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Pick your protein.

Replacing just one serving of red meat a day with poultry, fish, or nuts may lower your risk of heart disease.

Researchers tracked more than 84,000 women aged 30 to 55 in the Nurses' Health Study. After 26 years, those who consumed more red meat and high-fat dairy had a higher risk of heart disease, while those who ate more fish, poultry, and nuts had a lower risk.

The researchers calculated that women could lower their heart disease risk by 30 percent if they replaced one serving a day of red meat with nuts, by 24 percent if they replaced red meat with fish, by 19 percent if they replaced red meat with poultry, and by 13 percent if they replaced red meat with a low-fat dairy food.

What to do: Eat more fish, poultry, nuts, and low-fat dairy instead of red meat.

Circulation 122: 876, 2010.

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Date:Oct 1, 2010
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