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Picasso: Inside the Image.

This book provides a unique look at the most innovative graphic artist of this century. Although keyed to an exhibition of Picasso's prints organized by the Ludwig Museum of Cologne, this publication represents far more than just a catalog of an exhibition. Its intriguing format includes striking graphic design, four insightful essays from four distinct vantage points and examples of more than just a catalog of an lithographs and aquatints from all periods of Picasso's career. Complementing the many black-and-white images are full-color reproductions of five rarely seen printing plates. Essayists include Aldo Crommelynck, the only living printer to have worked with Picasso, Peter Ludwig, whose extensive collection of prints form the basis of the exhibition and book, along with two leading Picasso scholars who have contributed essays that are stimulating as well as scholarly. The book is organized thematically, with sections on technique and style, portraiture, the artist and his model, and classical themes. Erotic content is present in many of the prints reproduced, but if this is not a problem in your teaching context, this is a lively and informative book that is well worth the price whether or not Picasso is one of your favorite artists.
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Author:Anderson, Kent
Publication:School Arts
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Mar 1, 1996
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