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Association of hepatitis E seropositivity and altered progesterone levels in pregnant women of low socioeconomic status from capital region of Pakistan. Fatima, Nida ul; Anwar, Rabia; Baig, Tahir Ahmed; Mehmood, Khalid; Andleeb, Saadia Report Dec 31, 2020 3333
Neutrosophic Analysis of Complications Generated by Hypothyroidism during Pregnancy. Suarez, Carlos Antonio Escobar; Torres, Rosita Oliva; Freire, Lina Espinoza Dec 15, 2020 5823
The effect of the sound of the ney(reed flute) on women in labour in Bursa, Turkey. Keziban Amanak Nov 30, 2020 2585
Maternal Supplementation with Polyphenols and Omega-3 Fatty Acids during Pregnancy: Effects on Growth, Metabolism, and Body Composition of the Offspring. Heras-Molina, Ana; Pesantez-Pacheco, Jose Luis; Astiz, Susana; Garcia-Contreras, Consolacion; Vazque Report Nov 1, 2020 11664
Study on the changes in TSH, TPO-Ab and other indicators due to Vitamin D deficiency in Pregnant Women with subclinical hypothyroidism in the first trimester. Xue Zhou, Ben Li, Chao Wang and Zhihong Li Oct 31, 2020 2723
INTRAVENOUS IRON TREATMENT IN PREGNANCY: COMPARISON OF HIGH DOSE CARBOXYMALTOSE VS IRON SUCROSE. Faiqa Chughtai, Humna Syed, Mehwish Ara Shams, Amim Muhammad Akhter, Ali Arslan Munir and Sumbal Ran Medical condition overview Oct 31, 2020 2423
SAFE MILITARY PREGNANCIES: Part 2--First Trimester Military Woman. Oct 1, 2020 699
Animal-Based Measurements to Assess the Welfare of Dairy Cull Cows during Pre-Slaughter. Romero, Marlyn H.; Rodriguez-Palomares, Magali; Sanchez, Jorge Alberto Oct 1, 2020 10691
Impact of manual uterine displacement and left lateral tilt on echocardiographical velocity time intergral (stroke volume) in advanced pregnancy. Knipe, K.A.; Langenegger, E.J.; Muller, W.; Herbst, P. Sep 1, 2020 3601
Ruptured renal artery aneurysm in pregnancy. Mdlalose, N.; Khumalo, T.L. Sep 1, 2020 1888
The Alteration of Carnitine Metabolism in Second Trimester in GDM and a Nomogram for Predicting Macrosomia. Sun, Man; Zhao, Baihui; He, Sainan; Weng, Ruopeng; Wang, Binqiao; Ding, Yunping; Huang, Xinwen; Luo, Clinical report Aug 31, 2020 7265
Time Course-Dependent Study on Equine Herpes Virus 9-Induced Abortion in Syrian Hamsters. Abas, Osama; Abdo, Walied; Kasem, Samy; Alwazzan, Abdulatif; Saleh, Asmaa G.; Saleh, Ibrahim G.; Fuk Aug 1, 2020 10492
Hookworm Infection among Pregnant Women at First Antenatal Visit in Lira, Uganda: A Cross-Sectional Study. Apili, Felister; Ochaya, Stephen; Osingada, Charles Peter; Mbalinda, Scovia Nalugo; Mukunya, David; Report Jul 31, 2020 5741
The factors affecting self-esteem, depression and body image of pregnant women in a state hospital in Turkey. Cevik, Esra; Yanikkerem, Emre Report Jul 14, 2020 3691
Prenatal Exposures to Perfluoroalkyl Acids and Associations with Markers of Adiposity and Plasma Lipids in Infancy: An Odense Child Cohort Study. Jensen, Richard Christian; Andersen, Marianne S.; Larsen, Pia Veldt; Glintborg, Dorte; Dalgard, Chri Jul 1, 2020 18261
Reference Values of D-Dimers and Fibrinogen in the Course of Physiological Pregnancy: the Potential Impact of Selected Risk Factors--A Pilot Study. Siennicka, Aldona; Klysz, Magdalena; Chelstowski, Kornel; Tabaczniuk, Aleksandra; Marcinowska, Zuzan Jun 30, 2020 5158
Effect of coffee consumption on fetal renal artery blood flow and amniotic fluid volume in third trimester of pregnancy. Ilknur Col Madendag, Mefkure Eraslan Sahin, Emine Aydin and Yusuf Madendag Jun 10, 2020 2789
Early postpartum glucose testing increases adherence. Oakes, Kari Jun 1, 2020 1075
Effect of Nutritional Restriction on the Hair Follicles Development and Skin Transcriptome of Chinese Merino Sheep. Lv, Xuefeng; Chen, Lei; He, Sangang; Liu, Chenxi; Han, Bin; Liu, Zhilong; Yusupu, Mayila; Blair, Hug Jun 1, 2020 8632
Elevated Midtrimester Triglycerides as a Biomarker for Postpartum Hyperglycemia in Gestational Diabetes. Lai, Mengyu; Fang, Fang; Ma, Yuhang; Yang, Jiaying; Huang, Jingjing; Li, Na; Kang, Mei; Xu, Xianming May 31, 2020 5376
No, New Moms Don't Just "Bounce Back": Returning to the stage after giving birth was a balancing act for this Pacific Northwest Ballet principal. Orza, Sarah Ricard; Peters, Jen May 1, 2020 1187
Long-Term Postpartum Outcomes of Insulin Resistance and [beta]-cell Function in Women with Previous Gestational Diabetes Mellitus. Miao, Zhirong; Wu, Honghua; Ren, Liu; Bu, Nan; Jiang, Lili; Yang, Huixia; Zhang, Junqing; Guo, Xiaoh Mar 31, 2020 5629
Multiple Uterine Fibroids in a Young Unmarried Woman. Pottala, Mounika; Jajoo, Shubhada Suhas Mar 30, 2020 1712
Syndromic Disorders Caused by Disturbed Human Imprinting. Carli, Diana; Riberi, Evelise; Ferrero, Giovanni Battista; Mussa, Alessandro Mar 1, 2020 11398
Fetoplacental Weight Relationship in Normal Pregnancy and Pregnancy Complicated by Pregnancy-Induced Hypertension and Abruption of Placenta among Mothers Who Gave Birth in Southern Ethiopia, 2018. Mehare, Tsegaye; Kebede, Daniel Mar 1, 2020 3765
Lactonase Activity, Status, and Genetic Variations of Paraoxonase 1 in Women with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus. Zhou, Mi; Liu, Xing-Hui; Liu, Qing-Qing; Chen, Meng; Bai, Huai; Guan, Lin-Bo; Fan, Ping Mar 1, 2020 8172
Plasma efavirenz concentration inversely correlates with increased risk of cytomegalovirus infection in HIV-infected pregnant women. Mhandire, D.; Morse, G.; Maponga, C.; Mhandire, K.; Dandara, C. Jan 1, 2020 5758
Maternal and Fetal Outcomes of Pregnant Women with Hepatic Cirrhosis. Tolunay, Harun Egemen; Aydin, Mesut; Cim, Numan; Boza, Baris; Dulger, Ahmet Cumhur; Yildizhan, Recep Jan 1, 2020 2153
Comparing the Effect of Foot Massage with Grape Seed Oil and Sweet Almond Oil on Physiological Leg Edema in Primigravidae: A Randomized Clinical Trial. Navaee, Maryam; Rakhshkhorshid, Marzieh Medical condition overview Jan 1, 2020 4736
Progesterone and Cortisol Levels in Blood and Hair of Wild Pregnant Red Deer (Cervus Elaphus) Hinds. Ventrella, Domenico; Elmi, Alberto; Bertocchi, Martina; Aniballi, Camilla; Parmeggiani, Albamaria; G Report Jan 1, 2020 4728
Increased Soluble Epoxide Hydrolase in Human Gestational Tissues from Pregnancies Complicated by Acute Chorioamnionitis. Hung, Tai-Ho; Chen, Szu-Fu; Wu, Chun-Hu; Kao, Chuan-Chi; Wu, Chung-Pu Dec 31, 2019 7747
Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome during Pregnancy and Post-Partum --A Case Series with Spectrum of Near Miss to Mortality. Salampuria, Shruti; Jajoo, Shubhada; Acharya, Sourya Dec 9, 2019 1652
Are Thyroid Functions Effective in Pregnant Women with Hyperemesis Gravidarumi?/Hiperemezis Gravidarum olan Gebelerde Tiroid Fonksiyonlari Etkili midiri? Guler, Askin Evren; Yildiz, Birol; Cakmak, Bulent; Guler, Zeliha Cigdem Demirel; Kinci, Mehmet Ferdi Medical condition overview Dec 1, 2019 2863
Urinary Tract Infection among Pregnant Women and its Associated Risk Factors: A Cross-Sectional Study. Kashif, Mirfat Mohamed Labib Al- Report Dec 1, 2019 4111
Lactobacillus iners Is Associated with Vaginal Dysbiosis in Healthy Pregnant Women: A Preliminary Study. Zheng, Nengneng; Guo, Renyong; Yao, Yinyu; Jin, Meiyuan; Cheng, Yiwen; Ling, Zongxin Report Nov 30, 2019 7346
REGAIN STUDY: Retrospective Study to Assess the Effectiveness, Tolerability, and Safety of Ferric Carboxymaltose in the Management of Iron Deficiency Anemia in Pregnant Women. Wani, Saleema; Noushad, Mariyam; Ashiq, Shabana Medical condition overview Nov 30, 2019 3639
Venous thromboembolism in pregnancy. Wessels, P.F. Medical condition overview Nov 1, 2019 7056
Study reveals special occasion drinking during pregnancy is harmful. ANI Oct 26, 2019 359
Special occasion drinking during pregnancy is harmful: Study. ANI Medical condition overview Oct 9, 2019 357
Transfer and Metabolism of the Xenoestrogen Zearalenone in Human Perfused Placenta. Warth, Benedikt; Preindl, Karin; Manser, Pius; Wick, Peter; Marko, Doris; Buerki-Thurnherr, Tina Oct 1, 2019 10673
Fears e-cigs could be harmful to women's fertility. Sep 6, 2019 214
Cell Free DNA and Genometastasis/Hucre Disi DNA ve Genometastaz. Kocana, Cemal Cagil; Toprak, Selin Fulya; Yasa, Busra; Hekimoglu, Hilal; Tokdemir, Selcuk Sozer Aug 1, 2019 4253
Diagnosis of Late Embryonic Mortality in Dairy Cows by Measuring Pregnancy-Associated Glycoprotein and Pregnancy-Specific Protein B Levels. Ergene, Osman; Darbaz, Isfendiyar; Sayiner, Serkan; Aslan, Selim Report Jun 30, 2019 4438
Leaner Women with Impaired Insulin Secretion Accounts for about 40% of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus in Japan. Furukawa, Seishi; Kobayashi, Yoichi Report Jun 30, 2019 3911
Overdose of omega-6 fat consumption during pregnancy, a risk for heart disease: Study. May 25, 2019 424
Exercising during pregnancy keeps placenta healthy, study suggests. May 23, 2019 418
Will global warming undo the hard-won gains of prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV? Chersich, Matthew Report May 1, 2019 1658
Evaluation of Factors Affecting Sexual Activity and Sexuality-Related Quality of Life in Different Stages of Pregnancy/Gebeligin Degisik Donemlerinde Cinsel Aktiviteyi ve Cinsellige Bagli Hayat Kalitesini Etkileyen Faktorlerin Degerlendirilmesi. Cavus, Evren; Beyazit, Fatma Medical condition overview May 1, 2019 4852
Changes in Gastric Smooth Muscle Cell Contraction during Pregnancy: Effect of Estrogen. Shboul, Othman A. Al-; Rshoud, Hanan J. Al-; Dwairi, Ahmed N. Al-; Alqudah, Mohammad A.; Alfaqih, Ma Report Apr 30, 2019 5542
Prevalence of antenatal depression among women receiving antenatal care during last trimester of pregnancy in a tertiary care private institute of Lahore. Apr 30, 2019 2891
Acute Postexercise Change in Circulating Irisin Is Related to More Favorable Lipid Profile in Pregnant Women Attending a Structured Exercise Program and to Less Favorable Lipid Profile in Controls: An Experimental Study with Two Groups. Szumilewicz, Anna; Worska, Aneta; Piernicka, Magdalena; Kuchta, Agnieszka; Jastrzebski, Zbigniew; Ra Medical condition overview Mar 31, 2019 7643
Gestational Weight Gain among Healthy Pregnant Women from Asia in Comparison with Institute of Medicine (IOM) Guidelines-2009: A Systematic Review. Arora, Priyanka; Aeri, Bani Tamber Report Mar 31, 2019 6518
Prenatal Malnutrition-Induced Epigenetic Dysregulation as a Risk Factor for Type 2 Diabetes. Vaiserma, Alexander; Lushchak, Oleh Mar 31, 2019 8258
PREGNANCY OUTCOME IN GESTATIONAL DIABETES COMPARED TO BODY MASS INDEX. Rudman, Senka Sabolovic; Djakovic, Ivka; Gall, Vesna; Djakovic, Zeljko; Kosec, Vesna Mar 1, 2019 2472
Pregnancy protein could treat geriatric diseases. Mar 1, 2019 469
Intervenciones nutricionales para el tratamiento de la diabetes mellitus gestacional. Perulero Nino, Guadalupe; Orozco-Gonzalez, Claudia Nelly; Zuniga-Torres, Maria Guadalupe Jan 1, 2019 4087
Prenatal Exposure to Select Phthalates and Phenols and Associations with Fetal and Placental Weight among Male Births in the EDEN Cohort (France). Philippat, Claire; Heude, Barbara; Botton, Jeremie; Alfaidy, Nadia; Calafat, Antonia M.; Slama, Remy Report Jan 1, 2019 9135
Care from the Cultural Perspective in Women with Physiological Pregnancy: a Meta-Ethnography/Cuidado desde la perspectiva cultural en mujeres con embarazo fisiologico: una metaetnografia/Cuidado da perspectiva cultural em mulheres com gravidez fisiologica: uma meta-etnografia. Sabogal, Iliana Milena Ulloa; de Rodriguez, Lucy Munoz Bibliografia Jan 1, 2019 5722
Maternal platelet-to-lymphocyte ratio at delivery can predict poor neonatal outcome in preterm births/Dogumda maternal platelet-lenfosit orani preterm dogumlarda kotu neonatal sonlanimlari ongorebilir. Jaffar, Dikra Waeeb; Rabie, Maha Abubakr Feissal Report Dec 1, 2018 2747
How smoking during pregnancy affects babies. Nov 22, 2018 383
A descriptive retrospective study of ophthalmic care during pregnancy at Al Baha Province, Saudi Arabia. Alghamdi, Ali Hendi Report Nov 1, 2018 3992
A comparative study to evaluate effect of advanced uncomplicated pregnancy on forced vital capacity and peak expiratory flow rate on healthy North Indian women. Gupta, Narendra; Verma, Shashi Kant; Dutta, Sushmita Report Oct 1, 2018 3231
Ibuprofen and its associated alterations in testicular physiology. Sep 30, 2018 650
A CLINICAL STUDY OF NEUROLOGICAL COMPLICATIONS IN PREGNANCY AND UPTO 6 WEEKS POSTPARTUM. Thatikonda, Anil Kumar; Balasankula, Tirumal Rao; Thatikala, Abhilash; Gudivella, Sree Rangalakshmi; Clinical report Sep 17, 2018 4215
Dietary Intakes and Circulating Concentrations of Branched-Chain Amino Acids in Relation to Incident Type 2 Diabetes Risk Among High-Risk Women with a History of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus. Tobias, Deirdre K.; Clish, Clary; Mora, Samia; Li, Jun; Liang, Liming; Hu, Frank B.; Manson, JoAnn E Clinical report Aug 1, 2018 5676
Nutritional assessment and laboratory in a pregnant women group in municipality of white pr-duck/ AVALIACAO NUTRICIONAL E LABORATORIAL EM UM GRUPO DE GESTANTES NO MUNICIPIO DE PATO BRANCO-PR. Demarchi, Ana Paula; De Freitas, Edinara; Baratto, Indiomara Medical condition overview Jul 1, 2018 5542
Physiological skin changes during pregnancy. Medical condition overview Jun 30, 2018 2549
EVALUATION OF HOMOCYSTEINE AND FOLIC ACID LEVELS IN PREGNANCY LOSS. Premakumari, E.; Sowganthika, N.I.; Sowkanthika, P. Jun 18, 2018 3021
Effect of Nausea and Vomiting on Anxiety and Depression Levels in Early Pregnancy. Beyazit, Fatma; Sahin, Basak Report Jun 1, 2018 3998
A comparative study of cardiovascular autonomic function tests between second trimester pregnant women and non-pregnant women. Athani, Khundmeer Banu; Kallur, Rajashekar R. Report Jun 1, 2018 3217
Sexual Determination and Differentiation During Embryonic and Fetal Development of New Zealand Rabbit Females/Determinacion y Diferenciacion Sexual Durante el Desarrollo Embrionario y Fetal de Conejos Hembras de Nueva Zelanda. Mario, Lara Carolina; Borghesi, Jessica; de Almeida da Anunciado, Adriana Raquel; de Carvalho Figuei Jun 1, 2018 4389
Higher Seafood Intake May Shorten Time to Pregnancy; More than eight servings per cycle also tied to higher frequency of intercourse. Clinical report May 25, 2018 234
APENDICITE AGUDA EM GESTANTE DE 32 SEMANAS: RELATO DE CASO. Rios, Davi Muzi; Vieira, Vitoria Conrado; da Silva, Joao Romario Gomes; Ximenes, Luciana; Altoe, Gis Apr 1, 2018 2550
A comparative study on coagulation profile and neutrophil-lymphocyte ratio in pregnancy-induced hypertension. G, Swetha A; Puranik, Nagaraja; F, Kammar K Report Mar 1, 2018 4180
Variation in erythrocyte and leukocyte counts before and after normal vaginal delivery. Sneha, K.; Girish, Babu M.; Lepakshi, B.G. Medical condition overview Feb 1, 2018 2828
Calcium homeostasis during pregnancy and lactation: role of vitamin D supplementation. Marya, R.K. Jan 1, 2018 4294
Anemia among Women Attending Antenatal Care at the University of Gondar Comprehensive Specialized Referral Hospital, Northwest Ethiopia, 2017. Takele, Wubet Worku; Tariku, Amare; Shiferaw, Fasil Wagnew; Demsie, Amare; Alemu, Wondale Getinet; A Report Jan 1, 2018 6160
Determinants of Anemia among Pregnant Women Attending Antenatal Clinic in Public Health Facilities at Durame Town: Unmatched Case Control Study. Weldekidan, Fekede; Kote, Mesfin; Girma, Meseret; Boti, Negussie; Gultie, Teklemariam Report Jan 1, 2018 5098
Higher Concentrations of BCAAs and 3-HIB Are Associated with Insulin Resistance in the Transition from Gestational Diabetes to Type 2 Diabetes. Andersson-Hall, Ulrika; Gustavsson, Carolina; Pedersen, Anders; Malmodin, Daniel; Joelsson, Louise; Report Jan 1, 2018 7154
Adiponectin and Leptin at Early Pregnancy: Association to Actual Glucose Disposal and Risk for GDM--A Prospective Cohort Study. Bozkurt, Latife; Gobl, Christian S.; Baumgartner-Parzer, Sabina; Luger, Anton; Pacini, Giovanni; Kau Clinical report Jan 1, 2018 4962
Inflammatory Markers in Older Women with a History of Gestational Diabetes and the Effects of Weight Loss. Ryan, Alice S. Jan 1, 2018 6466
Vitamin D, Gestational Diabetes, and Measures of Glucose Metabolism in a Population-Based Multiethnic Cohort. Eggemoen, Ase Ruth; Waage, Christin Wiegels; Sletner, Line; Gulseth, Hanne L.; Birkeland, Kare I.; J Medical condition overview Jan 1, 2018 8411
Study of dermatoses of pregnancy. Report Dec 31, 2017 1920
Novel Modulators of the Growth Hormone - Insulin-Like Growth Factor Axis: Pregnancy-Associated Plasma Protein-A2 and Stanniocalcin-2. Fujimoto, Masanobu; Hwa, Vivian; Dauber, Andrew Report Dec 1, 2017 5150
Exposure to Perfluoroalkyl Substances and Metabolic Outcomes in Pregnant Women: Evidence from the Spanish INMA Birth Cohorts. Matilla-Santander, Nuria; Valvi, Damaskini; Lopez-Espinosa, Maria-Jose; Manzano-Salgado, Cyntia B.; Report Nov 1, 2017 11033
Hand-assisted Laparoscopic Splenectomy During Pregnancy for Hereditary Spherocytosis. Wu, Eric; Kandil, Emad Clinical report Nov 1, 2017 1845
A comparative study of arterial oxygen saturation in pregnant and non-pregnant women. Joshi, Prema K.; Chitale, Milind S. Oct 1, 2017 1803
Selected References on Later Life Effects of Preconception, Conception, and Prenatal Experience. Sep 22, 2017 4616
Determining the Efficiency of Different Preoperative Difficult Intubation Tests on Patients Undergoing Caesarean Section. Yildirim, Ilker; Inal, Mehmet Turan; Memis, Dilek; Turan, F. Nesrin Report Sep 1, 2017 5504
Can a mother's pre-pregnancy weight determine her child's metabolism? Aug 23, 2017 185
NIH launches prospective study of Zika and HIV co-infection during pregnancy. Brief article Aug 1, 2017 273
Obstetric patients admitted to the intensive care unit of Dr George Mukhari Academic Hospital, Ga-Rankuwa, South Africa. Motiang, M. Report Jul 1, 2017 3228
Physiological effects of yoga asanas and pranayama on metabolic parameters, maternal, and fetal outcome in gestational diabetes. P.A., Balaji; Varne, Smitha R. Report Jul 1, 2017 3081
Mid-upper arm circumference: a surrogate for body mass index in pregnant women. Fakier, A.; Petro, G.; Fawcus, S. Report Jul 1, 2017 4604
Perfluoroalkyl substances during pregnancy and offspring weight and adiposity at birth: examining mediation by maternal fasting glucose in the healthy start study. Starling, Anne P.; Adgate, John L.; Hamman, Richard F.; Kechris, Katerina; Calafat, Antonia M.; Ye, Jun 1, 2017 10669
Screening for gestational diabetes mellitus in a South African population: Prevalence, comparison of diagnostic criteria and the role of risk factors. Adam, S.; Rheeder, P. Report Jun 1, 2017 4500
Estimates of Within-Subject Biological Variation of Protein C, Antithrombin, Protein S Free, Protein S Activity, and Activated Protein C Resistance in Pregnant Women. Kristoffersen, Ann H.; Petersen, Per H.; Roraas, Thomas; Sandberg, Sverre Report Apr 1, 2017 6465
Evaluation of autonomic status during three trimesters of pregnancy. Varma, Radhika; Lakshmi, Vijaya; Vaney, Neelam; Bhattacharya, Neena; Tandon, O.P.; Suneja, Amita Report Feb 1, 2017 4557
Choroidal Thickness in Women with Uncomplicated Pregnancy: Literature Review. Roskal-Walek, Joanna; Laudanska-Olszewska, Iwona; Biskup, Michal; Gierada, Magdalena; Odrobina, Domi Report Jan 1, 2017 6048
Breast tenderness in pregnancy. Moodt, Grace Report Jan 1, 2017 1265
The stubborn biological facts regarding the abortion-breast cancer link. Brind, Joel Nov 1, 2016 1026
Post-placental insertion of IUCD in a tertiary care centre--acceptance and safety. Nisha, S.; Sathi, M.S.; Vijayan, C.P. Report Oct 6, 2016 4289
The Relationship of Birth Weight, Body Shape and Body Composition at Birth to Altitude in Saudi Arabia/ Relacion de la Altitud con el Peso al Nacer, la Forma del Cuerpo y la Composicion Corporal en Nacimientos en Arabia Saudita. Khalid, Mohammed Elhabib Mohammed; Ahmed, Humeda Sweket; Osman, Osama Mirghani; Hashem, Fahaid Hassa Sep 1, 2016 4415
Treatment with Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors during pregnancy: new data on the possible adverse effects. Nechifor, Ioana; Untu, Ilinca; Chirita, Vasile; Chirita, Roxana Report Sep 1, 2016 1172
The Mommy Makeover Massachusetts helps women regain their pre-pregnancy figure. Jul 20, 2016 469
The Mommy Makeover Massachusetts Helps Women Regain Their Pre-Pregnancy Figure. Jul 8, 2016 479
Consider NICU consult for pregnant women on opioids. Laubach, Lori; Cruz, Abigail Jun 15, 2016 402
Maternal Obesity and its Short- and Long-Term Maternal and Infantile Effects. Korkmaz, Levent; Bastug, Osman; Kurtoglu, Selim Report Jun 1, 2016 9056
Fortifying women's health: from pregnancy to PMS to menopause and more, women are turning to natural products to protect and preserve their health. Olivo, Lisa May 1, 2016 5356
Phthalates and childhood body fat: study finds no evidence of obesogenicity. Nicole, Wendee Report Apr 1, 2016 978
Prenatal phthalate exposures and childhood fat mass in a New York City cohort. Buckley, Jessie P.; Enge, Stephanie M.; Mendez, Michelle A.; Richardson, David B.; Daniels, Julie L. Clinical report Apr 1, 2016 8184
Maternity on the Marley: keep your body strong through pregnancy for a faster recovery. Wroth, Sarah Apr 1, 2016 796
Effects of in utero exposure to arsenic during the second half of gestation on reproductive end points and metabolic parameters in female CD-1 mice. Rodriguez, Karina F.; Ungewitter, Erica K.; Crespo-Mejias, Yasmin; Liu, Chang; Nicol, Barbara; Kissl Report Mar 1, 2016 7782
Physiological changes in some hematological and coagulation profile among Sudanese healthy pregnant women. Mohamed, Alkhansa Osama; Hamza, Khalda Mirghani; Babker, Asaad Mohammed Ahmed Report Mar 1, 2016 2737
Exercise and pregnancy. Dillard, Dana M. Report Jan 1, 2016 2206
Pregnancy: an everyday miracle. El-Rahi, Tamara Jan 1, 2016 648
A pregnant employee absence: the main causes of absenteeism/Afastamento do trabalho por pacientes gestantes: principais causas de absentismo. Baima, Carolina Trovao dos Santos; Barroso, Flavio Americo Lopes; Lucena, Juliana; de Almeida, Carol Jan 1, 2016 3073
Effect of concentrate supplementation and time scales of evaluation on behavioral and physiological responses of pregnant ewes on grazing system/Efeito da suplementacao concentrada e da escala de tempo de avaliacao nas respostas fisiologicas e comportamentais de ovelhas prenhes em sistema de pastejo. Silva, Tairon Pannunzio Dias; Marques, Carlo Aldrovandi Torreao; Torreao, Jacira Neves da Costa; Bez Jan 1, 2016 7086
Trimester- and assay-specific thyroid reference intervals for pregnant women in China. Xing, Jinfang; Yuan, Enwu; Li, Jing; Zhang, Yucha; Meng, Xiangying; Zhang, Xia; Rong, Shouhua; Lv, Z Report Jan 1, 2016 2991
Lipids and Oxidative Stress Associated with Ethanol-Induced Neurological Damage. Hernandez, Jose A.; Lopez-Sanchez, Rosa C.; Rendon-Ramirez, Adela Jan 1, 2016 11204
Prevalence of unexplained Anaemia in Inuit men and Inuit post-menopausal women in Northern Labrador: International Polar Year Inuit Health Survey. Jamieson, Jennifer A.; Weiler, Hope A.; Kuhnlein, Harriet V.; Egeland, Grace M. Report Jan 1, 2016 6216
Ultrastructure of Fetal Mice Hepatocytes Exposed in Utero to Diazepam/Ultraestructura de Hepatocitos Fetales de Raton Expuestos in Utero a Diazepam. Marquez-Orozco, Maria Cristina; de la Fuente-Juarez, Graciela; Marquez-Orozco, Amalia Medical condition overview Dec 1, 2015 2287
The role of physical activity during pregnancy in determining maternal and foetal outcomes. Pearson, J.T.; Watson, E.D.; Lambert, E.V.; Micklesfield, L.K. Report Nov 1, 2015 3945
Audiological evaluation of pregnant women with gestational diabetes mellitus: A clinical study. Kumari, A.S. Aruna; Kumar, M. Mahendra; Ahmed, S. Muneeruddin Clinical report Oct 19, 2015 3746
A longitudinal study of serum uric acid level in normal pregnancy and pregnancy induced hypertension among patients attending antenatal outpatient department of Gauhati Medical College, Guwahati. Saikia, Santana; Singnarpi, Evalyn; Bhuyan, Pranjal Clinical report Jul 30, 2015 2177
Epidural anesthesia for cesarean section in atrial septal defect with pulmonary hypertension. Bengali, Rashmi Jul 16, 2015 1265
Thyroid function in pregnancy: what is normal? Medici, Marco; Korevaar, Tim I.M.; Visser, W. Edward; Visser, Theo J.; Peeters, Robin P. Report May 1, 2015 8337
Prenatal screening with microarray technology. Davies, Nicola Cover story May 1, 2015 2274
The evolution of prenatal genetic screening. Gross, Susan; McKanna, Trudy May 1, 2015 1004
Drug use pattern of over-the-counter and alternative medications in pregnancy: a cross sectional descriptive study. Shruti, Ganti; Sree, Podila Karuna; Rao, Yadala Venkata Report May 1, 2015 3136
Utilization of magnetic resonance imaging in research involving animal models of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. Wang, Xiaojie; Kroenke, Christopher D. Mar 22, 2015 8300
Maternal distress, for emergency caesarian section: in a patient with cryptogenic cirrhosis, bicuspid aortic valve, severe preeclampsia and superadded respiratory infection. Sathee, Devi P.; Renju, Sebastian; Anju, Mariam Jacob; Varun, Suresh Mar 19, 2015 1267
Study of effect of exercise on PEFR in pregnant women. Anitha, O.R.; Johncy, Smilee; Bondade, Suresh Y. Report Mar 1, 2015 2266
Mineral metabolism in singleton and twin-pregnant dairy goats. Harter, C.J.; Castagnino, D.S.; Rivera, A.R.; Lima, L.D.; Silva, H.G.O.; Mendonca, A.N.; Bonfim, G.F Report Jan 1, 2015 14404
Body image and maternal fetal attachment. Malus, A.; Chlewicka, J.; Galinska-Skok, B.; Konarzewska, B.; Szulc, A. Report Dec 1, 2014 4287
The relationship between physiology and the importance of exercise in adolescent girls in Shiraz. Bostani, Sead Hesam; Ranjbar, Ali Report Nov 1, 2014 3088
Cross-sectional study of liver function in pregnant women and matched controls in a population with cassava as staple food. Truman, Sona Oct 27, 2014 2175
Obstetric medicine: interlinking obstetrics and internal medicine. Acquah, L.; Burton, R. Case study Sep 1, 2014 2691
Pregnancy and the kidneys. Wearne, N. Report Sep 1, 2014 3571
The question is whether intake of folic acid from diet alone during pregnancy is sufficient/Pitanje je da li je unos folne kiseline samo ishranom u trudnoci dovoljan. Banjari, Ines; Matokovic, Vlatka; Skoro, Vedrana Report Sep 1, 2014 6880
Variations in electrical activity of the heart as the pregnancy progresses. Kole, Sharad; Shenoy, Jnaneshwara; Shivakumar, J.; Suvarna, Panchami; Prasannakumar, J. Sep 1, 2014 2496
Respiratory responses to exercise in pregnancy. Anitha, O.R.; Johncy, Smilee; Bondade, Suresh Y.; Thomas, Christofer Sep 1, 2014 2694
Placental pathology in pregnancy induced hypertension. Kartha, Sreechithra; Poothiode, Usha; Jayalakshmy, P.S. Aug 14, 2014 2120
A cross-sectional analytical study of geophagia practices and blood metal concentrations in pregnant women in Johannesburg, South Africa. Mathee, A.; Kootbodien, T.; Mahuma, T.; Nkomo, P.; Naik, I. Report Aug 1, 2014 4716
Dietary assessment of vitamin A and iron among pregnant women at Ndhiwa sub district hospital--Kenya. Othoo, D.A.; Waudo, J.; Kuria, E.N. Report Aug 1, 2014 3590
A study of adenylate kinase locus 1 ([Ak.sub.1]) genetic polymorphism in diabetic pregnancy. Gloria-Bottini, Fulvia; Pietropolli, Adalgisa; Neri, Anna; Coppeta, Luca; Magrini, Andrea; Bottini, Report Jul 1, 2014 2486
Clinical presentation of persistent viral infection in women of reproductive age. Eydarova, Natavan Fattah Report Jun 1, 2014 4221
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