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Pilloried for speaking the truth.

Nothing is politically right which is morally wrong. Daniel O'Connell

The above quote by the famous Irish statesman certainly does not apply in Canada today. In present-day Canada: anything is politically right that is morally wrong.

Witness the frenzy and the attacks on MP Elsie Wayne for speaking the truth on the homosexual lifestyle. Ms. Wayne had the courage to state in parliament that homosexuals should "shut up" about their lifestyle and complained that "Canadians should not have to tolerate gay pride parades, drag queens and same-sex marriages" (National Post, May 9, 2003).

Hell hath no fury like the homosexual lifestyle scorned. The screams of outrage rang through the halls of parliament and could also be heard in all the politically correct media. One radio reporter was heard to remark that Ms. Wayne's words were a "rant." He then went on to say her "behaviour was disgusting".

Well, excuse me, but when is telling the truth "disgusting"?!?! The homosexual lifestyle brings disease and death to many of those who practise it. The highest percentage of AIDS cases in Canada are in the homosexual community. The Krever Inquiry into the tainted blood supply in Canada stated that the blood supply in Canada was contaminated because those in charge were afraid to ask homosexuals if they had been sexually active. And of course our politically correct, gay-approving media did its best to cover up this fact. There were a few courageous reporters who did expose this, but only a few. AIDS is costing our health care system billions, but hey, one should not be "intolerant" or "bigoted" and speak the truth.

What is "disgusting behaviour" in this country is a sexual lifestyle that is hailed as a "right," when it is a behaviour that, if practised, can kill. It can also be a safety hazard to public health. Witness the evidence in the tainted-blood scandal.

Now we have another scandal on our hands. The hound dogs of the politically correct are crying out for the blood of Elsie Wayne and leading the pack are the political hyenas on Parliament Hill. Joe Clark, MP, then leader of the Conservative Party, was quoted in the National Post as saying about Mrs. Elsie Wayne (his deputy leader): "Elsie has extreme views on that issue." Ms. Wayne is quoted in this same article as calling the gay lifestyle "unfortunate" and "not natural." Since when is it "extreme" to state the obvious? Oh, I forgot, one must not criticize this protected behaviour. After all, to speak the truth will soon be classified as a "hate crime."

Not to be outdone, former NDP leader Alexa McDonough called it "hatemongering" (Globe and Mail, May 9, 2003). And in an article on C-News of May 9, 2003, Ms. McDonough was quoted as saying Ms. Wayne was, "spewing hatred", and being "venomous". In the same Globe and Mail article, another MP, Scott Brison called it "rabid prejudice." The article also stated that NDP MP Libby Davies, "argued that Ms. Wayne's remarks violated the privileges of fellow MPs." It beats me how anyone stating the truth can violate anyone's "privileges". Oh, I forgot, nonsense is the standard in this house on the hill. Another MP, John Herron, is quoted as saying in the same article: "The language was incredibly excessive, it was intolerant, it was way over the top."

Many people in this country think many members of parliament have gone over the top. Why else would so-called intelligent people even be discussing this absurdity called "same--sex marriage?" Have they gone off their rocker? Or is there a method in their madness? An editorial in the National Post of March 1, 2000, headlined "An open conspiracy," had the words below the headline: "Justice minister too close with gay lobby on same-sex marriages." The editorial went on to say: "This open conspiracy involving the courts, the Justice Department and the gay lobby is no figment of conservative paranoia...."

There is something haywire in this country when a person can be vilified and ridiculed for speaking out for decency and morality. But what is even worse is that some of our elected representatives would stoop to character assassination of an admirable woman for stating the truth. This woman has served her country and constituents well and been elected in nine elections.

Is no one allowed to criticize or expose homosexual behaviour? Why is it they have so much power in Parliament, in the courts, and in the media? Do they have some kind of hold over people in positions of power? Do they have a lock on freedom of speech and freedom of expression? Will people continue to be attacked, smeared, and pilloried for speaking the truth about this lifestyle that brings disease and death to many of those who practise it? Answers are needed and the truth needs to be told. +

Stephen Gray is a writer and researcher on various topics. He published a newsletter for 11 years exposing the misuse of trade union time and money.
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Author:Gray, Stephen
Publication:Catholic Insight
Date:Jul 1, 2003
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