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Effect of lipid source and emulsifier on productive and physiological parameters of broilers. Tenorio, Karine Isabela; Eyng, Cinthia; Duarte, Cristiane Regina do Amaral; Nunes, Ricardo Vianna; B Report Jan 1, 2022 6692
Effect of Fermentation Time on The Dynamics of Lactobacillus plantarum Bacteria using Collagen Extract from Broiler Claw Skin as a Substrate. Said, Muhammad Irfan; Abustam, Effendi; Hasma,; Arifin, Muhammad Fatahillah; Sirajuddin, Sitti Nuran Report Oct 1, 2021 4534
Influence of pre-slaughter fasting time on weight loss, meat quality and carcass contamination in broilers. Xu, Ge; Cheng, Silu; Yin, Jingwen; Zhang, Runxiang; Su, Yingying; Li, Xiang; Li, Jianhong; Bao, Jun Jun 1, 2021 6605
Response of broilers to supplementation of branched-chain amino acids blends with different valine contents in the starter period under summer conditions. Kop-Bozbay, Canan; Akdag, Ahmet; Atan, Helin; Ocak, Nuh Report Jan 27, 2021 8793
Correlation analysis of muscle amino acid deposition and gut microbiota profile of broilers reared at different ambient temperatures. Yang, Yuting; Gao, Huan; Li, Xing; Cao, Zhenhui; Li, Meiquan; Liu, Jianping; Qiao, Yingying; Ma, Li; Report Jan 1, 2021 5237
Dietary corn resistant starch regulates intestinal morphology and barrier functions by activating the Notch signaling pathway of broilers. Zhang, Yingying; Liu, Yingsen; Li, Jiaolong; Xing, Tong; Jiang, Yun; Zhang, Lin; Gao, Feng Report Dec 1, 2020 7499
The effect of intermittent feeding and cold water on performance and carcass traits of broilers reared under daily heat stress. Erensoy, Kadir; Noubandiguim, Moise; Sarica, Musa; Aslan, Resul Report Dec 1, 2020 5872
Effects of Feeding Dried Fruit Pomaces as Additional Fibre-Phenolic Compound on Meat Quality, Blood Chemistry and Redox Status of Broilers. Zdunczyk, Elena Colombino Zenon; Jankowski, Jan; Cocolin, Luca Simone; Schiavone, Achille; Biasato, Report Nov 1, 2020 11081
Unrestricted Feed Intake Induces [beta]-Cell Death and Impairs Insulin Secretion in Broiler Breeder Hens. Huang, Yu-Feng; Chang, Ling-Chu; Chen, Chung-Yu; Chen, Yu-Hui; Walzem, Rosemary L.; Chen, Shuen-Ei Report Nov 1, 2020 5977
Effect of Inclusion of Degraded and Non-Degraded Date Pits in Broilers' Diet on their Intestinal Microbiota and Growth Performance. Alyileili, Salem R.; Belal, Ibrahim E.H.; Hussein, Ahmed S.; Tarabily, Khaled A. El- Nov 1, 2020 7516
Effect of DL-Methionine Supplementation on Tissue and Plasma Antioxidant Status and Concentrations of Oxidation Products of Cholesterol and Phytosterols in Heat-Processed Thigh Muscle of Broilers. Zeitz, Johanna O.; Ehbrecht, Tamara; Fleischmann, Anne; Most, Erika; Gessner, Denise K.; Friedrichs, Nov 1, 2020 8112
Standardised Ileal Amino Acid Digestibility in Field Pea Seeds of Two Cultivars Differing in Flower Colour for Broiler Chickens: Effects of Bird Age and Microbial Protease. Szczurek, Witold; Swiatkiewicz, Sylwester Nov 1, 2020 11744
The Mediation of miR-34a/miR-449c for Immune Cytokines in Acute Cold/Heat-Stressed Broiler Chicken. Li, Tao; Song, Yiping; Bao, Xiuyu; Zhang, Jianqin Nov 1, 2020 8674
Effect of genotypes on macronutrients and antioxidant capacity of chicken breast meat. Lengkidworraphiphat, Phatthawin; Wongpoomchai, Rawiwan; Taya, Sirinya; Jaturasitha, Sanchai Report Nov 1, 2020 4551
The Impact of Wheat Bran on the Morphology and Physiology of the Gastrointestinal Tract in Broiler Chickens. Shang, Qinghui; Wu, Di; Liu, Hansuo; Mahfuz, Shad; Piao, Xiangshu Oct 1, 2020 6766
Potential Effects of Acidifier and Amylase as Substitutes for Antibiotic on the Growth Performance, Nutrient Digestion and Gut Microbiota in Yellow-Feathered Broilers. Wang, Yibing; Wang, Yang; Lin, Xiajing; Gou, Zhongyong; Fan, Qiuli; Ye, Jinling; Jiang, Shouqun Oct 1, 2020 5625
Influence of Particle Size and Xylanase in Corn-Soybean Pelleted Diets on Performance, Nutrient Utilization, Microbiota and Short-Chain Fatty Acid Production in Young Broilers. Melo-Duran, Diego; Perez, Jose Francisco; Gonzalez-Ortiz, Gemma; Sala, Roser; Villagomez-Estrada, Sa Oct 1, 2020 11588
Yellow Mealworm Inclusion in Diets for Heavy-Size Broiler Chickens: Implications for Intestinal Microbiota and Mucin Dynamics. Biasato, Ilaria; Ferrocino, Ilario; Grego, Elena; Dabbou, Sihem; Gai, Francesco; Gasco, Laura; Cocol Report Oct 1, 2020 6646
Bioavailability of Methionine-Coated Zinc Nanoparticles as a Dietary Supplement Leads to Improved Performance and Bone Strength in Broiler Chicken Production. Alkhtib, Ashraf; Scholey, Dawn; Carter, Nicholas; Cave, Gareth W.V.; Hanafy, Belal I.; Kempster, Sia Report Sep 1, 2020 7621
Effect of Biochar Diet Supplementation on Chicken Broilers Performance, N[H.sub.3] and Odor Emissions and Meat Consumer Acceptance. Kalus, Kajetan; Konkol, Damian; Korczynski, Mariusz; Koziel, Jacek A. Report Sep 1, 2020 5799
Effects of First Feed Administration on Small Intestinal Development and Plasma Hormones in Broiler Chicks. Wang, Jiangshui; Wang, Dianchun; Li, Kaixuan; Xia, Lei; Wang, Yuanyuan; Jiang, Lei Report Sep 1, 2020 6820
Studying the Effects of Collagenase (Type 1) on the Collagen in Woody Breast Meat. Morey, Amit; Johnson, Meredith Lane; Kataria, Jasmine; Gonzalez, John Michael Report Sep 1, 2020 2658
Effect of Intermittent and Mild Cold Stimulation on the Immune Function of Bursa in Broilers. Liu, Yanhong; Xue, Ge; Li, Shuang; Fu, Yajie; Yin, Jingwen; Zhang, Runxiang; Li, Jianhong Aug 1, 2020 6469
Impact of Oral Supplementation of Different Levels of Tamoxifen on Productive and Reproductive Efficiencies and Carcass Traits of Avian48 and Arbor Acres Broilers. Younis, Mona E.M.; Aboelnour, Asmaa; Swelum, Ayman A.; Ghoneim, Hanan A.; Hack, Mohamed E. Abd El-; Aug 1, 2020 9739
Stress Associated with Simulated Transport, Changes Serum Biochemistry, Postmortem Muscle Metabolism, and Meat Quality of Broilers. Zheng, Aijuan; Lin, Shumei; Pirzado, Shoaib Ahmed; Chen, Zhimin; Chang, Wenhuan; Cai, Huiyi; Liu, Gu Aug 1, 2020 5970
Identification of Differentially Expressed Genes in Different Types of Broiler Skeletal Muscle Fibers Using the RNA-seq Technique. Wang, Han; Shen, Zhonghao; Zhou, Xiaolong; Yang, Songbai; Yan, Feifei; He, Ke; Zhao, Ayong Report Jul 31, 2020 7885
Enterococcus faecium Modulates the Gut Microbiota of Broilers and Enhances Phosphorus Absorption and Utilization. Wang, Weiwei; Cai, Huiyi; Zhang, Anrong; Chen, Zhimin; Chang, Wenhuan; Liu, Guohua; Deng, Xuejuan; B Report Jul 1, 2020 6222
A Dietary Sugarcane-Derived Polyphenol Mix Reduces the Negative Effects of Cyclic Heat Exposure on Growth Performance, Blood Gas Status, and Meat Quality in Broiler Chickens. Shakeri, Majid; Cottrell, Jeremy J.; Wilkinson, Stuart; Le, Hieu H.; Suleria, Hafiz A.R.; Warner, Ro Report Jul 1, 2020 8881
Effects of Inclusion of Different Doses of Persicaria odorata Leaf Meal (POLM) in Broiler Chicken Feed on Biochemical and Haematological Blood Indicators and Liver Histomorphological Changes. Basit, Muhammad Abdul; Kadir, Arifah Abdul; Loh, Teck Chwen; Aziz, Saleha Abdul; Salleh, Annas; Kaka Report Jul 1, 2020 11132
Additivity of Ileal Amino Acid Digestibility in Diets Containing Corn, Soybean Meal, and Corn Distillers Dried Grains with Solubles for Male Broilers. An, Su Hyun; Sung, Jung Yeol; Kang, Hwan-Ku; Kong, Changsu Report Jun 1, 2020 5882
Effect of Solid-State Fermented Wheat Bran Supplemented with Agrimony Extract on Growth Performance, Fatty Acid Profile, and Meat Quality of Broiler Chickens. Semjon, Boris; Bartkovsky, Martin; Marcincakova, Dana; Klempova, Tatiana; Bujnak, Lukas; Hudak, Mare Report Jun 1, 2020 14463
Effects of Supplementing Grape Pomace to Broilers Fed Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids Enriched Diets on Meat Quality. Turcu, Raluca Paula; Panaite, Tatiana Dumitra; Untea, Arabela Elena; Soica, Cristina; Iuga, Madalina Report Jun 1, 2020 11077
Influence of Dietary Supplementation of Salix alba Bark on Performance, Oxidative Stress Parameters in Liver and Gut Microflora of Broilers. Panaite, Tatiana Dumitra; Saracila, Mihaela; Papuc, Camelia Puia; Predescu, Corina Nicoleta; Soica, Report Jun 1, 2020 7115
Multiple Amino Acid Supplementations to Low-Protein Diets: Effect on Performance, Carcass Yield, Meat Quality and Nitrogen Excretion of Finishing Broilers under Hot Climate Conditions. Attia, Youssef A.; Bovera, Fulvia; Wang, Jinquan; Harthi, Mohammed A. Al-; Kim, Woo Kyun Report Jun 1, 2020 7513
Effect of Microbiota-Selenoprotein on Meat Selenium Content and Meat Quality of Broiler Chickens. Mohamed, Dalia A.; Sazili, Awis Qurni; Chwen, Loh Teck; Samsudin, Anjas Asmara Report Jun 1, 2020 5964
Dietary Supplementation of Postbiotics Mitigates Adverse Impacts of Heat Stress on Antioxidant Enzyme Activity, Total Antioxidant, Lipid Peroxidation, Physiological Stress Indicators, Lipid Profile and Meat Quality in Broilers. Humam, Ali Merzza; Loh, Teck Chwen; Foo, Hooi Ling; Izuddin, Wan Ibrahim; Awad, Elmutaz Atta; Idrus, Report Jun 1, 2020 13145
Fiber Metabolism, Procollagen and Collagen Type III Immunoreactivity in Broiler Pectoralis Major Affected by Muscle Abnormalities. Mazzoni, Maurizio; Soglia, Francesca; Petracci, Massimiliano; Sirri, Federico; Lattanzio, Giulia; Cl Jun 1, 2020 6283
Green Tea and Pomegranate Extract Administered During Critical Moments of the Production Cycle Improves Blood Antiradical Activity and Alters Cecal Microbial Ecology of Broiler Chickens. Perricone, Vera; Comi, Marcello; Giromini, Carlotta; Rebucci, Raffaella; Agazzi, Alessandro; Savoini Report May 1, 2020 7269
Dimethylglycine Supplementation in Reduced Energy Broilers' Diets Restores Performance by Improving Nutrient Digestibility. Chalvatzi, Sofia; Papadopoulos, Georgios A.; Tsiouris, Vasilios; Giannenas, Ilias; Karapanagiotidis, Report May 1, 2020 6259
Effect of Dietary Microalgae on Growth Performance, Profiles of Amino and Fatty Acids, Antioxidant Status, and Meat Quality of Broiler Chickens. El-Bahr, Sabry; Shousha, Saad; Shehab, Ahmed; Khattab, Wassem; Ahmed-Farid, Omar; Sabike, Islam; El- Report May 1, 2020 8975
Effect of Amniotic Injection of N-Carbamylglutamate on Meat Quality of Broilers. Zhang, Feng-dong; Wang, Jing; Zhang, Hai-jun; Wu, Shu-geng; Lin, Jing; Qi, Guang-hai Report Apr 1, 2020 7548
Microbial and Fungal Phytases Can Affect Growth Performance, Nutrient Digestibility and Blood Profile of Broilers Fed Different Levels of Non-Phytic Phosphorous. Attia, Youssef A.; Bovera, Fulvia; Iannaccone, Francesco; Al-Harthi, Mohammed A.; Alaqi, Abdulaziz A Report Apr 1, 2020 8625
Yield Performance, Laying Behaviour Traits and Egg Quality of Purebred and Hybrid Hens Reared under Outdoor Conditions. Rizzi, Chiara Report Apr 1, 2020 9271
Olive Cake Meal and Bacillus licheniformis Impacted the Growth Performance, Muscle Fatty Acid Content, and Health Status of Broiler Chickens. Saleh, Ahmed A.; Paray, Bilal Ahamad; Dawood, Mahmoud A.O. Apr 1, 2020 7065
Impact of Multienzymes Dose Supplemented Continuously or Intermittently in Drinking Water on Growth Performance, Nutrient Digestibility, and Blood Constituents of Broiler Chickens. Attia, Youssef; kelawy, Mahmoud El-; Harthi, Mohammed Al-; Shafey, Ali El- Report Mar 1, 2020 7733
Protected Organic Acids Improved Growth Performance, Nutrient Digestibility, and Decreased Gas Emission in Broilers. Nguyen, Dinh Hai; Kim, In Ho Report Mar 1, 2020 6947
A Mixture of Exogenous Emulsifiers Increased the Acceptance of Broilers to Low Energy Diets: Growth Performance, Blood Chemistry, and Fatty Acids Traits. Saleh, Ahmed A.; Amber, Khairy A.; Mousa, Mahmoud M.; Nada, Ahmed L.; Awad, Wael; Dawood, Mahmoud A. Report Mar 1, 2020 6019
Effects of Microencapsulated Blends of Organics Acids (OA) and Essential Oils (EO) as a Feed Additive for Broiler Chicken. A Focus on Growth Performance, Gut Morphology and Microbiology. Stamilla, Alessandro; Messina, Antonino; Sallemi, Sabrina; Condorelli, Lucia; Antoci, Francesco; Pul Report Mar 1, 2020 9606
Evaluation of Waste Mushroom Compost as a Feed Supplement and Its Effects on the Fat Metabolism and Antioxidant Capacity of Broilers. Chuang, Wen Yang; Liu, Chu Ling; Tsai, Chia Fen; Lin, Wei Chih; Chang, Shen Chang; Shih, Hsin Der; S Report Mar 1, 2020 8076
Influence of Different Time and Frequency of Multienzyme Application on the Efficiency of Broiler Chicken Rearing and Some Selected Metabolic Indicators. Attia, Youssef A.; Harthi, Mohammed A. Al-; Shafey, Ali S. El- Report Mar 1, 2020 8384
Growth Performance, Nutrient Digestibility, Blood Profiles, Excreta Microbial Counts, Meat Quality and Organ Weight on Broilers Fed with De-Oiled Lecithin Emulsifier. Liu, Xiao; Yoon, Seo Bin; Kim, In Ho Report Mar 1, 2020 6632
Dietary Encapsulated Essential Oils Improve Production Performance of Coccidiosis-Vaccine-Challenged Broiler Chickens. Lee, Jeong-Woo; Kim, Da-Hye; Kim, Yoo-Bhin; Jeong, Su-Been; Oh, Sung-Taek; Cho, Seung-Yeol; Lee, Kyu Report Mar 1, 2020 7562
Effects of Dietary Fatty Acids from Different Sources on Growth Performance, Meat Quality, Muscle Fatty Acid Deposition, and Antioxidant Capacity in Broilers. Long, Shenfei; Liu, Sujie; Wu, Di; Mahfuz, Shad; Piao, Xiangshu Report Mar 1, 2020 8668
Growth, Carcass Composition, Haematology and Immunity of Broilers Supplemented with Sumac Berries (Rhus coriaria L.) and Thyme (Thymus vulgaris). Ahmadian, Amir; Seidavi, Alireza; Phillips, Clive J.C. Report Mar 1, 2020 6225
Hepatic Inflammatory Response to Exogenous LPS Challenge is Exacerbated in Broilers with Fatty Liver Disease. Mei, Wenqing; Hao, Yarong; Xie, Huilin; Ni, Yingdong; Zhao, Ruqian Report Mar 1, 2020 4908
Effects of Alternative Administration Programs of a Synbiotic Supplement on Broiler Performance, Foot Pad Dermatitis, Caecal Microbiota, and Blood Metabolites. Brugaletta, Giorgio; De Cesare, Alessandra; Zampiga, Marco; Laghi, Luca; Oliveri, Chiara; Zhu, Cheng Report Mar 1, 2020 10714
Effect of Soybean Meal Substitution by Raw Chickpea Seeds on Thermal Properties and Fatty Acid Composition of Subcutaneous Fat Tissue of Broiler Chickens. Paszkiewicz, Waldemar; Muszynski, Siemowit; Kwiecien, Malgorzata; Zhyla, Mykola; Swiatkiewicz, Sylwe Report Mar 1, 2020 7707
Effect of Carotenoids, Oligosaccharides and Anthocyanins on Growth Performance, Immunological Parameters and Intestinal Morphology in Broiler Chickens Challenged with Escherichia coli Lipopolysaccharide. Csernus, Brigitta; Biro, Sandor; Babinszky, Laszlo; Komlosi, Istvan; Javor, Andras; Stundl, Laszlo; Report Feb 1, 2020 9856
Effects of Fennel Seed Powder Supplementation on Growth Performance, Carcass Characteristics, Meat Quality, and Economic Efficiency of Broilers under Thermoneutral and Chronic Heat Stress Conditions. AL-Sagan, Ahmed A.; Khalil, Shady; Hussein, Elsayed O.S.; Attia, Youssef A. Report Feb 1, 2020 7008
Evaluation of Yellow Mealworm Meal as a Protein Feedstuff in the Diet of Broiler Chicks. Elahi, Usman; Wang, Jing; Ma, You-biao; Wu, Shu-geng; Wu, Jinlong; Qi, Guang-hai; Zhang, Hai-jun Report Feb 1, 2020 9408
Partial Substitution of Fermented Soybean Meal for Soybean Meal Influences the Carcass Traits and Meat Quality of Broiler Chickens. Guo, Shuangshuang; Zhang, Yuanke; Cheng, Qiang; Xv, Jingyun; Hou, Yongqing; Wu, Xiaofeng; Du, Encun; Report Feb 1, 2020 8554
Effect of Feed Additives as Alternatives to In-feed Antimicrobials on Production Performance and Intestinal Clostridium perfringens Counts in Broiler Chickens. Granstad, Silje; Kristoffersen, Anja B.; Benestad, Sylvie L.; Sjurseth, Siri K.; David, Bruce; Soren Report Feb 1, 2020 13212
The Effect of Camellia oleifera Cake Polysaccharides on Growth Performance, Carcass Traits, Meat Quality, Blood Profile, and Caecum Microorganisms in Yellow Broilers. Wang, Jing; Zhang, Mengyu; Gou, Zhongyong; Jiang, Shouqun; Zhang, Yingzhong; Wang, Minghuai; Tang, X Report Feb 1, 2020 9376
Effect of Antimicrobial Peptide Microcin J25 on Growth Performance, Immune Regulation, and Intestinal Microbiota in Broiler Chickens Challenged with Escherichia coli and Salmonella. Wang, Gang; Song, Qinglong; Huang, Shuo; Wang, Yuming; Cai, Shuang; Yu, Haitao; Ding, Xiuliang; Zeng Report Feb 1, 2020 5660
Impacts of Strain Variation on Response to Heat Stress and Boldo Extract Supplementation to Broiler Chickens. Ghanima, Mahmoud M. Abo; Bin-Jumah, May; Abdel-Moneim, Abdel-Moneim E.; Khafaga, Asmaa F.; Hack, Moh Report Jan 1, 2020 11434
Nisin as a Novel Feed Additive: The Effects on Gut Microbial Modulation and Activity, Histological Parameters, and Growth Performance of Broiler Chickens. Kieronczykh, Bartosz; Rawski, Mateusz; Mikolajczak, Zuzanna; Swiatkiewicz, Sylwester; Jozefiak, Dami Report Jan 1, 2020 9506
Embryonic Thermal Manipulation Affects the Antioxidant Response to Post-Hatch Thermal Exposure in Broiler Chickens. Saleh, Khaled M.M.; Tarkhan, Amneh H.; Al-Zghoul, Mohammad Borhan Report Jan 1, 2020 7446
Comparison of Dietary Kudzu Leaf Meal (Pueraria montana Var. lobata) and Alfalfa Meal Supplementation Effect on Broiler (Gallus gallus domesticus) Performance, Carcass Characteristics, and Organ Parameters. Gulizia, Joseph P.; Downs, Kevin M. Report Jan 1, 2020 7775
Production of Microbial Biomass Protein by Arachniotus ruber using Banana Peel and its Biological Evaluation in Broiler Chicks. Yasin, Muhammed Shiraz; Saeed, Shagufta; Tayyab, Muhammed; Hashmi, Abu Saeed; Awan, Ali Raza; Firyal Technical report Apr 30, 2019 3717
Effects of dietary supplementation with a combination of plant oils on performance, meat quality and fatty acid deposition of broilers. Long, Shenfei; Xu, Yetong; Wang, Chunlin; Li, Changlian; Liu, Dewen; Piao, Xiangshu Report Nov 1, 2018 6052
Monitoring of white striping and wooden breast cases and impacts on quality of breast meat collected from commercial broilers (Gallus gallus). Malila, Yuwares; U-chupaj, Juthawut; Srimarut, Yanee; Chaiwiwattrakul, Premsak; Uengwetwanit, Tanapo Report Nov 1, 2018 10080
Impact of Mycotoxin Binders on Humoral Immunity, Lymphoid Organs and Growth Performance of Broilers. Nabi, Hazrat; Hussain, Irshad; Adil, Muhammad; Nasir, Amar; Sikandar, Arbab; Khan, Saeed; Khan, Nasr Report Oct 31, 2018 5508
Effects of first feed intake time on growth performance, nutrient apparent metabolic rate and intestinal digestive enzyme activities in broilers. Wang, J.S.; Guo, T.Y.; Wang, Y.X.; Li, K.X.; Wang, Q.; Zhan, X.A. Report Jun 1, 2018 4548
Effects of dietary Spirulina on antioxidant status, lipid profile, immune response and performance characteristics of broiler chickens reared under high ambient temperature. Mirzaie, Sara; Zirak-Khattab, Fahim; Hosseini, Seyed Abdollah; Donyaei-Darian, Hamid Report Apr 1, 2018 5967
Genome re-sequencing to identify single nucleotide polymorphism markers for muscle color traits in broiler chickens. Kong, H.R.; Anthony, N.B.; Rowland, K.C.; Khatri, B.; Kong, B.C. Report Jan 1, 2018 3905
Effects of four dim vs high intensity red color light regimens on growth performance and welfare of broilers. Senaratna, D.; Samarakone, T.S.; Gunawardena, W.W.D.A. Report Jan 1, 2018 8080
Comparative Anticoccidial Effect of some Natural Products against Eimeria spp. Infection on Performance Traits, Intestinal Lesion and Occyte Number in Broiler. Report Dec 31, 2017 4480
Evaluating the Immune Response and Antioxidant Potential in Four Broiler Strains under Chronic High Ambient Temperature. ur-Rehaman, Zia; Chand, Naila; Khan, Sarzamin; Khan, Rifat Ullah Report Dec 31, 2017 3687
Effect of Adding Different Levels of Dietary Electrolyte in Broiler Rations using Sodium Bicarbonate as a Source of Electrolyte. Bilal, Talat; Tauqir, Nasir Ali Report Dec 31, 2017 7474
An evaluation of heat on protein oxidation of soy protein isolate or soy protein isolate mixed with soybean oil in vitro and its consequences on redox status of broilers at early age. Zhang, Xianglun; Lu, Peng; Xue, Wenyue; Wu, Dawei; Wen, Chao; Zhou, Yanmin Report Aug 1, 2017 5931
Effects of zinc bearing palygorskite supplementation on the growth performance, hepatic mineral content, and antioxidant status of broilers at early age. Yang, Weili; Chen, Yueping; Cheng, Yefei; Wen, Chao; Zhou, Yanmin Report Jul 1, 2017 5709
Distribution and differential expression of microRNAs in the intestinal mucosal layer of necrotic enteritis induced Fayoumi chickens. Rengaraj, Deivendran; Duc Truong, Anh; Ban, Jihye; Lillehoj, Hyun S.; Ho Hong, Yeong Report Jul 1, 2017 6581
Estimation of the net energy requirement for maintenance in broilers. Liu, Wei; Lin, Chang Hua; Wu, Zheng Ke; Liu, Guo Hua; Yan, Hai Jie; Yang, Hua Ming; Cai, Hui Yi Jun 1, 2017 5991
Effects of probiotic, prebiotic, and synbiotic with and without feed restriction on performance, hematological indices and carcass characteristics of broiler chickens. Abdel-Hafeez, Hassan M.; Saleh, Elham S.E.; Tawfeek, Samar S.; Youssef, Ibrahim M.I.; Abdel-Daim, As Report May 1, 2017 12107
Evaluation of the microbiological quality of broiler meat and antimicrobial susceptibility of isolates. Taleb, Salima; Debebza, Manel; Yousfi Y, Yasmine; Rezkellah, Nadia Report Mar 1, 2017 6735
Extraction and Characterization of Collagen from Broiler Chicken Feet (Gallus gallus domesticus)--Biomolecules from Poultry Waste. Potti, Ravindra Babu; Fahad, Mohammed Owaisuddin Report Mar 1, 2017 4238
A Note on Fatty Acids Profile of Meat from Broiler Chickens Supplemented with Inorganic or Organic Selenium. del Puerto, Marta; Cabrera, M. Cristina; Saadoun, Ali Report Jan 1, 2017 6941
Dietary Supplementation of Phoenix dactylifera Seeds Enhances Performance, Immune Response, and Antioxidant Status in Broilers. El-Far, Ali H.; Ahmed, Hamada A.; Shaheen, Hazem M. Report Jan 1, 2017 6159
Effect of Herbal Extracts on Serum Minerals, Lipid Profile and Anti-NDV-HI Antibody Levels of Vaccinated Broiler Chicks. Safdar, Kamran; Muhammad, Khushi; Naz, Rubina Report Dec 31, 2016 3427
Effect of KiFAY on performance, insulin-like growth factor-1, and thyroid hormones in broilers. Kini, Amit; Fernandes, Custan; Suryawanshi, Dayaram Report Oct 1, 2016 4412
Evaluation of the characteristics of collagen extract of broiler's bone from chicken abattoir waste in Makassar, province of south Sulawesi, Indonesia. Said, Muhammad Irfan; Abustam, Effendi; Likadja, Johana C.; Yuliati, Farida Nur; Hifizah, Amriana Report Apr 1, 2016 3588
Effects of tributyrin on intestinal energy status, antioxidative capacity and immune response to lipopolysaccharide challenge in broilers. Li, Jiaolong; Hou, Yongqing; Yi, Dan; Zhang, Jun; Wang, Lei; Qiu, Hongyi; Ding, Binying; Gong, Joshu Report Dec 1, 2015 7405
Performance, carcass, haematology and blood chemistry of broilers fed on cooked wild cocoyam [Colocasia esculenta (L.) Schott] corms as partial substitutes for maize. Olajide, Rotimi; Akinsoyinu, A.O. Dec 1, 2015 4619
Validation of prediction equations of energy values of a single ingredient or their combinations in male broilers. Alvarenga, R.R.; Rodrigues, P.B.; Zangeronimo, M.G.; Oliveira, E.C.; Mariano, F.C.M.Q.; Lima, E.M.C. Report Sep 1, 2015 7186
Appl Anim Behav Sci.: Effects of different dietary protein levels during rearing and different dietary energy levels during lay on behaviour and feather cover in broiler breeder females. Van Emos, R; Kwakkel, R.; van Krimpen, M. Author abstract Sep 1, 2015 444
Effects of Phytosterols on Growth Performance and Fat Metabolism in Broilers. Report Feb 28, 2015 4832
Effects of light color on energy expenditure and behavior in broiler chickens. Kim, Nara; Lee, Sang-rak; Lee, Sang-Jin Report Jul 1, 2014 3448
Effects of dietary alpha-lipoic acid and acetyl-L-carnitine on growth performance and meat quality in arbor acres broilers. Zhang, Yong; Jia, Ru; Ji, Cheng; Ma, Qiugang; Huang, Jin; Yin, Haicheng; Liu, Laiting Report Jul 1, 2014 5143
Effects of two herbal extracts and virginiamycin supplementation on growth performance, intestinal microflora population and fatty acid composition in broiler chickens. Ramiah, Suriya Kumari; Zulkifli, Idrus; Rahim, Nordiana Asyikin Abdul; Ebrahimi, Mahdi; Meng, Goh Yo Report Mar 1, 2014 5353
Expression of potential regulatory genes in abdominal adipose tissue of broiler chickens during early development. Bohannon-Stewart, Ann; Kelley, Gary; Kimathi, Boniface; Subramanya, Sri Harsha K.V.; Donkor, Joseph; Report Jan 1, 2014 6072
Virulence genes content and antimicrobial resistance in Escherichia coli from broiler chickens. Mohamed, Moemen A.; Shehata, Mostafa A.; Rafeek, Elshimaa Report Jan 1, 2014 3491
Tissue residues, hematological and biochemical effects of tilmicosin in broiler chicken. Elsayed, Mossad; Elkomy, Ashraf; Aboubakr, Mohamed; Morad, Mohamed Report Jan 1, 2014 3626
Effects of housing systems on behaviour, performance and welfare of fast-growing broilers. Zhao, Zi-guang; Li, Jian-hong; Li, Xiang; Bao, Jun Report Jan 1, 2014 5145
Production Performance and Leg Abnormalities of Broilers as Affected by Different Feeding Manipulations. Ahmad, Fawwad; Mahmood, Sultan; Yousaf, Muhammad Report Dec 31, 2013 4537
Effects of Extreme Heat Stress on Growth Performance, Lymphoid Organ, IgG and Cecum Microflora of Broiler Chickens. Park, Sang-Oh; Hwangbo, Jong; Ryu, Chae-Min; Park, Byung-Sung; Chae, Hyun-Seok; Choi, Hee-Chul; Kang Report Dec 31, 2013 4381
Effect of Pigments with Different Origins on Pigmentation and Performance of Broilers. Tunio, Muhammad Tarique; Yang, Shuming; Chen, Zhijun; Zubair, Mohsina; Qiu, Jing; Zhao, Yan; Chen, G Report Dec 31, 2013 5752
Growth performance, carcass traits and serum mineral chemistry as affected by dietary sodium and sodium salts fed to broiler chickens reared under phase feeding system. Mushtaq, M.M.H.; Pasha, T.N.; Saima; Akram, M.; Mushtaq, T.; Parvin, R.; Farooq, U.; Mehmood, S.; Iq Report Nov 29, 2013 9241
Effect of Bacillus subtilis-based direct-fed microbials on immune status in broiler chickens raised on fresh or used litter. Lee, K.W.; Lillehoj, H.S.; Jang, S.I.; Lee, S.H.; Bautista, D.A.; Siragusa, G.R. Report Nov 1, 2013 3964
Effect of a Herbal Supplement Livol on the Growth Performance and Antibody Response Against Infectious Bursal Disease Virus in Broiler Chicks. Zahid, Beenish; Khan, Muti-ur-Rehman; Aslam, Asim; Durrani, Aneela Zameer; Alam, Sohaib; Saleem, Muh Report Oct 31, 2013 2965
Validation of prediction equations to estimate the energy values of feedstuffs for broilers: performance and carcass yield. Alvarenga, R.R.; Rodrigues, P.B.; Zangeronimo, M.G.; Makiyama, L.; Oliveira, E.C.; Freitas, R.T.F.; Report Oct 1, 2013 9597
Effects of low level water-soluble pentosans, alkaline-extractable pentosans, and xylanase on the growth and development of broiler chicks. Sheng, Q.K.; Yang, L.Q.; Zhao, H.B.; Wang, X.L.; Wang, K. Report Sep 1, 2013 7426
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Dietary alpha lipoic acid improves body composition, meat quality and decreases collagen content in muscle of broiler chickens. El Senousey, H.K.; Fouad, A.M.; Yao, J.H.; Zhang, Z.G.; Shen, Q.W. Report Mar 1, 2013 5679
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ASSOCIATION OF PEGANUM HARMALA L. SUPPLEMENTATION WITH LIVER FUNCTION TEST OF BROILER CHICKS. Tanweer, A.J.; Chand, N.; Khan, S.; Qureshi, M.S.; Sadique, U.; Akhtar, A.; Shakir, M.; Sultan, A.; Report Mar 31, 2012 3328
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The influence of dietary calcium and phosphorus imbalance on intestinal NaPi-IIb and calbindin mRNA expression and tibia parameters of broilers. Li, Jianhui; Yuan, Jianmin; Guo, Yuming; Sun, Qiujuan; Hu, Xiaofei Report Mar 13, 2012 4225
Peripheral Administration of the Human Kisspeptin-10 and 26RF- Amide Inhibits Plasma Testosterone Levels in the Adult Male Broiler Breeder Birds (Gallus domesticus). Wahab, Fazal; Riaz, Tanzeela; Khan, Latafat Amin; Leprince, Jerome; Vaudry, Hubert; Tena-Sempere, Ma Report Feb 29, 2012 4283
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Assessment of Hatching Traits of Four Different Commercial Broiler Breeder Strains: A Comparison and its Trends. Khattak, Farina Malik; Pasha, Talat Naseer; Akram, Muhammad; Usman, Muhammad Report Feb 29, 2012 2242
Sero-prevalence of Avian Influenza in Broiler Flocks in District Gujranwala (Pakistan). Cheema, Basharat Farooq; Siddique, Muhammad; Sharif, Aamir; Mansoor, Muhammad Khalid; Iqbal, Zafar Report Dec 31, 2011 5544
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Evaluation of different mycotoxin binders on broiler breeders induced with aflatoxin B1: effects on visceral organ weight and organ lesions parameters. Manafi, Milad Report Dec 1, 2011 3713
Evaluation of different mycotoxin binders on aflatoxin B1 (Aspergillus parasiticus) produced on Rice (Oriza sativa) on fertility, hatchability, embryonic mortality, residues in egg and semen quality. Manafi, Milad Report Dec 1, 2011 6295
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Inclusion of Honey Bee Slum Gum in Broiler Chicken Feed. Report Oct 31, 2011 4012
Dietary vitamin E influences the levels of nitric oxide and cytokines in broiler chickens. Xu, Jian-xiong; Chen, Xiao-lian; Wang, Jing; Wang, Tian Report Sep 28, 2011 5523
Broiler chicken's growth rate in three different nocturnal lighting regimes. Amakiri, Annie O.; Owen, Onyema J.; Etokeren, E.S. Report Sep 1, 2011 1623
Utilization of ensiled metabolizable mixture of cassava peel and caged layers' manure as energy source in broiler diets. Dairo, F.A.S. Report Sep 1, 2011 4547
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Evaluation of the effects of Natuphos on ileal protein digestibility, serum level of minerals, intestinal histology and performance of broiler chicks. Moemeni, P.; Pourreza, Javad; Fard, Ebrahim Rowghani Haghighi; Zamiri, Mohammad Javad Report Aug 1, 2011 3774
Effects of graded levels of poultry fat on performance and carcass traits in broilers. Nobakht, Ali Report Aug 1, 2011 3141
Comparative influence of using different level of Tanacetum balsamita with probiotic on performance and serum composition of broiler chickens. Mansoub, Navid Hosseini Report Aug 1, 2011 2412
Effect of nettle (Urtica dioica) on performance, quality of eggs and blood parameters of laying hens. Mansoub, Navid Hosseini Report Aug 1, 2011 2222
Growth performance, meat quality and caecal coliform bacteria count of broiler chicks fed diet with green tea extract. Erener, Guray; Ocak, Nuh; Altop, Aydin; Cankaya, Soner; Aksoy, Hasan Murat; Ozturk, Ergin Report Aug 1, 2011 6031
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INFLUENCE OF WATER RESTRICTION ON THE HEMATOLOGY OF BROILERS. Mustafa, Yasser Saleem; Muneer, M.A.; Muneer, Rahat Report Jun 30, 2011 1764
ROLE OF HERBAL POLYSACCHARIDES AS GROWTH PROMOTERS IN BROILERS. Zafar, M.; Anjum, A.A.; Qamar, M.F.; Najeeb, M.I.; Maqbool, A. Report Jun 30, 2011 2160
Influence of organic selenium source on carcass characteristics and oxidative stability of meat of male broilers. Hosseini-Mansoub, Navid Report Jun 1, 2011 2727
Survey of ascite syndrome prevalence on ROSS broilers treated with peppermint extraction (Mentha Piperita). Feizi, Adel; Nazeri, Mehrdad Report Jun 1, 2011 1907
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Comparitive effect of butyric acid and probiotic on performance and serum composition of broiler chickens. Mansoub, Navid Hosseini Report May 1, 2011 2048
Age-related changes in the percentage content of edible and non-edible components in broiler chickens. Murawska, Daria; Kleczek, Katarzyna; Wawro, Kazimierz; Michalik, Danuta Report Mar 12, 2011 4366
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Evaluation of growth performance of broiler chicks fed with diet containing chickpea seeds supplemented with exogenous commercial enzymes. Torki, Mehran Report Mar 1, 2011 7753
Effect of excessive vitamin A on alkaline phosphatase activity and concentrations of calcium-binding protein and bone gla-protein in culture medium and CaBP mRNA expression in osteoblasts of broiler chickens. Guo, Xiaoyu; Yan, Sumei; Shi, Binlin; Feng, Yongmiao Report Jan 13, 2011 4768
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Effects of dietary wild-ginseng adventitious root meal on growth performance, blood profiles, relative organ weight and meat quality in broiler chickens. Yan, L.; Meng, Q.W.; Lee, J.H.; Wang, J.P.; Kim, I.H. Report Jan 13, 2011 4318
Compared between anise seeds (Pimpinella anisum L.) and Roselle flowers (hibiscussabdariffa) by their affected on production performance of broiler. Hamodi, Sunbul J.; Khalani, Firas Al- M. Report Jan 1, 2011 2236
Effects of Dietary Inclusion of Sodium Bentonite on Biochemical Characteristics of Blood Serum in Broiler Chickens. Report Dec 31, 2010 3673
Effects of strain on performance, and age at slaughter and duration of post-chilling aging on meat quality traits of broiler. Abdullah, Abdullah Y.; Muwalla, Marwan M.; Maharmeh, Haitham O.; Matarneh, Sulaiman K.; Ishmais, Maj Report Nov 30, 2010 8957
Comparison of Source and Levels of Sodium in Broilers under Low Temperature Conditions. Report Aug 31, 2010 3070
The effects of replacing inorganic with a lower level of organically complexed minerals (Cu, Zn and Mn) in broiler diets on lipid peroxidation and antioxidant defense systems. Aksu, Devrim Saripinar; Aksu, Taylan; Ozsoy, Bulent; Baytok, Erol Report Jul 15, 2010 5123
Effect of Low Levels of Dietary Crude Protein with Constant Metabolizable Energy on Nitrogen Excretion, Litter Composition and Blood Parameters of Broilers. Report May 31, 2010 4378
The digestibility of organic trace minerals along the small intestine in broiler chickens. Bao, Y.M.; Choct, M.; Iji, P.A.; Bruerton, K. Report Mar 23, 2010 5817
The effect of stocking density on stress related genes and telomeric length in broiler chickens. Beloor, J.; Kang, H.K.; Kim, Y.J.; Subramani, V.K.; Jang, I.S.; Sohn, S.H.; Moon, Y.S. Report Mar 11, 2010 3562
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Effect of qualitative and quantitative feed restriction on growth performance and immune function in broiler chickens. Jang, I.S.; Kang, S.Y.; Ko, Y.H.; Moon, Y.S.; Sohn, S.H. Report Mar 1, 2009 6419
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Effects of feed particle size and feed form on growth performance, nutrient metabolizability and intestinal morphology in broiler chickens. Zang, J.J.; Piao, X.S.; Huang, D.S.; Wang, J.J.; Ma, X.; Ma, Y.X. Report Jan 1, 2009 4501
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Corticosterone administration alters small intestinal morphology and function of broiler chickens. Hu, Xiaofei; Guo, Yuming Report Dec 1, 2008 4754
Effects of poultry offal meal and soyabean meal mixtures on the performance and carcass quality of broiler chicks. Bolu, S.A.; Adakeja, A. Report Dec 1, 2008 2501
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Effect of gamma irradiation on anti nutritional factors and nutritional value of canola meal for broiler chickens. Gharaghani, Hossein; Zaghari, Mojtaba; Shahhosseini, Gholamreza; Moravej, Hossein Report Oct 1, 2008 5670
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Biological effectiveness of methionine hydroxy-analogue calcium salt in relation to DL-methionine in broiler chickens. Elwert, C.; de Abreu Fernandes, E.; Lemme, A. Report Oct 1, 2008 7491
Improved broiler chick performance by dietary supplementation of organic zinc sources. Jahanian, Rahman; Moghaddam, Hasan Nassiri; Rezaei, Abbas Report Sep 1, 2008 5898
Carcass variables and chemical composition of commercial broiler chickens and the red jungle fowl. Rahayu, H.S. Iman; Zulkifli, I.; Vidyadaran, M.K.; Alimon, A.R.; Babjee, S.A. Report Sep 1, 2008 6267
Effect of acute heat stress on heat shock protein 70 and its corresponding mRNA expression in the heart, liver, and kidney of broilers. Yu, Jimian; Bao, Endong Report Aug 1, 2008 8529
Growth performance and antibody response of broiler chicks fed yeast derived [beta]-glucan and single-strain probiotics. An, B.K.; Cho, B.L.; You, S.J.; Paik, H.D.; Chang, H.I.; Kim, S.W.; Yun, C.W.; Kang, C.W. Report Jul 1, 2008 4478
Effect of measured energy restriction and age intervals on growth, nutrient digestibility, carcass parameters, bone characteristics and stress in broiler breeders during the rearing period. Sunder, G. Shyam; Kumar, Ch. Vijaya; Panda, A.K.; Gopinath, N.C.S.; Raju, M.V.L.N.; Rao, S.V. Rama; Report Jul 1, 2008 7314
Effect of thyroid hormones on the redox balance of broiler chickens. H., Lin; Decuypere, E.; Buyse, J. Report Jun 1, 2008 6046
Effects of supplementing different levels of a commercial enzyme complex on performance, nutrient availability, enzyme activity and gut morphology of broilers. Jiu, Yuan; Junhu, Yao; Fengxia, Yang; Xiaodan, Yang; Xinjie, Wan; Jincheng, Han; Yaojie, Wang; Xinke Report May 1, 2008 6658
Nutritive and economic values of corn distiller's dried grains with solubles in broiler diets. Choi, H.S.; Lee, H.L.; Shin, M.H.; Jo, Cheorun; Lee, S.K.; Lee, B.D. Report Mar 1, 2008 4668
The modulating effect of [beta]-1, 3/1, 6-glucan supplementation in the diet on performance and immunological responses of broiler chickens *. Zhang, Bo; Guo, Yuming; Wang, Zhong Report Feb 1, 2008 6522
Effects of breeder age and stocking density on performance, carcass characteristics and some stress parameters of broilers. Onbasilar, E.E.; Poyraz O.; Cetin, S. Report Feb 1, 2008 7880
Effects of different levels of supplementary alpha-amylase on digestive enzyme activities and pancreatic amylase mRNA expression of young broilers *. Jiang, Zhengyu; Zhou, Yanmin; Lu, Fuzeng; Han, Zhaoyu; Wang, Tian Report Jan 1, 2008 4813
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Effects of replacing soy-oil with soy-lecithin on growth performance, nutrient utilization and serum parameters of broilers fed corn-based diets *. Huang, Jin; Yang, Dandan; Wang, Tian Report Dec 1, 2007 6430
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Metabolic and digestive responses to artificial selection in chickens. Jackson, Sue; Diamond, Jared Aug 1, 1996 6919

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