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Pick your platform: where should you concentrate your social media efforts?

Despite some innovative competition, Facebook still dominates the social media landscape with 1.49 billion active users. In fact, 71 percent of online adults in America are active on Facebook. But that doesn't mean Facebook is the best place to find your audience. Instagram is gobbling up young users, while both Instagram and Twitter are doing a better job of attracting African American users. What platform are your customers on?

Men vs. Women

Percent of online American adults
who use social media sites, by gender

Source: Pew Research Center
              Men     Woman

Facebook      66       77
Twitter       25       21
Instagram     24       31
Pinterest     16       44
LinkedIn      26       25

Note: Table made from bar graph.

Where the Kids are At

Percent of online American adults
who use each platform, by age

              18-29     30-49     50-64     65+

LinkedIn       23        31        30       21
Pinterest      34        28        27       17
Instagram      53        25        11       6
Twitter        37        25        12       10
Facebook       87        73        63       56

Source: Pew Research Center

Note: Table made from line graph.

Audience Size











* With the exception of Linkedln, most user numbers are "monthly active users." Linkedln provides the total amount of registered users.


Snapchat is a brave new world for advertisers. Content created by users on the app disappears within 10 seconds, and the platform doesn't allow advertising to appear on a user's stream. Recently, Snapchat released a new feature, Discover, where users can access longform content (videos, photos and stories) curated by a handful of publishers. Advertisers are reportedly paying top dollar to appear within Discover Stories. The reason? Snapchat's user base is heavily dominated by millennials:

Snapchat has 100 million daily active users 45 percent of its users are in the 18-24 age range Another 26 percent are 25-34

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