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Articles from Phytomedicine: International Journal of Phytotherapy & Phytopharmacology (July 15, 2011)

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(--)-Linalool, a naturally occurring monoterpene compound, impairs memory acquisition in the object recognition task, inhibitory avoidance test and habituation to a novel environment in rats. Coelho, V.R.; Gianesini, J.; Martins, L. Mazzardo; Martins, D.F.; Picada, J.N.; Santos, A.R.S.; Brum Report 4970
Antifungal and cytotoxic activities of the secondary metabolites from endophytic fungus Massrison sp. Sun, Zhen-Liang; Zhang, Ming; Zhang, Ji-Fa; Feng, Jing Report 2870
Antitumor effect of Croatian propolis as a consequence of diverse sex-related dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase (DPD) protein expression. Sobocanec, Sandra; Baloga, Tihomir; Saric, Ana; Macak-Safranko, Zeljka; Stroser, Marina; Zarkovicb, Report 4690
Anxiolytic-like effect of Griffonia simplicifolia Baill. seed extract in rats. Carnevale, G.; Viestia, V. Di; Zavatti, M.; Zanoli, P. Report 2729
Bioactive Natural Products: Detection, Isolation, and Structural Determination. Zhang, Hongjie Book review 644
Birch bark extract as therapy for chronic hepatitis C--a pilot study. Shikov, Alexander N.; Djachuk, Georgy I.; Sergeev, Dmitry V.; Pozharitskaya, Olga N.; Esaulenko, Ele Report 3508
Effect of Bacopasides on acquisition and expression of morphine tolerance. Rauf, Khalid; Subhan, Fazal; Abbas, Muzaffa; Badshah, Amir; Ullah, Ihsan; Ullah, Sami Report 4166
Effect of Cystone[R] on urinary composition and stone formation over a one year period. Erickson, S.B.; Vrtiska, T.J.; Lieske, J.C. Report 4418
Effects of Echinaforce[R] treatment on ex vivo-stimulated blood cells. Ritchie, M.R.; Gertsch, J.; Klein, P.; Schoop, R. Report 4969
Ent-16[beta], 17-dihydroxy-kauran-19-oic acid, a kaurane diterpene acid from Siegesbeckia pubescens, presents antiplatelet and antithrombotic effects in rats. Wang, J.P.; Xu, H.X.; Wu, Y.X.; Ye, Y.J.; Ruan, J.L.; Xiong, C.M.; Cai, Y.L. Report 5136
Genistein aglycone effect on bone loss is not enhanced by supplemental calcium and vitamin [D.sub.3]: a dose ranging experimental study. Bitto, A.; Marini, H.; Burnett, B.P.; Polito, F.; Levy, R.M.; Irrera, N.; Minutoli, L.; Adamo, E.B.; Report 5321
Hypotensive mechanism of the extracts and artemetin isolated from Achillea millefolium L. (Asteraceae) in rats. Souzaa, Priscila de; Gasparotto, Arquimedes, Jr.; Crestani, Sandra; Stefanellob, Maria Elida Alves; Report 5247
Osteogenic effects of flavonoid aglycones from an osteoprotective fraction of Drynaria fortunei--an in vitro efficacy study. Xinluan, Wang; Lizhen, Zhen; Ge, Zhang; Man-Sau, Wong; Ling, Qin; Xinsheng, Yao Report 3908
Protective effects of alkaloid extract from Leonurus heterophyllus on cerebral ischemia reperfusion injury by middle cerebral ischemic injury (MCAO) in rats. Liang, Hao; Liu, Ping; Wang, Yunshan; Song, Shuliang; Ji, Aiguo Report 5842
Protective effects of veskamide, enferamide, becatamide, and oretamide on H202-induced apoptosis of PC-12 cells. Park, Jae B. Report 3899
Silymarin efficacy against influenza A virus replication. Song, J.H.; Choib, H J. Report 2123
The belonging of gpMuc, a glycoprotein from Mucuna pruriens seeds, to the Kunitz-type trypsin inhibitor family explains its direct anti-snake venom activity. Scire, Andrea; Tanfani, Fabio; Bertoli, Enrico; Furlani, Emiliano; NNadozie, Hope-Onyekwere; Cerutti Report 7057

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