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Belgium,Germany : The Court confirms that a number of health claims relating to glucose cannot be authorised. Jun 10, 2017 416
Perfluoroalkyl substances during pregnancy and offspring weight and adiposity at birth: examining mediation by maternal fasting glucose in the healthy start study. Starling, Anne P.; Adgate, John L.; Hamman, Richard F.; Kechris, Katerina; Calafat, Antonia M.; Ye, Jun 1, 2017 10669
Mammary alveolar cell as in vitro evaluation system for casein gene expression involved in glucose level. Heo, Young Tae; Ha, Woo Tae; Lee, Ran; Lee, Won-Young; Jeong, Ha Yeon; Hwang, Kyu Chan; Song, Hyuk Jun 1, 2017 4132
Morphological, cultural, physiological and biochemical characteristics of bacterial pustule of soybean caused by Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. glycines. Lambani, Kumar; Jahagirdar, Shamarao Report Jun 1, 2017 2311
Effect Of carbon sources on bacillus sp.R2 chitinase production. Cheba, Ben Amar; Zaghloul, Taha Ibrahim; EL-Mahdy, Ahmad Rafik; EL-Massry, Mohamad Hisham Report May 1, 2017 3069
Glucose promotes resistance in lymphocytes against oxidative stress-induced apoptosis through signaling and metabolic pathways. Implications for Parkinson's disease/La glucosa promueve la resistencia en linfocitos contra el estres oxidativo que induce apoptosis a traves de rutas de senalizacion y metabolica. Impacto en la enfermedad de Parkinson.... Bonilla-Ramirez, Leonardo; Jimenez-Del-Rio, Marlene; Velez-Pardo, Carlos Apr 1, 2017 6655
Effects of dietary carbohydrate sources on growth and body composition of juvenile abalone (Haliotis discus, Reeve). Lee, Ki Wook; Kim, Hyeon Jong; Kim, Hee Sung; Choi, Dong Gyu; Jang, Bok Il; Cho, Sung Hwoan; Min, By Report Apr 1, 2017 5876
Effects of periconception cadmium and mercury co-administration to mice on indices of chronic diseases in male offspring at maturity. Camsari, Cagri; Folger, Joseph K.; McGee, Devin; Bursian, Steven J.; Wang, Hongbing; Knott, Jason G. Report Apr 1, 2017 7920
Effects of starvation on lipid metabolism and gluconeogenesis in yak. Yu, Xiaoqiang; Peng, Quanhui; Luo, Xiaolin; An, Tianwu; Guan, Jiuqiang; Wang, Zhisheng Report Nov 1, 2016 4477
TransGen RNA: Transgenerational regulation of glucose metabolism by noncoding RNAs. Oct 8, 2016 399
ImmunoBile: Bile acid, immune-metabolism, lipid and glucose homeostasis. Jul 30, 2016 377
Performance and metabolism of calves fed starter feed containing sugarcane molasses or glucose syrup as a replacement for corn. Oltramari, C.E.; Napoles, G.G.O.; De Paula, M.R.; Silva, J.T.; Gallo, M.P.C.; Pasetti, M.H.O.; Bitta Report Jul 1, 2016 5825
Physiological and hematological responses of Nile tilapia (Oreochromis Niloticus) to different anesthetics during simulated transport conditions/Resposta fisiologica de tilapia do Nilo (Oreochromis niloticus), sobre diferentes anestesicos em situacao de transporte. Navarro, Rodrigo Diana; de Franca, Rafael Paiva; Paludo, Giane Regina; Bizarro, Yvonaldo Wlademir Sa Jul 1, 2016 4083
Sugar toxicity: a silent epidemic: a view from the trenches of daily primary integrative medical praxis. Edwards, David A.; Malik, Jean; Espig, Edna; Morillo, Renoir; Bryant, Erika; Ludahl, Jesusa May 1, 2016 5171
Effect of supplemental corn dried distillers grains with solubles fed to beef steers grazing native rangeland during the forage dormant season. Murillo, M.; Herrera, E.; Ruiz, O.; Reyes, O.; Carrete, F.O.; Gutierrez, H. Report May 1, 2016 5823
Effects of rice straw supplemented with urea and molasses on intermediary metabolism of plasma glucose and Leucine in sheep. Alam, Mohammad Khairul; Ogata, Yasumichi; Sato, Yukari; Sano, Hiroaki Report Mar 23, 2016 5283
AD brain changes may beat symptoms by 20 years. Sullivan, Michele G. Mar 1, 2016 984
Effects of in utero exposure to arsenic during the second half of gestation on reproductive end points and metabolic parameters in female CD-1 mice. Rodriguez, Karina F.; Ungewitter, Erica K.; Crespo-Mejias, Yasmin; Liu, Chang; Nicol, Barbara; Kissl Report Mar 1, 2016 7786
PROLONGBILESIGNALING: Improving Metabolism via Prolonged Bile Acid Signallingtargeting hepatic bile acid uptake to fight metabolic diseases. Feb 15, 2016 470
Do glucagonomas always produce glucagon? Albrechtsen, Nicolai Jacob Wewer; Challis, Benjamin G.; Damjanov, Ivan; Holst, Jens Juul Feb 1, 2016 4407
Insulin resistance linked to decreased brain metabolism. Karon, Amy Feb 1, 2016 390
Physiological roles of adipokines, hepatokines, and myokines in ruminants. Roh, Sang-Gun; Suzuki, Yutaka; Gotoh, Takafumi; Tatsumi, Ryuichi; Katoh, Kazuo Report Jan 1, 2016 11521
Association of roadway proximity with fasting plasma glucose and metabolic risk factors for cardiovascular disease in a cross-sectional study of cardiac catheterization patients. Ward-Caviness, Cavin K.; Kraus, William E.; Blach, Colette; Haynes, Carol S.; Dowdy, Elaine; Miranda Report Oct 1, 2015 7664
Carbohydrate intake for peak performance: practical guidelines for the endurance athlete. Mayo, Jerry J. Sep 22, 2015 2102
Responses to starch infusion on milk synthesis in low yield lactating dairy cows. Zou, Yang; Yang, Zhanshan; Guo, Yongqing; Li, Shengli; Cao, Zhijun Report Sep 1, 2015 5292
VeroScience Continues Clinical Evaluation of Bromocriptine-QR (Cycloset) and Neurophysiological Investigations of Brain Dopamine Regulation of Metabolism with Eight Papers Presented at the 2015 American Diabetes Association Conference. Conference news Jun 6, 2015 945
Cancer and its strange metabolism. Moss, Ralph May 1, 2015 2455
Study Indicates Cancer Cells Alter Glucose Metabolism to Enhance Energy Production and Cell Growth. Apr 27, 2015 561
Effect of high dietary carbohydrate on the growth performance, blood chemistry, hepatic enzyme activities and growth hormone gene expression of Wuchang bream (Megalobrama amblycephala) at two temperatures. Zhou, Chuanpeng; Ge, Xianping; Liu, Bo; Xie, Jun; Chen, Ruli; Ren, Mingchun Report Jan 15, 2015 6659
[sup.18]f-fluorideoxyglucose positron emission tomography/computed tomography imaging: artifacts and pitfalls /Pozitronska emisiona tomografija/kompjuterizovana tomografija sa [sup.18]f-fluorodeoksiglukozom: artefaktiigreske uinterpretacijinalaza. Mihailovic, Jasna; Matovina, Emil; Nikoletic, Katarina Report Jan 1, 2015 4471
Resveratrol improves memory and glucose metabolism in older men and women. Brief article Dec 1, 2014 195
AINIGMA: Analysing Intravital Neuronal Protein Interactions in Metabolism and Apoptosis. Nov 13, 2014 297
Supply of laboratory equipment, tests and platelet immunochromatography kits for rapid differentiation of glucose metabolism. Oct 30, 2014 228
Variation of biological markers under hot and cold seasons in goats. Nawel, Aouaidjia; Abdennour, Cherif; Ouanes, Ilhem Report Oct 1, 2014 5286
Traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions enhance growth performance of heat stressed beef cattle by relieving heat stress responses and increasing apparent nutrient digestibility. Song, Xiaozhen; Luo, Junrong; Fu, Daibo; Zhao, Xianghui; Bunlue, Kornmatitsuk; Xu, Zhensong; Qu, Min Report Sep 17, 2014 6069
Comparative study of lipoprotein (a) and lipid profile in chronic kidney disease patients with hemodialysis and without hemodialysis. Lakshmi, P. Mohana; Silambanan, Santhi Report Sep 11, 2014 3499
The creatine peak administration do not alter glucose homeostasis and decreases food intake in rats/O uso de creatina pico nao altera a homeostase glicemica e diminui a ingestao alimentar de ratos. Vieira, Roberto Carlos, Jr.; de Araujo, Michel Barbosa; Costa, Marcelo, Jr.; Dalia, Rodrigo Augusto; Sep 1, 2014 3920
Changes in hematological, biochemical and non-specific immune parameters of olive flounder, paralichthys olivaceus, following starvation. Kim, Jong-Hyun; Jeong, Min Hwan; Jun, Je-Cheon; Kim, Tae-Ik Report Sep 1, 2014 6659
Effects of recombinant human growth hormone therapy on carbohydrate lipid and protein metabolisms of children with Turner syndrome. Report Aug 31, 2014 2718
Long Childhood Feeds Hungry Human Brain. Aug 26, 2014 658
University students' cardiovascular risk factors and their relationship with body composition/Factores de riesgo cardiovascular y su relacion con la composicion corporal en estudiantes universitarios. Zea-Robles, Aura C.; Leon-Ariza, Henry H.; Botero-Rosas, Daniel A.; Afanador-Castaneda, Hugo D.; Pin Aug 1, 2014 4185
Effect of total Khaya senegalensis (Meliaceae) barks extracts on hepatic liberation of glucose. Takin, M.; Ahokpe, M.; Zohoun, L.; Assou, E.; Aivodji, N.; Agossou, E.; Sezan, A. Jul 1, 2014 3614
Effects of Acanthopanax senticosus polysaccharide supplementation on growth performance, immunity, blood parameters and expression of pro-inflammatory cytokines genes in challenged weaned piglets. Han, Jie; Bian, Lianquan; Liu, Xianjun; Zhang, Fei; Zhang, Yiran; Yu, Ning Report Jul 1, 2014 6883
The influence of serial carbohydrate mouth rinsing on power output during a cycle sprint. Phillips, Shaun M.; Findlay, Scott; Kavaliauskas, Mykolas; Grant, Marie Clare Report Jun 1, 2014 5743
Low plasma glucose with normal finger-stick glucose. Basu, Sankha S.; Johncilla, Melanie; Melanson, Stacy E.; Jarolim, Petr Jun 1, 2014 454
Cell metabolism discovery could lead to treatments for cancer, common cold. Jun 1, 2014 161
Effect of tangeretin, a polymethoxylated flavone on glucose metabolism in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats. Sundaram, Ramalingam; Shanthi, Palanivelu; Sachdanandam, Panchanatham Report May 15, 2014 6292
A study of HB A1C, alanine transaminase (ALT), aspartate transaminase (AST) and alkaline phosphtase (ALP) levels in acute and chronic liver diseases. Babji, S. Narasimha Rao; Santhisree, M. Report Apr 28, 2014 2371
In natura or reduced antinutrients forms of crambe meal in the silver catfish diet/Farelo de crambe nas formas in natura ou reduzida em antinutrientes na dieta do jundia. Pretto, Alexandra; da Silva, Leila Picolli; Neto, Joao Radunz; Nunes, Lucas Mesquita da Costa; de Fr Apr 1, 2014 4871
DHEA and non-alcoholic fat liver disease: increased gene expression of peroxisome proliferation-activated receptor [gamma] (PPAR[gamma]) and fatty acid synthase (FAS)/DHEA e doenca gordurosa hepatica nao-alcoolica: aumento na expressao genica do peroxisome proliferation-activated receptor [gamma] (PPAR[gamma]) e acido graxo sintase (FAS). Almeida, Felipe Natali; Andrade, Maynara Lucca; Moreira, Gabriela Virginia; Camporez, Joao Paulo Gab Apr 1, 2014 3299
Increased calcaneal spur frequency in patients with obesity and type-2 diabetes mellitus/Obez ve tip-2 diabetes mellituslu hastalarda artmis kalkaneal spur sikligi. Aydogdu, Aydogan; Akbulut, Halil; Ege, Tolga; Tasci, Ilker; Ertugrul, Derun; Aydogan, Umit; Taslipin Report Mar 1, 2014 3367
Development of a phosphatase activity assay using excised plant roots. Das, Jaya; Comerford, Nicholas; Wright, David; Marois, Jim; Mackowiak, Cheryl Report Mar 1, 2014 6959
Effects of fermented rooibos (Aspalathus linearis) on adipocyte differentiation. Sanderson, Micheline; Mazibuko, Sithandiwe E.; Joubert, Elizabeth; Beer, Dalene de; Johnson, Rabia; Report Jan 15, 2014 4345
Deletion of the Lmna gene induces growth delay and serum biochemical changes in C57BL/6 mice. Ruan, J.; Liu, X.G.; Zheng, H.L.; Li, J.B.; Xiong, X.D.; Zhang, C.L.; Luo, C.Y.; Zhou, Z.J.; Shi, Q. Report Jan 1, 2014 4802
Modulation of the somatotropic axis in periparturient dairy cows. Kim, Jin Wook Report Jan 1, 2014 4609
Effects of resistance training on binge eating, body composition and blood variables in type II diabetics/Efeitos do treinamento resistido sobre a compulsao alimentar, composicao corporal e variaveis sanguineas em diabeticos tipo II. de Sousa, Moises Simao Santa Rosa; dos Reis, Victor Manuel Machado; Novaes, Jefferson da Silva; de S Jan 1, 2014 7008
The impact of Vitamin D replacement on Glucose Metabolism. Clinical report Dec 31, 2013 2837
Revisiting lactic acid confusion. Nov 1, 2013 1182
Hops a hope for high BMI. Finney-Brown, Tessa Sep 1, 2013 449
Effects of sugar consumption on human behavior and performance. Flora, Stephen Ray; Polenick, Courtney Allyn Jun 22, 2013 6633
Taurine supplementation prevents morpho-physiological alterations in high-fat diet mice pancreatic B-cells. Brief article Jun 1, 2013 269
Addition of Jundia waste meal in diet: plasmatic biochemistry, hepatic and digestive parameters/Incorporacao de farinhas de residuos de Jundia na dieta: bioquimica plasmatica, parametros hepaticos e digestivos. Rossato, Suzete; Pretto, Alexandra; de Freitas, Isadora Liberalesso; Battisti, Eduardo Kelm; Lazzari Jun 1, 2013 5256
Modulatory effect of green tea extract on hepatic key enzymes of glucose metabolism in streptozotocin and high fat diet induced diabetic rats. Sundaram, Ramalingam; Naresh, Rajendran; Shanthi, Palanivelu; Sachdanandam, Panchanatham Report May 15, 2013 7343
Epicardial adipose tissue: a review of physiology, pathophysiology, and clinical applications/Epikardiyal yag dokusu: fizyoloji, patofizyoloji ve klinik uygulamalar hakkinda bir derleme. Sengul, Cihan; Ozveren, Olcay Report May 1, 2013 3957
Section V: Biomedical Sciences Bailey Science Center, room 3017 Seyed H. Hosseini, presiding. Conference notes Mar 22, 2013 2907
Renal denervation improves glucose metabolism: improvement in obstructive sleep apnea is another observed collateral benefit seen with the procedure. Worcester, Sharon Mar 1, 2013 1196
Metabolic complications of schizophrenia and antipsychotic medications--an updated review. Yogaratnam, J.; Biswas, N.; Vadivel, R.; Jacob, R. Mar 1, 2013 5111
Comparison of clinical and CSF profiles in children with tuberculous and pyogenic meningitis; role of CSF protein: glucose ratio as diagnostic marker of tuberculous meningitis. Report Feb 28, 2013 3486
Efficacy of asiatic acid, a pentacyclic triterpene on attenuating the key enzymes activities of carbohydrate metabolism in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats. Ramachandran, Vinayagam; Saravanan, Ramalingam Report Feb 15, 2013 5320
Prospective study on the role of glucose metabolism in breast cancer occurrence. Brief article Feb 1, 2013 231
The effects of fructose and glucose on satiety. Report Jan 1, 2013 424
Brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) in cardiometabolic physiology and diseases/Kardiyometabolik fizyoloji ve hastaliklarda beyinden turemis norotrofik faktor (BDNF). Tasci, Ilker; Kabul, Hasan Kutsi; Aydogdu, Aydogan Dec 1, 2012 4141
Evaluation of cuticular wax deposition, stomata and carbohydrate of wheat leaves for screening drought tolerance. Elham, Faghani; Khavari-Nejad, Ramzan Ali; Salekdeh, Ghasem Hosseini; Najafi, Farzaneh Report Dec 1, 2012 3078
Myostatin and its role in the regulation of muscle mass and metabolism. Lutoslawska, Grazyna; Tkaczyk, Joanna; Keska, Anna Report Dec 1, 2012 7618
Liv.52 up-regulates cellular antioxidants and increase glucose uptake to circumvent oleic acid induced hepatic steatosis in HepG2 cells. Vidyashankar, Satyakumar; Kumar, Sharath L.M.; Barooah, Vandana; Varma, Sandeep R.; Nandakumar, Kris Report Oct 15, 2012 7378
Simply tasting sugary drink can boost your willpower. Oct 14, 2012 549
Link between Hormone Levels, Risk for Metabolic Disease Uncovered. Clinical report Aug 16, 2012 769
International Group of Researchers Look at Important Role of Glucose Transporters. Conference notes Jul 6, 2012 578
Modulating effects of chlorogenic acid on lipids and glucose metabolism and expression of hepatic peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-alpha in golden hamsters fed on high fat diet. Author abstract Jul 1, 2012 243
Efficacy of 20-OH-ecdysone on hepatic key enzymes of carbohydrate metabolism in streptozotocin induced diabetic rats. Sundaram, Ramalingam; Naresh, Rajendran; Shanthi, Palanivelu; Sachdanandam, Panchanatham Report Jun 15, 2012 5116
A randomized, controlled, three-arm, open-label, cross-over bioequivalence study comparing calcium acetate oral solution and calcium acetate gelcaps in healthy volunteers. Diaz-Buxo, Jose A.; Greenberg, Jonathan; Ho, Chiang-Hong; Howson, Laura; Sergeyeva, Olga; Hinsu, Pun Clinical report Jun 1, 2012 4216
Cardioprotection from metabolism to molecules to certainties. Opie, Lionel H. Report Jun 1, 2012 1763
Testosterone supplementation in men with type 2 diabetes, visceral obesity and partial androgen deficiency. Brief article Jun 1, 2012 247
Modulation of fatty acids oxidation in heart failure by selective pharmacological inhibition of 3-ketoacyl coenzyme-a Thiolase. Brief article Apr 1, 2012 175
The antianginal drug trimetazidine shifts cardiac energy metabolism from fatty acid oxidation to glucose oxidation by inhibiting mitochondrial long-chain 3-ketoacyl coenzyme a thiolase. Report Apr 1, 2012 428
Isolation and identification of Ice-nucleating--active bacteria and their antagonistic bacteria from pistachio trees in Rafsanjan Region. Rostami, Mahdieh Report Apr 1, 2012 4021
Cell-signaling pathway plays key role in development of gestational diabetes. Mar 17, 2012 432
Pivotal Data Demonstrating Efficacy of Plenadren[R] (Hydrocortisone, Modified Release Tablet) in Adrenal Insufficiency Published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism. Feb 16, 2012 1690
Polycystic ovarian syndrome: a natural treatment approach. Marchese, Marianne Clinical report Feb 1, 2012 2409
Effects of the aqueous extract of white tea (Camellia sinensis) in a streptozotocin-induced diabetes model of rats. Islam, Shahidul Report Dec 15, 2011 5847
Aryl hydrocarbon receptor deficiency enhances insulin sensitivity and reduces PPAR-[alpha] pathway activity in mice. Wang, Chun; Xu, Can-Xin; Krager, Stacey L.; Bottum, Kathleen M.; Liao, Duan-Fang; Tischkau, Shelley Report Dec 1, 2011 5036
Disfuncion mitocondrial en el trastorno bipolar: lecciones de las imagenes cerebrales y los marcadores moleculares. Minuzzi, Luciano; Antonio Behr, Guilherme; Fonseca Moreira, Jose Claudio; N. Frey, Benicio Oct 1, 2011 7086
Role of 'unisex' hormone in glucose and fat metabolism explained. Sep 30, 2011 292
Dietary protein restriction alters lipid metabolism and insulin sensitivity in rats. Kang, W.; Lee, M.S.; Baik, M. Report Sep 1, 2011 3594
Bone health. Report Aug 1, 2011 2765
Metabolic features of clear-cell renal cell carcinoma: mechanisms and clinical implications. Pinthus, Jehonathan H.; Whelan, Kaitlyn F.; Gallino, Daniel; Lu, Jian-Ping; Rothschild, Nathan Report Aug 1, 2011 7422
Well-functioning cell mitochondria promote good health. Chowanadisai, Winyoo; Shenoy, Sonia F.; Sharman, Edward; Keen, Carl L.; Liu, Jiankang; Rucker, Rober Report Jul 1, 2011 3330
Influence of dietary starch and cellulose levels on the metabolic profile and apparent digestibility in penaeoid shrimp/Influencia del nivel de almidon y celulosa en la dieta sobre el perfil metabolico y digestibilidad aparente en camarones penaeoideos. Velurtas, Susana Maria; Diaz, Ana Cristina; Fernandez-Gimenez, Analia Veronica; Fenucci, Jorge Lino Report Jul 1, 2011 5764
Indicadores bioquimicos del balance energetico en el Periparto de vacas Brahman en pastoreo en el tropico Colombiano. Alonso Villa, Nestor; Mateo Osorio, Juan; Escobar, Diana; Ceballos, Alejandro Jul 1, 2011 4371
Sucrose synthase, ADP-glucose pyrophosphorylase and aldolase levels in relation to grain development of wheat. Houshmandfar, Alireza; Asli, Davood Eradatmand; Eghdami, Anoosh Report Jun 1, 2011 2856
Effect of amantadine on serum glucose in native poultry. Mirhadi, Khayatnouri; Bahram, AmouoghliTabrizi; Alireza, Yagoobnegad; Saeid, Safarmashaei Report Jun 1, 2011 1544
Bitter melon: sweet solution for diabetes? Report Jun 1, 2011 484
Ellagitannins from Phyllanthus muellerianus (Kuntze) Exell.: geraniin and furosin stimulate cellular activity, differentiation and collagen synthesis of human skin keratinocytes and dermal fibroblasts. Agyare, Christian; Lechtenberg, Matthias; Deters, Alexandra; Petereit, Frank; Hensel, Andreas May 15, 2011 6713
The effect of energy supplementation on intake and utilisation efficiency of urea-treated low-quality roughage in sheep I. rumen digestion and feed intake. Migwi, P.K.; Godwin, I.; Nolan, J.V.; Kahn, L.P. Report May 1, 2011 9021
Hematopoietic measures in German shepherd dogs following Alloxan induced diabetes mellitus. Valilou, Mohammadreza; Shayegh, Jalal; Eshratkhah, Behrad; Lotfi, Alireza Report May 1, 2011 1817
New trends in physical activity and it's clinical intervention in the treatment and prevention of metabolic syndrome/Novas tendencias da atividade fisica e sua intervencao clinica no tratamento e prevencao da sindrome metabolica. Cuquetto, Douglas Colombi; do Amaral, Fabian Tadeu May 1, 2011 5676
Seasonal influence on biochemical profile and serum protein electrophoresis for Boa constrictor amarali in captivity/Influencia sazonal sobre o perfil bioquimico e a eletroforese de proteinas sericas de Boa constrictor amarali criada em cativeiro. Silva, L.F.N.; Riani-Costa, C.C.M.; Ramos, P.R.R.; Takahira, R.K. May 1, 2011 2310
Effect of Glucose Supplementation in Skim Milk Diluter on Motility, Plasma Membrane and Acrosomal Integrity of Nili-Ravi - Buffalo Bull Spermatozoa Stored at 5degC. Report Apr 30, 2011 1800
Cellular phones and brain glucose metabolism. Mar 22, 2011 115
Cell phones raised brain glucose metabolism. Moon, Mary Ann Mar 15, 2011 654
The effect of acute total sleep deprivation on energy metabolism/Akut tam uyku yoksunlugunun enerji metabolizmasi uzerine etkileri. Caliyurt, Okan; Cakir Edis, Ebru; Altiay, Gundeniz Report Mar 1, 2011 3580
Identification of some biologically active compounds in the hemolymph of honey-bee (Apis mellifera carpatica) by chemical and chromatographical means. Nicolae-Daniel, Condur; Petruiga, Dumitru; Iga, Sylvia; Nicolae, Velicu; Petrut, Tanase; Duica, Flor Report Mar 1, 2011 914
Prognostic value of TIMI frame count in patients with metabolic syndrome/ Metabolik sendromlu hastalarda TIMI kare sayisinin prognostik degeri. Mammadov, Vusal; Kirilmaz, Bahadir; Yildiz, Hicran; Dashdemirov, Rafael; Mahmudov, Rashad; Bakhshali Report Mar 1, 2011 6023
Scientific Review Concludes Consuming Glucosamine Does Not Affect Glucose Metabolism. Jan 25, 2011 377
Correlacoes entre atividade inseticida e resistencia a proteolise de duas lectinas vegetais glicose/manose. Teixeira de Freitas, Cleverson Diniz; Ramos, Marcio Viana; Souza, Diego Pereira; Marinho-Filho, Jose Report Jan 1, 2011 4692
Primer reporte de la mancha bacteriana en parchita (Passiflora edulis Sims f. flavicarpa) en Venezuela. Escalona, Yoleidy; Contreras, Nancy Report Jan 1, 2011 3334
The passion fruit on hepatocytes morphometry of Nile tilapia/O extrato de maracuja sobre a morfometria de hepatocitos da tilapia do Nilo. de Oliveira, Ricardo Henrique Franco; Pereira-da-Silva, Elyara Maria; Bueno, Rachel Santos; Barone, Dec 1, 2010 3606
Effect of silymarin on kidneys of rats suffering from alloxan-induced diabetes mellitus. Soto, C.; Perez, J.; Garcia, V.; Uria, E.; Vadillo, M.; Raya, L. Report Dec 1, 2010 3529
Effect of the addition of [beta]-hydroxybutyrate to chemically defined maturation medium on the nuclear maturation, sperm penetration and embryonic development of porcine oocytes in vitro. Endo, R.; Ishii, A.; Nakanishi, A.; Nabenishi, H.; Ashizawa, K.; Tsuzuki, Y. Report Nov 1, 2010 4393
Physiological response and performance of tambaqui fed with diets supplemented with Amazonian nut/ Respostas fisiologicas e desempenho do tambaqui alimentado com dietas suplementadas com castanha da Amazonia. Santos, Marcio Quara de Carvalho; Oishi, Cesar Augusto; Filho, Manoel Pereira; Lima, Mariana do Amar Oct 1, 2010 3243
Nuevas terapias en hemodialisis: HFR aequilibrium: premio bellco a la investigacion en terapias de hemofiltracion. Alvarez Serrano, Ma. Dolores; Ludena Garcia, Ma. Jose; Arnau Vives, Ma. Jose Report Oct 1, 2010 1614
Effect of dietary antioxidant and energy density on performance and anti-oxidative status of transition cows. Wang, Y.M.; Wang, J.H.; Wang, C.; Wang, J.K.; Chen, B.; Liu, J.X.; Cao, H.; Guo, F.C. Report Sep 21, 2010 6132
Bisphenol a exposure during pregnancy disrupts glucose homeostasis in mothers and adult male offspring. Alonso-Magdalena, Paloma; Vieira, Elaine; Soriano, Sergi; Menes, Lorena; Burks, Deborah; Quesada, Iv Report Sep 1, 2010 7235
Baicalin, a flavonoid from Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi, activates large-conductance [Ca.sup.2+] -activated [K.sup.+] channels via cyclic nucleotide-dependent protein kinases in mesenteric artery. Lin, Yi-Ling; Dai, Zen-Kong; Lin, Rong-Jyh; Chu, Koung-Shing; Chen, Ing-Jun; Wu, Jiunn-Ren; Wu, Bin- Report Aug 1, 2010 5938
Physiological responses of brown crab (Cancer pagurus Linnaeus 1758) to dry storage under conditions simulating vitality stressors. Woll, Astrid K.; Larssen, Wenche E.; Fossen, Inge Report Aug 1, 2010 7369
Energy metabolism and fasting in male and female insectivorous bats Molossus molossus (Chiroptera: Molossidae)/Metabolismo energetico e resposta ao jejum em morcegos insetivoros Molossus molossus (Chirpotera: Molossidae). Freitas, M.B.; Goulart, L.S.; Barros, M.S.; Morais, D.B.; Amaral, T.S.; Matta, S.L.P. Aug 1, 2010 3073
Zafgen Presents Data on a New Class of Medicines to Treat Obesity at the American Diabetes Association Annual Meeting. Jun 26, 2010 1134
Danisco strain has positive impact on metabolic syndrome. Jun 1, 2010 187
Enhanced weight loss from a dietary supplement containing standardized Phaseolus vulgaris extract in overweight men and women. Wu, Xiangming; Xu, Xiaofeng; Shen, Jianguo; Perricone, Nicholas V.; Preuss, Harry G. Clinical report Jun 1, 2010 4009
Oxygen homeostasis: oxygen, insulin toxicity, inflammation, and the clinical benefits of chelation part 2. Ali, Majid Clinical report Jun 1, 2010 3201
Caffeine attenuates acute growth hormone response to a single bout of resistance exercise. Wu, Bo-Hun; Lin, Jung-Chang Report Jun 1, 2010 6377
Low-level arsenic impairs glucose-stimulated insulin secretion in pancreatic beta cells: involvement of cellular adaptive response to oxidative stress. Fu, Jingqi; Woods, Courtney G.; Yehuda-Shnaidman, Einav; Zhang, Qiang; Wong, Victoria; Collins, Shei Clinical report Jun 1, 2010 5599
Journal abstracts: the influence of maca (Lepidium meyenii) on antioxidant status, lipid and glucose metabolism in rat. Author abstract Jun 1, 2010 173
Isolation and physiological studies of fungus associated with rice grain (Oryza sativa) in Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria. Suleiman, M.N.; Akaajime, D. Report May 1, 2010 2504
Intravenous orexin reduces LH secretion in castrated camelus dromedaries fed a sub-maintenance diet. Khazali, H. Report Apr 1, 2010 3716
Resistencia a insulina en adolescentes obesos. Isabel Rojas-Gabulli, Maria; Nunez, Oswaldo; Del Aguila, Carlos; Briceno, Mariel; Valenzuela, Nelly Mar 22, 2010 4369
Deciphering testing for pre-diabetes. Roedl, Jean Mar 1, 2010 371
An analysis of popular weight loss diet types in relation to metabolic syndrome therapeutic guidelines. McClendon, Deborah A.; Dunbar, Sandra B.; Clark, Patricia C.; Coverson, Dorothy L. Jan 1, 2010 6985
Failures of feedback: rush hour along the highway to obesity. Gade, Wayne; Gade, Jean; Collins, Melissa; Schmit, Jessica; Schupp, Nicole Report Jan 1, 2010 5663
Beyond obesity: the diagnosis and pathophysiology of metabolic syndrome. Gade, Wayne; Schmit, Jessica; Collins, Melissa; Gade, Jean Report Jan 1, 2010 5243
Intravenous orexin reduces LH secretion in castrated camelus dromedaries fed a sub-maintenance diet. Khazali, H. Report Jan 1, 2010 3716
Effects of prepartum dietary carbohydrate source on metabolism and performance of primiparous holstein cows during the periparturient period. Alamouti, H.R. Mirzaei; Amanlou, H.; Rezayazdi, K.; Towhidi, A. Report Nov 1, 2009 6186
Effect of resistance training in people with diabetes mellitus/Efeito dos exercicios resistidos em portadores de diabetes mellitus. Zabaglia, Ramon; Assumpcao, Claudio de Oliveira; Urtado, Christiano Bertoldo; de Souza, Thiago Matto Nov 1, 2009 6409
Effect of supplementary feeding on physiological, hormonal and blood responses of Santa Ines, Ile de France and Texel ewes/Efeito da suplementacao alimentar nas respostas fisiologicas, hormonais e sanguineas de ovelhas Santa Ines, Ile de France e Texel. Amaral, Daniele Francine; Barbosa, Orlando Rus; Gasparino, Eliane; Akimoto, Luciene Setsuko; Lourenc Oct 1, 2009 6561
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Physiological reply of the glycemia of jejum in diabetes carriers type II front to one has tested of aerobic and anaerobic mat/Resposta fisiologica da glicemia de jejum em portadores de diabetes tipo II frente a um teste de esteira aerobio e anaerobio. Hardman, Austrogildo, Jr.; Leite, Fabio Edson Cremasco; Cavalcanti, Julio Cesar; Cavalcante, Joas Di Nov 1, 2008 2218
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