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Opsins and Their Expression Patterns in the Xiphosuran Limulus polyphemus. Battelle, Barbara-Anne Report Aug 1, 2017 11380
Sublethal behavioral and physiological effects of the biomedical bleeding process on the American horseshoe crab, limulus polyphemus. Anderson, Rebecca L.; Watson III, Winsor H.; Chabot, Christopher C. Report Dec 1, 2013 10862
Patterns of activity expressed by juvenile horseshoe crabs. Dubofsky, E.A.; Simpson, S.D.; Chabot, Christopher C.; Watson, Winsor H. Report Sep 1, 2013 4770
Proximate causes of sexual size dimorphism in horseshoe crabs (Limulus polyphemus) of the Delaware Bay. Smith, David R.; Mandt, Mary T.; MacDonald, Peter D.M. Report Apr 1, 2009 11329
Rhythms of locomotion expressed by Limulus polyphemus, the American horseshoe crab: I. Synchronization by artificial tides. Chabot, Christopher C.; Skinner, Stephen J.; Watson, Winsor H., III Report Aug 1, 2008 6928
Rhythms of locomotion expressed by Limulus polyphemus, the American horseshoe crab: II. Relationship to circadian rhythms of visual sensitivity. Watson, Winsor H., III; Bedford, Lisa; Chabot, Christopher C. Aug 1, 2008 5624
Physiological and morphological identification of photosensitive neurons in the opisthosomal ganglia of Limulus polyphemus. Mori, Kazuo; Saito, Takehiko; Kuramoto, Taketeru Dec 1, 2004 4109
Circadian rhythms in Limulus visual sensitivity compensate for day-night changes in light intensity. Brown, E.; Hitt, J.; Dodge, F.; Barlow, R. Brief Article Oct 1, 2004 335
Circadian rhythms in the locomotor activity of juvenile horseshoe crabs. Guo, Mira; Dodge, Frederick; Barlow, Robert Oct 1, 2004 337
Circadian clock: where is it located in the Limulus brain? Saito, T.; Mori, K.; Barlow, R. Oct 1, 2004 332
Blood clotting in Limulus immunity: physiological impairment of clot-entrapped bacteria. Bosniak, Peter A.; Armstrong, Peter B. Oct 1, 2004 399
Cytoskeletal organization of Limulus amebocytes pre- and post-activation: comparative aspects. Conrad, Mara; Denobile, Joanna; Chaikhoutdinov, Irina; Escribano, Douglas; Lee, Kyeng-Gea; Cohen, Wi Aug 1, 2004 5727
Amebocyte production begins at stage 18 during embryogenesis in limulus polyphem us, the American horseshoe crab. Coursey, Yvonne; Ahmad, Nina; McGee, Barbara M.; Steimel, Nancy; Kimble, Mary Feb 1, 2003 3806
Stable isotopic evidence for changing nutritional sources of juvenile horseshoe crabs. Gaines, Emily F.; Carmichael, Ruth H.; Grady, Sara P.; Veliela, Ivan Oct 1, 2002 1478
Response of the blood cell of the american horseshoe crab, limulus polyphemus, to a lipopolysaccharide-like molecule from the green alga chlorella. Conrad, Mara L.; Pardy, R.L.; Armstrong, Peter B. Brief Article Oct 1, 2001 979
Visually guided behavior of juvenile horseshoe crabs. Errigo, M.; McGuiness, C.; Meadors, S.; Mittmann, B.; Dodge, F.; Barlow, R. Oct 1, 2001 1176
Growth, visual field, and resolution in the juvenile limulus lateral eye. Meadors, S.; McGuiness, C.; Dodge, F.A.; Barlow, R.B. Oct 1, 2001 1276
Initial Characterization of a Potential Anti-fouling System in the American Horseshoe Crab, Limulus polyphemus. Harrington, John M.; Armstrong, Peter B. Brief Article Oct 1, 2000 962
Association of [[alpha].sub.2]-Macroglobulin with the Coagulin Clot in the American Horseshoe Crab, Limulus polyphemus: A Potential Role in Stabilization from Proteolysis. Asokan, Rengasamy; Armstrong, Margaret T.; Armstrong, Peter B. Oct 1, 2000 1196
Circadian rhythms in the lateral eye of the Japanese horseshoe crab. Saito, Takehiko; Yamamoto, Takasi; Powers, Maureen K.; Barlow, Robert B. Oct 1, 1997 1492
Histamine: putative transmitter for lateral inhibition in Limulus eye. Stewart, Karen M.; Porcello, Darrell M.; McSweeney, Maireade E.; Saito, Takehiko; Passaglia, Christo Oct 1, 1997 1626
Visual performance of horseshoe crabs: role of underwater lighting. Passaglia, Christopher L.; McSweeney, Maireade E.; Stewart, Karen M.; Kim, Edward; Mole, Edward J.; Oct 1, 1997 1311
A hemolytic activity secreted by the endotoxin-challenged horsehoe crab: a novel immune system operating at the surface of the carapace. Quigley, James P.; Corcoran, Geralyn; Armstrong, Peter B. Oct 1, 1997 886
The temporal transfer function of the Limulus lateral eye. Kim, E.; Passaglia, C.; Doge, F.; Barlow, R.B. Oct 1, 1996 761
Limulus retinal mRNA induces light-dependent currents in Xenopus oocytes. Mole, E.J.; Schaefer, J.; Mathiesz, K.; Dionne, V.E.; Knox, B.E.; Barlow, R.B., Jr. Oct 1, 1996 1051
The plasma-based cytolytic system of the American horseshoe crab, Limulus polyphemus: cooperative interaction of the sialic acid-binding lectin limulin and thiol ester-reacted alpha2-macroglobulin. Swarnakar, Snehasikta; Quigley, James P.; Armstrong, Peter B. Oct 1, 1996 803
Potentiation of limulin-mediated cytolysis by thiol ester-reacted forms of limulus alpha2-macroglobulin: identification of functionally important domains. Swarnakar, Snehasikta; Quigley, James P.; Armstrong, Peter B. Oct 1, 1996 656
Antimicrobial activity of Limulus blood: role of C-reactive protein (CRP) and Limulus anti-lipopolysaccharide factor (LALF). Srimal, Subita; Kreiling, Jill; Quigley, James P.; Armstrong, Peter B.; Wainwright, Norman Oct 1, 1996 664
Optical imaging of intrinsic signals from the Limulus optic nerve. O'Brien, Estela V. Oct 1, 1995 843
Noise components in Limulus vision. Dodge, F.A.; Porcello, D.M.; Dodge, S.A.; Kaplan, E.; Barlow, R.B., Jr. Oct 1, 1994 970
Identification of limulin as a major cytolytic protein in the plasma of the American horseshoe crab. Armstrong, Peter D.; Quigley, James P. Oct 1, 1994 679
Clearance of proteases from the circulation of the American horseshoe crab, Limulus polyphemus: a possible function for alpha-2-macroglobulin. Melchior, Ralph; Quigley, James P.; Armstrong, Peter B. Oct 1, 1994 720
Preliminary investigation of the molecular basis for the functional differences between the two pentraxins limulin and C-reactive protein from the plasma of the American horseshoe crab, Limulus polyphemus. Quigley, James; Surolia, Avadhesha; Srimal, Subita; Armstrong, Peter Oct 1, 1994 675
Visual responses in the brain of Limulus. Passaglia, C.L.; Dodge, F.A.; Barlow, R.B., Jr. Oct 1, 1994 777

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