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Vaspin, a Compensatory Mechanism Against High Glucose Levels Since Birth?. Hernandez-Rodriguez, Citlalli E.; Zuniga, Cynthia M. Estrada; O-Cavazos, Manuel E. De la; Montes-Tap Jun 1, 2019 4227
Exercising during pregnancy keeps placenta healthy, study suggests. May 23, 2019 418
Will global warming undo the hard-won gains of prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV? Chersich, Matthew Report May 1, 2019 1658
Prenatal Exposure to Select Phthalates and Phenols and Associations with Fetal and Placental Weight among Male Births in the EDEN Cohort (France). Philippat, Claire; Heude, Barbara; Botton, Jeremie; Alfaidy, Nadia; Calafat, Antonia M.; Slama, Remy Report Jan 1, 2019 9135
Data on perinatal choline, neurodevelopment sparking practice changes. Bell, Carl C. Dec 1, 2018 586
Sexual Determination and Differentiation During Embryonic and Fetal Development of New Zealand Rabbit Females/Determinacion y Diferenciacion Sexual Durante el Desarrollo Embrionario y Fetal de Conejos Hembras de Nueva Zelanda. Mario, Lara Carolina; Borghesi, Jessica; de Almeida da Anunciado, Adriana Raquel; de Carvalho Figuei Jun 1, 2018 4389
Fetal Growth, Neonatal Size And Its Relation To Body Composition And Insulin Resistance. Dec 16, 2017 131
When does life begin? It's pretty simple. Stark, Paul Apr 1, 2017 571
Histograms of Oriented 3D Gradients for Fully Automated Fetal Brain Localization and Robust Motion Correction in 3 T Magnetic Resonance Images. Serag, Ahmed; Macnaught, Gillian; Denison, Fiona C.; Reynolds, Rebecca M.; Semple, Scott I.; Boardma Report Jan 1, 2017 4756
Study of foetal nasal bone length during 15-38 weeks of gestation in women of Northern India (U.P.) and its comparison with western and other Asian women. Gupta, D.P.; Gupta, Ratna Prabha; Saxena, D.K.; Gupta, Hem Prabha; Zaidi, Zeeshan Report Aug 1, 2016 2521
Prenatal exposure to N[O.sub.2] and ultrasound measures of fetal growth in the Spanish INMA cohort. Iniguez, Carmen; Esplugues, Ana; Sunyer, Jordi; Basterrechea, Mikel; Fernandez-Somoano, Ana; Costa, Report Feb 1, 2016 9582
Exercise and pregnancy. Dillard, Dana M. Report Jan 1, 2016 2206
Lipid profile in RDS group and non-RDS group: a comparison study. Duruvasan, Sanjay; Basha, Mohamed Haseen; Naik, Gururaj Somala; Gouli, Chandrashekar; Anandappa, Ash Report Dec 28, 2015 2266
Omega-3 essential for brain development. Brief article Aug 1, 2015 186
What science tells us about the unborn. Stark, Paul Jul 1, 2015 1555
Comparative study of estimation of gestational age by ultrasonographic measurement of fetal kidney length with available conventional methods, its accuracy and acceptability. Kekhashan, Anjum; Kalpana, P.; Mohammed, Naseeruddin Report Apr 30, 2015 2206
Growth rate of human fetal lung with increase in gestational age: a morphological study. Ajita, Rajkumari Report Apr 27, 2015 3209
Study of morphogenesis of suprarenal gland in human foetuses of different gestational ages. Rao, R. Malleswara; Kishore, S. Ravindra; Kumar, C. Rajeev Report Apr 16, 2015 2025
Age & sex determination of foetus from ilium: a medicolegal aspect. Kaur, Jaswinder; Gupta, Monika; Goyal, Parmod Kumar Report Apr 6, 2015 570
Fetal growth standards complicated by racial factors. Worcester, Sharon Mar 1, 2015 516
Mineral metabolism in singleton and twin-pregnant dairy goats. Harter, C.J.; Castagnino, D.S.; Rivera, A.R.; Lima, L.D.; Silva, H.G.O.; Mendonca, A.N.; Bonfim, G.F Report Jan 1, 2015 14404
A study of adenylate kinase locus 1 ([Ak.sub.1]) genetic polymorphism in diabetic pregnancy. Gloria-Bottini, Fulvia; Pietropolli, Adalgisa; Neri, Anna; Coppeta, Luca; Magrini, Andrea; Bottini, Report Jul 1, 2014 2486
NUTRICION MATERNA Y SUS IMPLICACIONES EN LA ADIPOSIDAD INFANTIL. Ladino Melendez, Liliana; Moreno-Torres Herrera, Rosario; Campoy Folgoso, Cristina Jul 1, 2014 5979
A unique co-culture model for fundamental and applied studies of human fetoplacental steroidogenesis and interference by environmental chemicals. Thibeault, Andree-Anne Hudon; Deroy, Kathy; Vaillancourt, Cathy; Sanderson, J. Thomas Report Apr 1, 2014 6791
Effects of maternal hypoxia during pregnancy on bone development in offspring: a guinea pig model. Lee, Alice M.C.; Morrison, Janna L.; Botting, Kimberley J.; Shandala, Tetyana; Xian, Cory J. Report Jan 1, 2014 6066
Population-based placental weight ratio distributions. Macdonald, Erin M.; Koval, John J.; Natale, Renato; Regnault, Timothy; Campbell, M. Karen Report Jan 1, 2014 4718
Morphometry of the placenta and umbilical cord in hypertensive tripuri population. Islam, Manirul Report Aug 19, 2013 2092
Massive splenomegaly in pregnancy: a review of three cases. Mittal, Pratima; Suri, Jyotsna; Bansiwal, Reeta Medical condition overview Jul 8, 2013 1920
A study of association between maternal placental weight and neonatal characteristics. Joshi, Jayun. M.; Patel, Dimpal Clinical report Feb 18, 2013 2707
Antenatal depression and its risk factors: an urban prevalence study in KwaZulu-Natal. Manikkam, L.; Burns, J.K. Report Dec 1, 2012 4751
The effect of increased fetal hemoglobin on 7 common [Hb A.sub.1c] assay methods. Little, Randie R.; Rohlfing, Curt L.; Hanson, Steven E.; Schmidt, Robert L.; Lin, Chia-Ni; Madsen, R Report May 1, 2012 1519
Does the timing of umbilical cord clamping at delivery affect an infant's long-term iron status? Kent, Athol P.; Woods, David L. Mar 1, 2012 1066
Age-Related Changes in Ovarian Gross and Histological Characteristics During Pubertal Development in Captive Catla catla (Hamilton, 1822) of Age 18-29 Months. Lone, Khalid P.; Sahar, Sumrin; Fatima, Shafaq Report Feb 29, 2012 8467
Repetitive element methylation and altered fetal growth. Brief article Feb 1, 2012 251
In utero exposures, infant growth, and DNA methylation of repetitive elements and developmentally related genes in human placenta. Wilhelm-Benartzi, Charlotte S.; Houseman, Andres E.; Maccani, Matthew A.; Poage, Graham M.; Koestler Report Feb 1, 2012 7098
PBDEs and thyroid hormone during pregnancy. Abstract Oct 1, 2010 159
Efecto potencial del ejercicio fisico y del consumo de micronutrientes durante la gestacion en factores maternos y placentarios asociados con enfermedades cronicas no transmisibles (ECNT) del adulto. Echeverry, Isabella; Ramirez-Velez, Robinson; Guillermo Ortega, Jose; Mosquera, Mildrey; Mateus, Jul Medical condition overview Oct 1, 2009 6937
Fetal forecasts. Coles, Clifton Brief Article Jan 1, 2005 232
Reduced utero-placental perfusion induces altered leptin signaling and vascular dysfunction. Anderson, Cindy M.; Lopez, Faye; Zhang, Hai-Ying; Pavlish, Kristin; Benoit, Joseph N. Report Apr 1, 2004 689

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