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Pigment Suppliers: DIRECTORY.

Here is a look at the latest offerings from select pigment manufacturers. For more information on the products listed, please contact the company directly.

Aakash Chemicals

Glendale Heights, IL, USA

Phone: 630-469-3838

Fax: 630-469-2255

Types of pigments: Blues (phthalocyanine, triarylcarbonium); Greens (phthalocyanine, chromium); Reds (naphtol, quinacridone, BONA, triarylcarbonium, perylene, anthraquinone, benzimidazolone, DPP); Specialty (pearlescent); Yellow and oranges (monoazo, diarylide, isoindolinone, benzimidazolone, isacetoacetarylide, quinophthalone, lead Chromate, orange: naphthol, disazopryazalone, diarylide, benzimidazolone, perinone, azoheterocyclues, DPP)

Product name: Aakash PE Wax

Attributes/comments: Provides many technical benefits: Abrasion resistance, lubrication, rheology modification and aids in processing. Compatible in a variety of plastic resin systems, as well as in water, solvent and oil for ink and coatings applications.

Product name: Akafast Orange GPN Attributes/comments: Red shade orange with excellent process application performance, heat stability, light fastness, fastness and non-warping. Available in a variety of plastic systems, automotive OEM paints and refinishes, as well as water, solvent and oil for ink and coatings applications.

Burgess Pigment Co.

Sandersville, GA, USA

Phone: 478-552-2544

Types of pigments: Extender (kaolin)

Product name: OPTIWH1TE UF

Attributes/comments: Ultra-fine particle size, premium brightness, calcined kaolin for a maximum gloss and Ti[O.sub.2], extension.

Cabot Corporation

Billerica, MA, USA

Phone: 800-462-2313

Types of pigments: Specialty carbon blacks

Clariant Plastics & Coatings USA Inc.

Charlotte, NC, USA

Phone: 800-441-4414

Fax: 704-331-7272

Types of pigments: Blacks (carbon black), Blues (phthalocyanine), Greens (phthalocyanine), Reds (bon reds/ maroon, lithol rubine, napthol red, perylene maroon, quinacridane red, quinacridane violet, red lake c, toluidine red), Yellow and oranges

Crenovo International Limited

Wuxi, China

Phone: +86 (510) 82203206

Fax:+86 (510) 6893 0050

Types of pigments: Reds, yellows and oranges

Product name: Novoprime Violet RLS (PV 23)

Attributes/comments: Combining fiery red and calm blue, violet grants a noble and mysterious feel to your products (i.e. a gorgeous new car). Or are you still worried about durability and viscosity? Extraordinary Novoprime Violet RLS delivers high chroma as well as excellent weather and solvent resistance to your car.

Product name: Novoprime Pink E (PR 122)

Attributes/comments: Novoprime Pink E is a quinacridone red pigment, highly recommended for applications that require long durability, high heat resistance, good transparency, and excellent dispersibility --like automotive coatings, decorative coatings, gravure printing inks, textiles, and high-performance plastics.


Toronto, Canada

Phone: 416-791-4200

Fax: 416-497-6024

Types of pigments: Blacks (carbon black), Blues (basic dye pigments, phthalocyanine, indanthrone, quinacridone, PMA, PTA, methyl, tungstated), Greens (phthalocyanine, PMA, PTA), Reds (toluidine, naphthol, anthanthrone, DPP, manganese 2B, bon maroon, lithol rubine, antrhaquinone, quinacridone, alizarin, lithol rubine, perylene, rhodamine, robine red, AZO complex, bisacetoacetarylide), Yellows and Oranges (mono azo, diarylide, benzimidazolone, dispersion, bismuth vanadate, proprietary, dianisidine, dinitroaniline, hansa, isoindolinone, isoindoline, quinophthalone, naphthol, bisacetoacetarylide)

Product name: DCC Yellow RMXS

Attributes/comments: DCC Yellow RMXS is a bright lemon shade pigment designed to have exceptional hiding power and the highest colour strength. Because of these key features, it offers maximum value in use and a lower environmental impact.

Product name: DCC Blue A2RU

Attributes/comments: DCC Blue A2RU can be used universally in waterborne and solvent-borne high-performance coatings systems and specialty ink applications where chemical resistance

Ferro Corporation

Peachtree Corners, GA, USA

Phone: 470-273-3360

Fax: 470-273-3350

Types of pigments: Blacks (magnetic, inorganic, IR reflective); Blues (ultramarine, cobalt, encapsulated); Corrosion inhibiting (zinc, non-zinc, inorganic); Greens (chrome oxide, micronized, cobalt, nickel-free); Iron oxide (red, yellow, encapsulated, micronized, black); Metallic (ink grade, passivated); Reds (inorganic, organic); Specialty (camouflage, barium titanate); Yellow and oranges (inorganic, IR reflective, organic)

Heucotech Ltd.

Fairless Hills, PA, USA

Phone: 215-736-0712

Fax: 215-736-2249

Types of pigments: Blacks (CICCP, carbon black aqueous dispersions); Blues (CICP, phthalo powder, aqueous dispersons); Corrosion inhibiting (zinc phosphate, orthoposhopate, zinc-free); Greens (CICP, phthalo green powder); Reds (organic, powder, acqueous dispersons); Yellows and oranges (organic, powder, acqueous dispersions); Whites (TiO2 aqueous dispersions)

Product name: ZP10 Zinc Phosphate

LANXESS Corp., Inorganic Pigments Group

Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Phone: 1-800-LANXESS

Types of pigments: Blacks (iron oxide), Iron oxide (red, yellow, black), Reds (iron oxide), Specialty (chrome oxide green, mixed metal oxides, zinc ferrite), Yellows (iron oxide)

Liberty Special Chemicals, Inc.

Charlotte, NC

Phone: 704-554-1487

Fax: 704-554-7154

Types of pigments: Blacks, Blues (phthalo blue), Greens (phthalo green), Reds (quinacridone red), Yellow and Oranges (arylides)

Product name: Pigment Blue 15:1 High Heat Stablized

Attributes/comments: This blue is heat stable up to 300[degrees] C.

Product name: Pigment Yellow 74

Attributes/comments: Specifically made for coatings. This is a universal yellow that works in both solvent and water.

Orion Engineered Carbons LLC

Kingwood, TX

Phone: 832-445-3300

Fax: 832-445-0250

Types of pigments: Blacks (carbon black)

Pan Technology Inc.

Carlstadt, NJ

Phone: 201-438-7878

Fax: 201-460-4546

Product name: PanTINT 4 Series

Attributes/comments: Easy dispersible pigment powder preparation for water-based systems. Features an acrylic resin system designed for wood and UV coatings and stains. Provides intense colors and transparency.

Product name: PanTINT 6 Series

Attributes/comments: Easy dispersible pigment powder preparation for solvent-based systems. Mix-in only. No milling required. 100% solids, resin-free system suitable for most resin and solvent systems. Available in both organic and inorganic pigments.

PentaCarbon GmbH

Haltern am See, Germany

Phone: +49 2364 899 79 70

Fax: +49 2364 899 79 99

Types of pigments: Blacks (carbon black), Specialty (carbon black)

Product name: Carbon Black P-200Z

Attributes/comments: Carbon black with low levels of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. We are able to provide this grade according to EU regulation 10/2011 and the Oeko-Tex 100 standard.

Product name: Carbon Black P-250G

Attributes/comments: Cost-efficient, conductive carbon black for special technical applications with good physical properties and compound processability.

Shepherd Color

Cincinnati, OH, USA

Phone: 513-874-0714

Types of pigments: Blacks (manganese ferrite black spinel, iron cobalt chromite black spinel, copper chromite black spinel, chromium iron oxide IR black, nickel iron chormite black spinel, hematite chromium green IR black); Blues (cobalt aluminate blue spinel, chromite blue green spinel, yttrium indium manganese oxide); Greens (cobalt titanate, chromium oxide, cobalt chormite green spinel); Specialty (sliver coated glass flakes, dynamix easily-dispersed pigments, Arctic IR reflective); Yellow and Oranges (RTZ oranges, NTP yellow, nickel titanate, chromium titanate, iron titanate, manganese antimony titanium buff rutile)

Product name: Green 10G603

Attributes/comments: High chromaticity PG50 with No Nickel or Chromium in formula. Designed to address REACH regulatory requirements around nickel content it has a bright and clean masstone color and high tint strength. Does not containing chromium and maintains FDA compliance.

Product name: Black 10G996 IR Black Attributes/comments: Deep masstone color, strong tint strength and high IR reflectivity for coatings and plastics. An all-around solution to coloring paints, coatings and plastics for low solar absorption applications.

Silberline Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Tamaqua, PA, USA

Phone: 570-668-6050

Types of pigments: Metallic (aluminum effect)

Product name: SPARKLE SILVER Elite Attributes/comments: Silberline has employed the latest in advanced milling techniques to yield fine silver dollar flakes that exhibit a narrow particle size distribution and more uniform flake surface.

Product name: Silbercote AQ Elite

Attributes/comments: The latest in advanced milling and encapsulation techniques to yield fine silver dollar flakes exhibiting a narrow particle size distribution and more uniform flake surfaces, with the gassing resistance and long-term stability required for waterbased paint systems.

Sudarshan Chemical Industries Ltd.

Ridgewood, NJ, USA

Phone: 1-888-300-4555

Types of pigments: Blues (phtholocyanine); Greens (phtholocyanine); Reds (litholrubine, red lake, toluidine, quinacridone); Specialty (mixas, pearls); Yellow and oranges (azo, diarylide, hansa, isoindolinine)

Product name: Sudaperm Red 2951C

Attributes/comments: Sudaperm Red 2951C is a transparent DPP red pigment with very high saturation and color strength with excellent outdoor performance, designed for automotive and industrial applications.

Product name: Sumica Maroon 41937NXR Attributes/comments: Sumica Maroon 41937NXR is a brilliant maroon shade with exceptional lustre, designed with high durability for automotive and industrial applications.

Sun Chemical Performance Pigments

Cincinnati, OH, USA

Phone: 513-681-5950 or


Types of pigments: Blacks (carbon black), Blues (indanthrone blue, phthalocyanine blue, PMA/PTA Toners/Lake), Corrision inhibiting (zinc flake, zinc paste), Greens (phthalocyanine green), Iron oxide pigments (black iron oxide), Metallic pigments (aluminum paste, aluminum powders, gold bronze powders), Reds (bon red/maroon; lithol rubine; naphthol red; arylide red and maroon; perylene maroon, red, scarlet and violet, quinacridone maroon, red and violet; toluidine red), Specialty pigments (color shifting, color variable)

Product name: Quindo Magenta 122: 229-3122

Attributes/comment: A yellow shade magenta 122 featuring improved color purity and chroma while showing increased strength in solvent and water-based coatings. Improved transparency makes this ideal for industrial liquid and powder coatings.

Product name: Palomar Blue 15:1 -248-4848

Attributes/comments: A significant breakthrough in non-flop phthalocyanine blue for use in automotive OEM, trim and refinish coatings, exhibiting a greenish flop and greatly improved strength in both water and solvent based coatings.

Trust Chem USA

Palm Coast, FL, USA

Phone: 386-302-5925

Fax: 386-246-2984

Types of pigments: Blues (phthalo); Greens (phthalo); Reds (naphthol, quinacridone, disazo condensation, DPP, lithol red, perylene, benzimidazolone, lake red); Yellow and oranges (hansa, diarylide, monoazo, diazo condensation, isoindoline, benzimidazaolone)

Product name: PY 138 for plastics and coatings; PR202, phthalo blues and greens

Product name: TCY13861--plastic; TCY13862--coatings; TCR20201 --coatings

Union Colours Limited

Stockport, UK

Phone: 0044-116-475-7200

Fax: 0044-161-475-7219

Types of pigments: Blues (phthalos, triarylcarbonium), Greens (phthalo), Reds (napthol AS I & II, beta-naphthols, BONA lakes, triarylcarbonium, quinaphthalones, isoindolines, benzimidazolones), Yellow and oranges

United Mineral and Chemical Corp.

Lyndhurst, NJ, USA


Types of pigments: Blacks (iron oxide black), Iron oxide (iron oxide red, iron oxide red yellow, iron oxide red black, iron oxide red orange, iron oxide red brown, compound ferric green), Reds (iron oxide red), Yellows and Oranges (iron oxide yellow, iron oxide orange)

Product name: Fragrance pigment

Attributes/comments: Microencapsulation fragrance that steadily releases the fragrance over six months to one year.

Product name: Pearlescent Pigments-Interior and Exterior/Automotive Grade

Attributes/comments: Represent CQV (South Korea). Manufacturer of special effect pigments. Natural Mica, Synthetic, Glass Flake, Color Travel and Alumina pigments for industrial and automotive use. We also offer cosmetic grades.


Stockton on Tees, UK

Types of pigments: Blacks (carbon black, iron oxides); Blues (ultramarine, complex inorganic); Greens (chromium oxide); Iron oxide (black, red, brown, yellow); Reds (iron oxides, cadmium); Yellow and oranges (cadmium); Whites (titanium dioxide).
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