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Pigment suppliers directory.

BASF Corp.

Florham Park, N J; (800) 962-7829

Fax: (800) 971-1123



Pigments Offered: Blacks (perylene, anthraquinone, Cu/Cr/Mn oxide, Fe/Cr/Mc oxide); Blues (phthalocyanine blue, indanthrone blue, cobalt blue); Extender Pigments (attapulgite, kaolin); Greens (phthalocyanine green cobalt green); Iron Oxide Pigments; Metallic Pigments (coated iron oxide aluminum); Reds (perylene reds, lithol reds, 2B reds, para reds, naphthol reds, lake reds, lithol rubine, specialty azo reds, synergy hybrid reds); Specialty Pigments (mica and glass flakes specialty pigments, perylene black); Yellows and Oranges (bismuth vanadate, quinaphthalone, azo lake, isoindoline, lead chromate, chrome titanate, benzimidazalone, specialty azo yellows, monoarylide yellows, diarylide yellows, nickel titanate, chrome titanate, synergy hybrid yellows)

Product name: Glacier Frost Effect Pigment

Attributes/comments: "Whiter white" pigment developed with a new generation of titanium dioxide-coated synthetic mica flakes. Provides extraordinary luster and brilliance. Bluish reflection color creates white to black shades without yellowish appearance.

Product name: Lumina Royal Blue Effect Pigments

Attributes/comments: Intense red shade blue interference pigments that achieve powerful and chromatic shades. Exterior version is coated with BASF's chrome-free surface treatment for improved durability, humidity resistance and excellent adhesion.

Burgess Pigment Company

Sandersville, GA; (478) 552-2544

Fax: (478) 552-2544



Pigments Offered: Extender Pigments (aluminum silicate, china clay, kaolin clay)

Product name: Burgess Optiwhite

Attributes/comments: Extends Ti[O.sub.2] while maintaining wet and dry hiding without increasing sheen and also improves touch up, scrub and burnish resistance.

Product name: Burgess No. 28

Attributes/comments: For Ti[O.sub.2] extension, gloss and sheen improvement in semi-gloss applications.

Dominion Colour Corporation

Toronto, Ontario, Canada; (416) 791-4200



Pigments Offered: Blues (phthalocyamine, ultra marine, PMA and PTA toner); Corrosion Inhibiting (anticorrosive pigments); Greens (PMA and PTA toners, phthalocyanine); Reds; Yellows and Oranges (chrome yellow, molybdate orange, organic high performance yellows, oranges and reds).

Product name: DCC7351

Attributes/comments: Highest performance Opaque Yellow 151 on the material, exceptional gloss retention, highest weatherfastness of all PY 151s and very good flocculation resistance.

Product name: DCC7139

Attributes/comments: Opaque high performance Yellow 139, superior weatherfastness, high hiding power and excellent flocculation resistance.

Elpis Technologies Inc.

Midland, MI; (866) 643-5747

Fax: (989) 923-1572



Pigments Offered: Metallic Pigments (special effect pigments); Specialty Pigments (special effect pigments and additives)

Product name: Specular

Attributes/comments: Color encapsulated natural mica that is FDA and food contact compliant. Specular is used to create decorative, stone and granite appearances used in paint and coatings, cement, epoxy and resins.

Product name: Skid Lyre

Attributes/comments: Polymeric antiskid aggregate available in clear, colored and glow in the dark. Used in floor coatings, marine applications, safety markings and wood coatings to provide an anti-slip or decorative surface.

Heucotech Ltd.

Fairless Hills, PA; (215) 736-0712

Fax: (215) 736-2249



Pigments Offered: Blacks (complex inorganic colored pigments [CIPIs]); Blues (phthalocyanine, indanthrone, CPIs); Corrosion Inhibiting (calcium, zinc, strontium phosphates); Greens (phthalocyanine, CPIs); Reds (naphthols, benzimadazolone, DPP, quinacridone); Specialty Pigments (dispersions, colorants); Yellows and Oranges (bismuth vanadate, CPIs, organic yellow 74 and 83, diazo); Whites (titanium dioxide dispersions)

Product name: Monolite Yellow 113901

Attributes/comments: Monolite Yellow 113901 is a red shade yellow pigment for high end coatings applications. It has excellent lightfastness and weathering.

Product name: Heucotint

Attributes/comments: Heucotint are environmentally friendly colorants that are VOC and APE free and contain no formaldehyde. The can be used in both water- and solvent-based architectural coatings exhibiting broad-based compatibility.

Hoover Color Corp.

Hiwassee, VA; (540) 980-7233

Fax: (540) 980-8781



Pigments Offered: Iron oxide pigments (umber natural iron oxides)

Product name: Raw and Burnt Umber Natural Iron Oxides

Attributes/comments: Umbers are one of the most versatile natural iron oxides. Hoover Color offers 22 standard grades of umbers. Despite their dark appearance, they are close in crystal structure to yellow iron oxides. In their "raw" form, this yellow crystal structure gives raw umbers their pleasant greenish undertone. Often referred to as a neutral toner when used in combination with other pigments, raw umbers can be used to darken a color mix without significantly altering the chromaticity of the other pigments in the mix. Raw umber has limited heat stability, but this allows us to heat-treat the umber and convert it to a heat-stable red structure. The resulting "burnt" umber has a pleasing warm red undertone, along with improved heat stability. It is widely used as a basic brown in many applications. It can also be used as the cornerstone pigment in a base to produce a wide range of brown shades.

Lansco Colors

Montvale, NJ; (201) 307-5995

Fax: (201) 307-5885



Pigments Offered: Blacks (carbon black); Blues (phthalo, ultramarine, milori); Corrosion Inhibiting; Greens (phthalo, chromium oxide); Iron Oxide Pigments (micronized); Metallic Pigments (aluminum); Reds (quinacridone, naphthol, DPP, toluidine); Yellows and Oranges (benzimidazolone, azo, isoindoline); Whites (Ti[O.sub.2])

Product name: 5454 Phthalo Blue 15:4

Attributes/comments: NCNF Blue 15:4 with excellent flow properties in liquid coatings.

Product name: O32-185 Toluidine Red 3

Attributes/comments: Opaque, yellow shade toluidine red with excellent value in use.

Lanxess Corp.

Pittsburgh, PA; (412) 809-1000



Pigments Offered: Blacks (iron oxide); Blues (phthalocyanine); Greens (phthalocyanine, chrome oxide); Iron Oxide Pigments (synthetic); Reds (iron oxide, azo red); Yellows and Oranges (iron oxide, azo yellow)

Rockwood Pigments

Beltsville, MD; (301) 210-3400

Fax: (301) 210-4967



Pigments Offered: Blacks (iron oxide, carbon black, complex inorganic, manganese ferrite); Blues (complex inorganic, ultramarine); Corrosion Inhibiting (zinc phosphate, modified zinc phosphate); Greens (chromium oxide, complex inorganic); Iron Oxide Pigments (yellow, red, black, zinc ferrite, magnesium ferrite); Reds (iron oxide, complex inorganic, cadmium, transparent iron oxide); Yellows and Oranges (iron oxide, complex inorganic, cadmium, transparent iron oxide)

Product name: Solaplex Yellow, Mid-Yellow and Orange Pigments

Attributes/comments: Heavy metal free complex inorganic pigment yellow and oranges. Excellent weatherfastness, lightfastness, chemical resistance, temperature stability, opacity and hiding. Environmentally acceptable solutions at an affordable price.

The Shepherd Color

Cincinnati, OH; (513) 874-0714

Fax: (513) 874-5061



Pigments Offered: Blacks (inorganic); Blues (cobalt inorganic); Greens (inorganic); Yellows and Oranges (inorganic)

Product name: Black 20F944

Attributes/comments: Black 20F944 is made with a non-chromium formulation and is approved for indirect good contact use by the U.S. FDA. The approval covers the intended use in all polymers, including those used in high temperature cookware, at maximum loading of 5% by weight.


Tamaqua, PA; (570) 668-6050

Fax: (570) 668-0197



Pigments Offered: Metallic pigments (aluminum); Specialty pigments (vacuum metallized flake)

Product Name: Silver Star

Attributes/comments: Silver Star aluminum pigments offer exceptional brilliance, expansive metallic travel and very smooth patina. They are ideal for use in automotive coatings applications.

Product Name: Silbercote AQ Star

Attributes/comments: Silbercote AQ Star inhibited aluminum pigments are designed for automotive OEM and refinish waterborne coatings. They offer excellent gassing stability, exceptional brilliance, expansive metallic travel and smooth patina.

Sun Chemical

Cincinnati, OH; (513) 681-5950

Fax: (513) 632-1537


Pigments Offered: Blues (high performance pigments); Specialty pigments (pearlescent pigment).

Product Name: SunGEM

Attributes/comments: Effect pigment product line provides 10 new shades of intense high chroma color and superior pearlescent luster for industrial applications, including: consumer electronics, interior/exterior furnishings, recreational vehicles and more.

Product Name: Palomar Delta Blue 60

Attributes/comments: A durable reddish blue pigment for automotive coatings and other high performance industrial applications. Offers excellent fastness properties. Transparent with hue neutral flop characteristics useful for styling metallic effect colors.

Toyo Ink Manufacturing America, LLC

Teaneck, NJ; (201) 287-4000

Fax: (201) 490-5482



Pigments Offered: Blues (indanthrone blue, carbazole violets, phthalocyanine blues); Greens (phthalocyanines); Reds (matellized azo reds, high performance quinacridones; Yellows and Oranges (diarylide yellow); Dispersions (aqueous and non-aqueous)

Product name: Lionogen Violet FG-6140

Attributes/comments: Bright reddish shade untreated PV23, with superior color strength and excellent gloss.

Product name: Lionogen Violet FG-6143G

Attributes/comments: Bright reddish shade treated PV23, for optimized rheological properties plus superior color strength and excellent gloss.
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