Natural herbs and spices are used to provide Southwestern, Italian and Breakfast Pattie flavors.

This introduction is the result of an alliance between Green Giant, a division of Minneapolis based Pillsbury, and Archer Daniels Midland ADM located in Decatur, Illinois. ADM has marketed the product in nine cities since its introduction in 1991. Now with Green Giant bringing its consumer marketing strengths, distribution will be expanded to over 50 percent of the United States by the fall of '94. Both partners see the Green Giant brand name bringing considerable value to an existing product, and encouraging its usage by a larger group of consumers already familiar with Green Giant's high quality products.

Behind the introduction is the view held both by Pillsbury and ADM that long term trends toward healthier eating are here to stay. Reduced consumption of fat and cholesterol, as found in red meat, is being balanced out by increased consumption of vegetables. Doctors and the US Government are recommending that we eat at least five servings of vegetables or fruits a day. We are also being encouraged to reduce our consumption of fat and cholesterol and increase the fiber we eat. All of these demands mean that products made from vegetables will play an increasingly important role in the diet of the future.

As well as pressure from the medical community and government, the age wave sweeping the United States is becoming a major driver of food consumption habits. With forecasts that the numbers of the over 65s will outnumber teenagers 2 to 1 in coming years, the dietary concerns of the mature consumer are becoming mainstream.

We intend to follow this introduction of Harvest Burgers with a broad line of Green Giant health-oriented main meal products. Just as all our vegetable ingredients create delicious burgers, they can also be used in many other products. In addition, as consumers eating habits shift gradually away from the traditional family meal with meat, starch and vegetables to a more informal, more frequent snacking style of eating there exists a huge opportunity for healthy vegetable convenience and snack products. This is certainly an area that our joint Green Giant/ADM marketing team will be considering.

Vivien Godfrey Vice President, Strategic Brand Development The Pillsbury Company

Dennis Ready Director, Strategic Brand Development The Pillsbury Company
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Title Annotation:Pillsbury Co.; Archer Daniels Midland ADM
Author:Godfrey, Vivien; Ready, Dennis
Publication:Frozen Food Digest
Date:Oct 1, 1993
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