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Articles from Phytomedicine: International Journal of Phytotherapy & Phytopharmacology (January 15, 2011)

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A comparative chemical and pharmacological study of standardized extracts and vanillic acid from wild and cultivated Amburana cearensis A.C. Smith. Leal, L.k.A.M.; Pierdona, T.M.; Goes, J.G.S.; Fonseca, K.S.; Canuto, K.M.; Silveira, E.R.; Bezerra, Report 2587
Activity investigation of pinostrobin towards herpes simplex virus-1 as determined by atomic force microscopy. Wu, Nan; Kong, Yu; Zu, Yuangang; Fu, Yujie; Liu, Zhiguo; Meng, Ronghua; Liu, Xia; Efferth, Thomas Report 5941
An antifungal defensin from Phaseolus vulgaris cv. 'cloud bean'. Wu, Xiangli; Sun, Jian; Zhang, Guoqing; Wang, Hexiang; Ng, Tzi Bun Report 4563
Analgesic effects of the ethanolic extract from Magnolia ovata (Magnoliaceae) trunk bark and of N-acetylxylopine, a semi-synthetic analogue of xylopine. Mori, Lidia Sayuri; Boller, Shirley; Kassuya, Candida Aparecida Leite; Stefanello, Maria Elida Alves Report 3779
Anti-asthmatic effects of phenylpropanoid glycosides from clerodendron trichotomum leaves and Rumex gmelini herbes in conscious guinea-pigs challenged with aerosolized ovalbumin. Lee, Ji Yun; Lee, Jung Gun; Sim, Sang Soo; Whang, Wan-Kyunn; Kim, Chang Jong Report 5997
Anti-hypoxia activity and related components of Rhodobryum giganteum Par. Cai, Ying; Lu, Yu; Chen, Ruihua; Wei, Qunli; Lu, Xiaohe Report 5470
Anti-inflammatory, anticholinesterase and antioxidative constituents from the roots and the leaves of Salvia nipponica Miq. var. formosana. Chan, Hsiu-Hui; Hwang, Tsong-Long; Su, Chung-Ren; Reddy, Mopur Vijaya Bhaskar; Wu, Tian-Shung Report 2183
Anticonvulsant activity of embelin isolated from Embelia ribes. Mahendran, S.; Thippeswamy, B.S.; Veerapur, V.P.; Badami, S. Report 2391
Artemisinin inhibits in vitro and in vivo invasion and metastasis of human hepatocellular carcinoma cells. Weifeng, Tan; Feng, Shen; Xiangji, Luo; Changqing, Su; Zhiquan, Qiu; Huazhong, Zeng; Peining, Yan; Y Report 3948
Curcumin improves bone microarchitecture and enhances mineral density in APP/PS1 transgenic mice. Yang, Mao-Wei; Wang, Tong-Hao; Yan, Pei-Pei; Chu, Li-Wei; Yu, Jiang; Gao, Zhi-Da; Li, Yuan-Zhou; Guo Report 6220
Dendrobium candidum extract increases the expression of aquaporin-5 in labial glands from patients with Sjogren's syndrome. Xiao, Lin; Ng, Tzi Bun; Feng, Yi-Bin; Yao, Tong; Wong, Jack Ho; Yao, Ren-Min; Li, Lei; Mo, Fei-Zhi; Clinical report 3897
Icariin inhibits osteoclast differentiation and bone resorption by suppression of MAPKs/NF-kB regulated HIF-1[alpha] and [PGE.sub.2] synthesis. Hsieh, Tsai-Pei; Sheu, Shiow-Yunn; Sun, Jui-Sheng; Chen, Ming-Hong Report 6752
Isolation of adenosine, iso-sinensetin and dimethylguanosine with antioxidant and HIV-1 protease inhibiting activities from fruiting bodies of Cordyceps militaris. Jiang, Y.; Wong, J.H.; Fu, M.; Ng, T.B.; Liu, Z.K.; Wang, C.R.; Li, N.; Qiao, W.T.; Wen, T.Y.; Liu, Report 4550
Isolation of anxiolytic principle from ethanolic root extract of Cardiospermum halkacabum. Kumar, Rajesh; Murugananthan, G.; Nandakumar, K.; Talwar, Sahil Report 3852
Kava hepatotoxicity solution: a six-point plan for new kava standardization. Teschke, Rolf; Sarris, Jerome; Lebot, Vincent Report 7367
Moringa oleifera induced potentiation of serotonin release by 5-[HT.sub3] receptors in experimental ulcer model. Debnath, Siddhartha; Biswas, Debasis; Ray, Koushik; Guha, Debjani Report 5314
Pre-treatment with [alpha]-hederin increases [beta]-adrenoceptor mediated relaxation of airway smooth muscle. Wolf, Anne; Gosens, Reinoud; Meurs, Herman; Haberlein, Hanns Clinical report 3222
Predicting cyclooxygenase inhibition by three-dimensional pharmacophoric profiling. Part II: identification of enzyme inhibitors from Prasaplai, a Thai traditional medicine. Waltenberger, Birgit; Schuster, Daniela; Paramapojn, Sompol; Gritsanapan, Wandee; Wolber, Gerhard; R Report 7359
Proteomic identification of proteins involved in the anticancer activities of oridonin in HepG2 cells. Wang, Hui; Ye, Yan; Pan, Si-Yuan; Zhu, Guo-Yuan; Li, Ying-Wei; Fong, David W.F.; Yu, Zhi-Ling Report 5971
Quality of life in breast cancer patients during chemotherapy and concurrent therapy with a mistletoe extract. Eisenbraun, J.; Scheer, R.; Kroz, M.; Schad, F.; Huber, R. Clinical report 6870
Stemona alkaloids, from traditional Thai medicine, increase chemosensitivity via P-glycoprotein-mediated multidrug resistance. Chanmahasathien, Wisinee; Ampasavate, Chadarat; Greger, Harald; Limtrakul, Pornngarm Report 5854
The neuroprotective effect of olive leaf extract is related to improved blood-brain barrier permeability and brain edema in rat with experimental focal cerebral ischemia. Mohagheghi, Fatemeh; Bigdeli, Mohammad Reza; Rasoulian, Bahram; Hashemi, Payman; Pour, Marzyeh Rashi Report 5231

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