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Study Of Toxicity, Pharmacokinetics, Biodistribution And Metabolism For A New Molecule With Anti-tumor Properties. Nov 1, 2017 111
Artemisinin derivatives induce iron-dependent cell death (ferroptosis) in tumor cells. Ooko, Edna; Saeed, Mohamed E.M.; Kadioglu, Onat; Sarvi, Shabnam; Colak, Merve; Elmasaoudi, Kaoutar; Oct 15, 2015 7288
Goal oriented anaesthetic management for caesarean section in a parturient with pituitary tumour. Sushma, D.R.; Srinivas, V.Y. Mar 12, 2015 2733
The trick remains preventing recurrence. Brief article Feb 1, 2015 292
Calithera Biosciences Presents Preclinical Data for CB-839 Activity and Glutaminase Inhibition in Solid and Hematologic Tumors. Mar 18, 2014 726
On study of immune response to tumor cells in prey-predator system. Kaur, Gurpreet; Ahmad, Naseem Report Jan 1, 2014 4918
Pea lectin inhibits growth of Ehrlich ascites carcinoma cells by inducing apoptosis and [G.sub.2]/M cell cycle arrest in vivo in mice. Kabir, Syed Rashel; Nabi, Mahamodun; Hague, Ariful; Zamanc, Rokon Uz; Mahmud, Zahid Hayat; Reza, Abu Report Nov 15, 2013 5923
Transurethral resection and degeneration of bladder tumour. Li, Aihua; Fang, Wei; Zhang, Feng; Li, Weiwu; Lu, Honghai; Liu, Sikuan; Wang, Hui; Zhang, Binghui Report Nov 1, 2013 3231
Scutellaria barbata D. Don extract synergizes the antitumor effects of low dose 5-fluorouracil through induction of apoptosis and metabolism. Xu, Huanli; Jinmei, Yu; Sun, Yan; Xu, Xiaona; Li, Li; Xue, Ming; Du, Guanhua Report Jul 15, 2013 4832
A case report on subungual Glomus tumor with atypical presentation of complete longitudinal splitting of nail. Bhakuni, Yogendra Singh; Bhatnagar, Arun; Dhruw, Krishnanand; Dwivedi, Ashish Kumar Clinical report Apr 1, 2013 1229
Agios to Present IDH Program Insights at Tumor Metabolism Keystone Symposia. Feb 22, 2013 788
Tumor suppressor gene links metabolism with cellular aging. Jan 14, 2013 300
Congenital sialoblastoma of the accessory parotid gland. Parag, P. Clinical report Dec 1, 2012 737
Introducing tissue microarrays to molecular pathology. Kallioniemi, Ollie P.; Kononen, Juha; Sauter, Guido Dec 1, 2012 1122
Inflammatory pathways in cervical cancer--the University of Cape Town's contribution. Sales, Kurt J.; Katz, Arieh A. Report Jun 1, 2012 3518
Circulating tumor cells--new challenges ahead. Lianidou, Evi S. Editorial May 1, 2012 1913
Microtube device for selectin-mediated capture of viable circulating tumor cells from blood. Hughes, Andrew D.; Mattison, Jeff; Western, Laura T.; Powderly, John D.; Greene, Bryan T.; King, Mic Report May 1, 2012 5102
Adenomatoid odontogenic tumor-hamartoma/cyst or true neoplasm; a Bcl-2 immunohistochemical analysis. Anand Tegginamani, S.; Shailesh, Kudva; Shruthi D.K.; Karthik, B.; Vanishree Hargavannar, C. Report Jan 1, 2012 2738
Increased antitumor efficacy by the combined administration of Swainsonine and cisplatin in vivo. Santos, Felipe M.; Latorre, Andreia O.; Hueza, Isis M.; Sanches, Daniel S.; Lippi, Luciana L.; Gardn Report Sep 15, 2011 4332
DNA methylation of tumor suppressor and metastasis suppressor genes in circulating tumor cells. Chimonidou, Maria; Strati, Areti; Tzitzira, Alexandra; Sotiropoulou, Georgia; Malamos, Nikos; Georgo Report Aug 1, 2011 5575
Study links obstructive sleep apnea with tumour growth in mice. Report May 18, 2011 280
RECIST applied to realistic tumor models. Levine, Zachary H.; Galloway, Benjamin R.; Peskin, Adele P. Report May 1, 2011 1640
S-allylcysteine reduces the MPTP-induced striatal cell damage via inhibition of pro-inflammatory cytokine tumor necrosis factor-[alpha] and inducible nitric oxide synthase expressions in mice. Garcia, Esperanza; Villeda-Hernandez, Juana; Pedraza-Chaverri, Jose; Maldonado, Perla D.; Santamaria Report Dec 15, 2010 5301
First isolation and characterization of a novel lectin with potent antitumor activity from a Russula mushroom. Zhang, G.; Sun, J.; Wang, H.; Ng, T.B. Report Aug 1, 2010 6202
Tumour markers in oral neoplasia. Sanjay, Reddy B.; Madhavi, Reddy B.; Shyam, N.D.V.N. Report Jan 1, 2010 6961
Bioidentical hormones: why are they still controversial? Oct 1, 2009 14302
Effects of rhinacanthins from Rhinacanthus nasutus on nitric oxide, prostaglandin [E.sub.2] and tumor necrosis factor-alpha releases using RAW264.7 macrophage cells. Tewtrakul, Supinya; Tansakul, Pimpimon; Panichayupakaranant, Pharkphoom Report Jun 1, 2009 3347
Two dimensional thermal distribution model in dermal layers of elliptical shaped human limbs involving a uniformly perfused tumor. Agrawal, Mamta; Adlakha, Neeru; Pardasani, K.R. Report Jan 1, 2009 3780
Association of the tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-[alpha]) with the obesity/Associacao do fator de necrose tumoral-alfa (TNF-[alpha]) com a obesidade. Gehrke, Jane; Pereira, Ricardo Zanuto Jan 1, 2007 5218
Practical issues in abdominal PET/CT. Blake, Michael A.; Slattery, James; Sahani, Dushyant V.; Kalra, Mannudeep K. Nov 1, 2005 4270
Automated on-line solid-phase extraction coupled with HPLC for measurement of 5-hydroxyindole-3-acetic acid in urine. Mulder, Erik J.; Oosterloo-Duinkerken, Alida; Anderson, George M.; De Vries, Elisabeth G.E.; Mindera Sep 1, 2005 3239
An investigation of a thymidylate synthase residue at position 163 in vertebrate species. (South Carolina Junior Academy Of Sciences Abstracts). Demara, Megan Brief Article Jan 1, 2003 195
PAT7 Multicentric granular cell tumor with unusual mammary, gastric and pancreatic involvement: A case presentation. Brief Article Dec 1, 2001 450
Multifocal Glomangiomyomas in the Chest Wall of a Young Man. SCHNELLER, JANET Sep 1, 2001 1035
Pitfalls in the measurement of circulating vascular endothelial growth factor. Jelkmann, Wolfgang Apr 1, 2001 5345
Splenic Inflammatory Myofibroblastic Tumor (Inflammatory Pseudotumor). Neuhauser, Thomas S.; Derringer, Gregory A.; Thompson, Lester D. R. Fanburg-Smith, Julie C.; Aguiler Mar 1, 2001 4106
Malignant Mesothelioma With CD30-Positivity. Dunphy, Cherie H.; Gardner, Laura J.; Bee, Christopher S. Jul 1, 2000 1639
Granular cell tumors arising nearly simultaneously in the larynx and subcutaneous cervical region. Kohno, Naoyuki Brief Article Mar 1, 2000 2094
Real-time quantitative PCR for the measurement of MYCN Amplification in human neuroblastoma with the TaqMan Detection System. Raggi, Claudia Casini; Bagnoni, Maria Letizia; Tonini, Gian Paolo; Maggi, Mario; Vona, Giovanna; Pin Nov 1, 1999 4587
Should your lab perform tumor immunology? Wass, John A.; Patton, Kelly Jan 1, 1990 1666

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