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Adaptation of Plants to Salt Stress: Characterization of [Na.sup.+] and [K.sup.+] Transporters and Role of CBL Gene Family in Regulating Salt Stress Response. Ketehouli, Toi; Carther, Kue Foka Idrice; Noman, Muhammad; Wang, Fa-Wei; Li, Xiao-Wei; Li, Hai-Yan Nov 1, 2019 20932
Differential Response of Sugar Beet to Long-Term Mild to Severe Salinity in a Soil-Pot Culture. Tahjib-UI-Arif, Md.; Sohag, Abdullah Al Mamun; Afrin, Sonya; Bashar, Kazi Khayrul; Afrin, Tania; Mah Oct 1, 2019 10285
Mitigation of Salt Stress by Organic Matter and GA3 on Growth and Peroxidase Activity in Pepper (Capsicum annum L.). Altaey, Duraid K.A. Report Aug 1, 2017 5218
Mechanisms of tolerance to salinity in banana: physiological, biochemical, and molecular aspects/Mecanismos de tolerancia a salinidade em bananeira: aspectos fisiologicos, bioquimicos e moleculares. Willadino, Lilia; Camara, Terezinha Rangel; Ribeiro, Marta Barbosa; Do Amaral, Daniel Oliveira Jorda Ensayo Jun 1, 2017 4585
Response of Direct Seeded Rice and Wheat Crops to Phosphorus Application with Crop Residue Incorporation in Saline-Sodic Soil. Mahmood, Imdad Ali; Ali, Arshad Report Dec 31, 2015 5901
Triacontanol-induced Regulation in the Key Osmoprotectants and Oxidative Defense System of Sunflower Plants at Various Growth Stages under Salt Stress. Aziz, Robina; Shahbaz, Muhammad Report Oct 31, 2015 7188
Agronomic effectiveness of mycorrhizal Cicer arietinum L. plants on mechanism of proline in imparting protection, against NaCl stress. Baher, Navid Report Feb 1, 2015 8408
Screening and Selection of Synthetic Hexaploid Wheat Germplasm for Salinity Tolerance Based on Physiological and Biochemical Characters. Report Aug 31, 2014 9292
Physiological permanent wilting point and osmotic potential of cowpea grown in saline soils/Ponto de murcha permanente fisiologico e potencial osmotico de feijao caupi cultivado em solos salinizados. Coelho, Jose B.M.; Barros, Maria de F.C.; Neto, Egidio Bezerra; de Souza, Edivan R. Jul 1, 2014 4115
Enzyme expression in indica and japonica rice cultivars under saline stress/Expressao de enzimas em cultivares de arroz indica e japonica sob estresse salino. Lima, Maria da Graca de Souza; Lopes, Nei Fernandes; Zimmer, Paulo Dejalma; Meneghello, Geri Eduardo Oct 1, 2012 3614
Germination and initial development of soybean seedlings and their transgenic derivatives in salt stress condition/Germinacao e desenvolvimento inicial de plantulas de soja convencional e sua derivada transgenica RR em condicoes de estresse salino. de Carvalho, Tereza Cristina; da Silva, Sibelle Santanna; da Silva, Rosemeire Carvalho; Panobianco, Report Aug 1, 2012 3461
Root growth and yield of differing alfalfa rooting populations under increasing salinity and zero leaching. (Forage & Grazing Lands). Vaughan, Laura V.; MacAdam, Jennifer W.; Smith, Steven E.; Dudley, Lynn M. Nov 1, 2002 6467
Salinity tolerance in Phaseolus species during early vegetative growth. (Plant Genetic Resources). Bayuelo-Jimenez, Jeannette S.; Debouck, Daniel G.; Lynch, Jonathan P. Nov 1, 2002 9948

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