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Impact of Chlorpyrifos on Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria Isolated from Abelmoschus esculentus. Swarupa, Preeti; Kumar, Anil Report Dec 1, 2018 4370
Rock Phosphate Solubilization and Heavy Metals Resistance of Rhizbacteria Isolated from Nodules of Lathyrus ochrus. Lemboub, Chama; Chekireb, Djamel Report Jun 1, 2018 4897
Application of a Single and Combination of Plant-growth Promoting Bacteria and Actinomycete to Increase Chili (Capsicum annuum L.) Health and Growth. Suryanto, Dwi; Bungsu, Aditiya; Taniwan, Steven; Nurwahyuni, Isnaini; Pangastuti, Artini Report Sep 1, 2017 3411
The Symbiotic Efficiency of Legume Tree Rhizobia for Host Range Legumes in Central Saudi Arabia. Shetta, N.D.; Alshahrani, T.S. Report Aug 31, 2016 5354
Auxin Producing Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria Improve Growth, Physiology and Yield of Maize under Saline Field Conditions. Iqbal, Muhammad Asif; Khalid, Muhammad; Zahir, Zahir Ahmad; Ahmad, Rashid Report Feb 29, 2016 7624
Vanilla Rhizobacteria as Antagonists against Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. vanillae. Adame-Garcia, Jacel; Luna-Rodriguez, Mauricio; Iglesias-Andreu, Lourdes Georgina Report Feb 29, 2016 5551
Discovery of novel enormous extracellular polysaccharide (MCC EPS) from waxy corn rhizobacteria; Mitsuaria chitosanitabida strain CKP4/1 phere. Seeoob, Nadanong; Lang, Weeranuch; Hashidoko, Yasuyuki; Kimura, Atsuo; Wongchawalit, Jintanart Report Oct 1, 2015 4644
Rhizobacterial Communities and Red Pepper (Capsicum annum) Yield under Different Cropping Systems. Jung, Byung Kwon; Kim, Sang-Dal; Khan, Abdur Rahim; Lim, Jong-Hui; An, Chang-Hwan; Kim, Yo-Hwan; Son Report Aug 31, 2015 4885
Can Catalase and Exopolysaccharides Producing Rhizobia Ameliorate Drought Stress in Wheat? Hussain, Muhammad Baqir; Zahir, Zahir Ahmad; Asghar, Hafiz Naeem; Asgher, Muhammad Report Feb 28, 2014 9815
Evaluating the potential of Rhizobium Rhizogenese in production ouxin and nitrogen fixation. Sarayloo, Maryam; Olamaee, Mohsen; Arzanesh, Mohammad Hosein Author abstract Feb 14, 2014 2183
A comparative study of phase states of the peribacteroid membrane from yellow lupin and broad bean nodules. Kudryavtseva, Natalia N.; Sof'in, Alexis V.; Bobylev, Georgiy S.; Sorokin, Evgeny M. Report Jan 1, 2014 4403
Indoleacetic Acid Producing Rhizobia Promote Growth of Tanzania grass (Panicum maximum) and Pensacola grass (Paspalum saurae). Machado, Rafael Goulart; de Sa, Enilson Luiz Saccol; Bruxel, Manuela; Giongo, Adriana; Santos, Neemi Report Oct 31, 2013 6612
Engineering rhizobial bioinoculants: a strategy to improve iron nutrition. Geetha, S.J.; Joshi, Sanket J. Report Jan 1, 2013 13856
Screening of plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria from maize (Zea mays) and wheat (Triticum aestivum). Karnwal, A. Report May 1, 2012 4172
Management of Root Knot Nematode Meloidogyne incognita by Plant - Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria on Tomato. Anwar-ul-Haq, Muhammad; Anwar, Safdar Ali; Shahid, Muhammad; Javed, Nazir; Khan, Sajid Aleem; Mehamo Report Dec 31, 2011 3293
Evaluation effects of P-solubilizer (PSM) and plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) on morphologic indices of corn (Zea mays L.). Yazdani, Mohammad; Bagheri, Hossein; Ghanbari-Malidarreh, Abbas Report Dec 1, 2011 3817
Investigation the effect of biofertilizers, phosphate solubilization microorganisms (PSM) and plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) on improvement of quality and quantity in corn (Zea mayz L.). Mohammad, Yazdani; Hossin, Bagheri; Abas, Ghanbari-Malidarreh Report Jul 1, 2011 2583
Investigation of PGPR on antioxidant activity of essential oil and microelement contents of sweet basil. Ordookhani, Kourosh Report May 1, 2011 2489

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