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U.S. Patent 8,021,800 (Sept. 20, 2011), "Hologram Recording Material, Process for Producing the Same and Hologram Recording Medium," Atsuko Kosuda, Naoki Hayashida, and Jiro Yoshinari (TDK Corp., Tokyo, Japan).

Hologram-recording materials usually consist of a photo-material consisting of an organic binder and a photopolymerizable monomer. However, the photopolymer lacks environmental durability. Kosuda, Hayashida, and Yoshinari have developed a hologram-recording material with high refractive index, flexibility, high sensitivity, low scattering, environmental resistance, durability, and low shrinkage, and sensitive not only to a green laser but also a blue laser: This material consists of a metal oxide containing Si and Zr with an aromatic carboxylic acid such as toluic acid and a photopolymerizable compound.

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Date:Jan 1, 2012
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