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YOUR article on the forthcoming Robot Day at Coventry Transport Museum (08/02/18) was accompanied by a large picture of the Cybermen from television's long running science fiction smash hit Doctor Who.

As a long standing Doctor Who fan myself, I feel the need to point out that the deadly and fearsome Cybermen are not robots, they are in fact cyborgs who look to co-opt other unfortunate humans to join their ranks in an effort to dominate the universe, or 'upgrade them' as the Cybermen themselves would put it in their eerie, metallic voices.

Right, I am going to climb back into the Tardis now and dematerialise as I think that is enough shameless geekiness for one letter. Paul Sheehan Ernesford Grange Tolerance of youth has changed SADLY we all make mistakes and Liam Neeson has just lost his multi-million pound acting career because of comments which he should have kept to himself.

Then there is the case of the Warwick students who expressed crude remarks in a private internet chat room. Whatever the rights or wrong of their actions, these students' lives have been destroyed. (Reports Coventry Telegraph 7 and 8 February).

Twenty years ago civil rights lawyers would have argued that the actions of the students were in private and so harmed no one.

The convictions, they would argue, were the convictions of a 1984 thought police, and so not compatible with a liberal society. Today is a different world.

The mentality now is that the students must be punished and punished severely. Liberal tolerance of the failings of youth has gone.

Warwick University had no option but to take the strong action it took in order to protect the reputation of the university.

There may well have been riots if a more understanding judgement had been made.

Two thousand years ago Christ drew a circle around Mary Magdalene who was to be stoned to death for immoral behaviour.

Christ said: "He who has not sinned, let him cast the first the stone" I wonder how long Mary Magdalene would last today? Martin Judge Lime Tree Park

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Date:Feb 12, 2019
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