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Articles from Phytomedicine: International Journal of Phytotherapy & Phytopharmacology (November 1, 2004)

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Addendum to the ESCOP monograph on Harpagophytum procumbens**. Chrubasik, S. Letter to the Editor 3356
Addendum to the ESCOP monograph on Harpagophytum procumbens: reply from ESCOP. Bradley, P.R. Letter to the Editor 352
Aldose reductase inhibitors from the leaves of Myrciaria dubia (H. B. & K.) McVaugh. Ueda, H.; Kuroiwa, E.; Tachibana, Y.; Kawanishi, K.; Ayala, F.; Moriyasu, M. 2957
Anti-proliferative lichen compounds with inhibitory activity on 12(S)-HETE production in human platelets. Bucar, F.; Schneider, I.; Ogmundsdottir, H.; Ingolfsdottir, K. 2167
Antibacterial constituents from the berries of Piper nigrum. Reddy, S. Venkat; Srinivas, Pullela V.; Praveen, B.; Kishore, K. Hara; Raju, B. China; Murthy, U. Su 1737
Antimicrobial activity of Securidaca longipedunculata. Ajali, U.; Chukwurah, B.K.C. 1823
Antimicrobial and cytotoxic activity of 18 prenylated flavonoids isolated from medicinal plants: Morus alba L., Morus mongolica Schneider, Broussnetia papyrifera (L.) Vent, Sophora flavescens Ait and Echinosophora koreensis Nakai. Sohn, H.-Y.; Son, K.H.; Kwon, C.-S.; Kwon, G.-S.; Kang, S.S. 3777
Antiviral activity of the volatile oils of Melissa officinalis L. against Herpes simplex virus type-2. Allahverdiyev, A.; Duran, N.; Ozguven, M.; Koltas, S. 2951
Clinical trial of Cecropia obtusifolia and Marrubium vulgare leaf extracts on blood glucose and serum lipids in type 2 diabetics. Herrera-Arellano, A.; Aguilar-Santamaria, L.; Garcia-Hernandez, B.; Nicasio-Torres, P.; Tortoriello, 4333
Distinction of water-soluble constituents between natural and cultured Cordyceps by capillary electrophoresis. Li, S.P.; Song, Z.H.; Dong, T.T.X.; Ji, Z.N.; Lo, C.K.; Zhu, S.Q.; Tsim, K.W.K. 3022
Downregulation of iNOS expression in rat mesangial cells by special extracts of Harpagophytum procumbens derives from harpagoside-dependent and independent effects**. Kaszkin, M.; Beck, K.F.; Koch, E.; Erdelmeier, C.; Kusch, S.; Pfeilschifter, J.; Loew, D. 6688
Effect of Wen-Pi-Tang extract on lung damage by influenza virus infection. Yokozawa, T.; Sekiya, M.; Cho, E.J.; Kurokawa, M.; Shiraki, K. 4547
Erratum. Correction Notice 232
Evaluation of the trypanocidal and leishmanicidal in vitro activity of the crude hydroalcoholic extract of Pfaffia glomerata (Amarathanceae) roots. Neto, A.G.; da Silva Filho, A.A.; Costa, J.M.L.C.; Vinholis, A.H.C.; Souza, G.H.B.; Cunha, W.R.; Sil 1971
In vitro binding experiments with a Valerian, Hops and their fixed combination extract (Ze91019) to selected central nervous system receptors. Abourashed, E.A.; Koetter, U.; Brattstrom, A. 3566
Long-term feeding effects of Catha edulis leaves on blood constituents in animals. Al-Habori, M.; Al-Mamary, M. 3643
Mechanisms of the contractile effect of the alcoholic extract of Aegle marmelos Corr. on isolated guinea pig ileum and tracheal chain. Arul, V.; Miyazaki, S.; Dhananjayan, R. 3021
Medicinal and aromatic plants--industrial profiles, Vol 27: Geranium and Pelargonium. Dimayuga, Rosalba Encarnacion Book Review 707
Novel antioxidants isolated from plants of the genera Ferula, Inula, Prangos and Rheum collected in Uzbekistan. Kogure, K.; Yamauchi, I.; Tokumura, A.; Kondou, K.; Tanaka, N.; Takaishi, Y.; Fukuzawa, K. 3409
Novel antiplatelet and antithrombotic activities of essential oil from Lavandula hybrida Reverchon "Grosso". Ballabeni, V.; Tognolini, M.; Chiavarini, M.; Impicciatore, M.; Bruni, R.; Bianchi, A.; Barocelli, E 3716
Pharmacological study of Stachytarpheta cayennensis Vahl in rodents. Mesia-Vela, S.; Souccar, C.; Lima-Landman, M.T.R.; Lapa, A.J. 5183
Soy protein may alleviate osteoarthritis symptoms. Arjmandi, B.H.; Khalil, D.A.; Lucas, E.A.; Smith, B.J.; Sinichi, N.; Hodges, S.B.; Juma, S.; Munson, 5502
Spinacia oleracea L. protects against gamma radiations: a study on glutathione and lipid peroxidation in mouse liver. Bhatia, A.L.; Jain, M. 6020
The role of Coptidis Rhizoma extract in a renal ischemia-reperfusion model. Cho, E.J.; Yokozawa, T.; Rhee, S.H.; Park, K.Y. 5697
Triterpenoid cynarasaponins from Cynara cardunculus L. reduce chemically induced mutagenesis in vitro. Krizkova, L.; Mucaji, P.; Nagy, M.; Krajcovic, J. 3761

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