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Piers Morgan slams "fixed" NTAs and calls for ceremony to be axed following David Walliams' "train-wreck" hosting; It comes after This Morning won best Live Magazine Show - beating GMB for yet another year running.

Byline: Charlotte Smith

Seething Piers Morgan slammed the National Television Awards during a scathing rant on Good Morning Britain, calling for the ceremony to be "scrapped".

The outspoken TV anchor branded the annual awards as a "fix" as fellow ITV show This Morning won the title for best Live Magazine Show - beating GMB for yet another year running.

The 54-year-old also put host of the night, David Walliams, in his firing line as he described the comedian's performance as a "train-wreck".

Admitting that he watched the ceremony from his home after he refused to go, he confessed his dislike for David, adding: " I just don't think he's funny."

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The NTAs has been aired on ITV for the past 25 years, but despite this, Piers says that he thinks it's time for it to be axed.

He said: "The problem is the NTAs are done by online votes so people just fiddle them, of course they do. Most of the big winners come from the same agency.

"The NTAs should be scrapped. They've had their day.

"There's no excitement, no jeopardy, nothing surprising - same old, same old."

He continued: "Imagine the Oscars, if the same people won every year... If Leonardo Di Caprio won Best Actor for 20 years...

"That would be the end of the Oscars. People don't tune in to watch the same people win every year.

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"With the NTAs the same people have to win every year and it's boring."

Many viewers watching from home took to social media to react to Piers' seething comments, with many in agreement with him.

One viewer said: "Yep@piersmorganis right. Predictable,boring and disingenuous. Don't even get me started on the hosting#NTAAwards#GMB"

Another added: "I agree with piers Morgan. He is far more entertaining than the so called winners on last night's television awards. They are rigged and have become tiresome. Pier's life stories deserve an award never mind his no holes barred news casting on GMB. Keep up the good work Piers"

" I fullly agree with@piersmorganwith not even wanting to waste time watching every year. The amount of people who actually love piers on@GMBand his attitude in this life, yet the show doesn't win.. The world really has gone nuts!" A third wrote.


Credit: ITV/ GMB

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Author:Charlotte Smith
Publication:Get Surrey (Surrey, England)
Date:Jan 29, 2020
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