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Pics Of The Past.

Byline: Maurice Rattigan

THE two pictures are overhead shots of Coventry taken before the war, possibly in the 1920s before Pool Meadow was developed into a bus station.

One was taken from above Hillfields looking towards the city centre. The nearest street running left to right is Canterbury Street and the extent of the Singer Works is shown. Abutting the street to the left is Raglan Street stretching upwards to Ford Street. To the left of Ford Street is Pool Meadow, still to be developed as a bus station.

Nearby is Priory Street Baths, close to the Triumph Works. To the right of Ford Street is Wheatley Street School. Mid right of the pic is St Peter's Church and top right Swanswell Pool can be seen. Other landmarks include Goodwins flour mill, the Alexandra and Globe theatres and the gents' infamous iron urinal at the junction of Lower Ford Street and Raglan Street.

The second, taken from the old Cathedral spire, shows the extent of the Triumph works on both sides of Priory Street and stretching to Cox Street. In Priory Street, left of the Triumph Works, are the public baths facing Pool Meadow yet to be developed as a bus station. Top left centre is Wheatley Street School and to the right is the Alexandra Theatre, the Elastic Inn and the Sydenham Palace at the junction of Ford Street and Cox Street. Bottom right running off Priory Street is Cope Street.

Maurice Rattigan, Hall Lane, Walsgrave.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Jul 4, 2008
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