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Astaxanthin Promotes Heart Health. Faloon, Chancellor Clinical report Jan 15, 2021 1782
Secondary Functions of Arginine and Sulfur Amino Acids in Poultry Health: Review. de Souza Castro, Fernanda Lima; Kim, Woo K. Report Nov 1, 2020 9167
Dietary Phytogenic Combination with Hops and a Mixture of a Free Butyrate Acidifier and Gluconic Acid Maintaining the Health Status of the Gut and Performance in Chickens. Zabek, Katarzyna; Szkopek, Dominika; Michalczuk, Monika; Konieczka, Pawel Report Aug 1, 2020 6956
Air Microbiome and Pollution: Composition and Potential Effects on Human Health, Including SARS Coronavirus Infection. Moelling, Karin; Broecker, Felix Jun 30, 2020 9791
Is fasting EALLY good r you? Your health; Dr Mic puts the cas chael Mosley se for resetting your gut. HELEN WHITEHOUSE Oct 20, 2019 898
Health benefits of kola nut. Aug 22, 2019 808
30 days to a new you; Want to transform how you feel? You can improve your health - both physically and mentally - in just one month with these easy tips. By Michele O'Connor. Mar 12, 2019 1369
30 days to a new you; Want to transform how yoimprove your health - botand mentally - in just one these easy tips. By Michelou O'Connor. Mar 12, 2019 1399
Impact of Paternal Age at Conception on Human Health. Simard, Mathieu; Laprise, Catherine; Girard, Simon L. Jan 1, 2019 5707
Effects of a multiprofessional treatment program on obesity in the body composition of female adolescents/EFEITOS DE UM PROGRAMA MULTIPROFISSIONAL DE TRATAMENTO DA OBESIDADE NA COMPOSICAO CORPORAL DE ADOLESCENTES DO SEXO FEMININO. Ladeia, Gabriel Fassina; de Oliveir Alexandre Pereira Reis, Fabiano Mendes; Fassina, Jessica Zirondi Jan 1, 2019 4781
EFEITO DE UM PROGRAMA DE EXERCICIOS LUDICOS/RECREATIVOS PARA APTIDAO FISICA DE CRIANCAS/Effect of a recreational / recreational exercise program for physical fitness of children. Silveira, Robert Eduward; Lisboa, Tailine; Alexandre, Juliano Maestri; Capistrano, Renata; Lopes, Je Nov 1, 2018 3874
Physical activity practice in women with food disorders/PRATICA DE ATIVIDADE FISICA EM MULHERES COM TRANSTORNOS ALIMENTARES. Manochio-Pina, Marina Garcia; Ganero, Alana Moreira; Silva, Lorenna Ferreira; Pessa, Rosane Pilot Jul 1, 2018 3630
TAKE 3; Your health BY ANDREW CHAMBERLAIN. May 13, 2018 131
Fat-Burning Foods Can Boost Your Health: They're not just about weight loss; fat burners also can reduce your risk for many diseases. May 1, 2018 542
Model of coping strategies, resilience, psychological well-being, and perceived health among military personnel. Chen, Kuan-Jung; Yang, Chia-Chen; Chiang, Hui-Hsun Report Mar 1, 2018 4360
Sneezy does it How to survive winter without catching a cold; TUESDAY Colds are the most common reason for sickness and absence from work - accounting for a whopping 27million days off work a year in the UK. That's not surprising when the average adult gets two to four a year. But, say experts, you can reduce your risk of infection. Here's how... Feb 6, 2018 1327
Nutritional Ketosis and Mitohormesis: Potential Implications for Mitochondrial Function and Human Health. Miller, Vincent J.; Villamena, Frederick A.; Volek, Jeff S. Jan 1, 2018 25193
Evaluation of Worksite Wellness Nutrition and Physical Activity Programs and Their Subsequent Impact on Participants' Body Composition. Sandercock, Victoria; Andrade, Jeanette Report Jan 1, 2018 10444
6 Unexpected Health Benefits Of Grapefruit. Nov 19, 2017 967
Why fish is so good for you; Your health. Oct 22, 2017 129
Why fish is so good for you; Your health. Oct 22, 2017 133
The Synergistic Interplay between Vitamins D and K for Bone and Cardiovascular Health: A Narrative Review. van Ballegooijen, Adriana J.; Pilz, Stefan; Tomaschitz, Andreas; Grubler, Martin R.; Verheyen, Nicol Report Jan 1, 2017 8568
Relationship between Serum Levels of Metalloproteinase-8 and Tissue Inhibitor of Metalloproteinases-1 and Exercise Test Results in Postmenopausal Women. Mieczkowska, J.; Rutkowska, E.; Mosiewicz, J.; Mosiewicz, B. Report Jan 1, 2017 3885
The Effect of a 12-Week Health Training Program on Selected Anthropometric and Biochemical Variables in Middle-Aged Women. Pilch, Wanda; Tota, Aukasz; Sadowska-Krepa, Ewa; Piotrowska, Anna; Kepinska, Magdalena; Palka, Tomas Report Jan 1, 2017 5885
The physical health condition of civil servants eased on analytic hierarchy process research. Shan, Shun; Meng, Tongyu; Cao, Lei Nov 15, 2016 3289
OBESIDADE INFANTIL E ESTILOS DE VIDA--CARACTERIZACAO DE CRIANCAS DO 1[degrees] CICLO DO CONCELHO DO ENTRONCAMENTO--PORTUGAL. Batista, Marco; Honorio, Samuel; Martins, Julio; Massuca, Luis; Soares, Filipe Nov 1, 2015 3437
Focus on: ethnicity and the social and health harms from drinking. Chartier, Karen G.; Vaeth, Patrice A.C.; Caetano, Raul Jun 22, 2013 7878
Being healthy in an unhealthy world: the path to good health is blocked by behavioural change, according to human performance specialist Dr Adam Fraser. Oct 1, 2012 639
Headlines & your health: men advised to undergo osteoporosis screening. Sep 1, 2012 329
Vitamin E in human health and disease. Brief article Aug 1, 2012 233
Losing belly fat helps improve blood vessel function: a recent study suggests that the type of diet is less important to heart health than the weight-loss result. Jun 1, 2012 743
People in neighbourhoods with healthy features have better heart health. Apr 3, 2012 284
Unlocking insects' physiology may lead to advances in human health. Oct 30, 2011 229
Obese people face no arterial health risks from low-carb, higher-fat diets. Jun 2, 2011 461
The influence of a program to physical activity related to health in women over 50 years/A influencia do treinamento com pesos em mulheres acima de 50 anos. de Barros, Karla Davantel; de Oliveira, Amauri Aparecido Bassoli; Filho, Albertino de Oliveira Jan 1, 2011 5233
The importance of bone health. Perricone, Nicholas Clinical report Dec 1, 2010 1642
Effects of stress on health and aging: Two paradoxes. Aldwin, Carolyn M.; Yancura, Loriena A. Oct 1, 2010 4686
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the healthiest one of all? Hardy, Darren Jun 1, 2009 488
Men Are More Prone to Obesity Linked Diseases. Mar 23, 2009 361
Hygeia as muse. Potter, Polynexi Cover story Mar 1, 2008 1539
Medicine's Race Problem. Satel, Sally Dec 1, 2001 4312

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