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Pike & Fischer targets telephony world with new VoIP Monitor newsletter.

Pike & Fischer, a subsidiary of The Bureau of National Affairs, has launched VoIP Monitor,, a weekly publication devoted to the IP telephony world.

Voice-over-IP technology is rapidly changing traditional telephone services and spurring competition among communications providers.

"VoIP has the potential to make rapid and radical shifts in the communications business and regulatory landscape," said Pike & Fischer president Meg Hargreaves. "Pike & Fischer is committed to providing the best information and analysis on VoIP to help executives and policymakers navigate this critical sector."

VoIP Monitor will cover technology, finance, and legal and regulatory developments that affect the VoIP business. Readers will also receive access to exclusive market-share data and forecasts of IP telephony deployments, customer counts, and pricing.

Pricing structure

For the many newsletter and specialized-information publishers trying to craft an effective pricing structure for multiple subscriptions, here's Pike & Fischer's for VoIP Monitor:

* It will be available at no charge to registered users through July 28, 2004.

* Annual subscription price is $595 for single users, with a $100 discount for subscribers to P & F's Broadband Daily.

* Price per user for 2-10 users is $495/year, also offered with the Broadband Daily discount.

P & F, 1010 Wayne Ave., #1400, Silver Spring, MD 20910, 301-562-1530, ext. 250, fax 301-562-1521,
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Publication:The Newsletter on Newsletters
Date:May 16, 2004
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