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Physics in Collision: Proceedings.


Physics in collision; proceedings.

International conference on Physics in Collision (25th: 2005: Prague, Czech Republic). Ed. by Vladislav Simak et al.

American Institute of Physics


314 pages



AIP conference proceedings; v.815


The 32 papers presented here by Simak (Czech Technical U., Czech Republic), Valkarova (Institute of Particle and Nuclear Physics, Czech Republic), and Valenta (Institute of Physics, Czech Republic) were drawn from a July 2005 conference reviewing key topics in elementary particle physics and astroparticle physics. Topics include neutrino cross sections and scattering physics, neutrino mass measurements, the latest neutrino oscillation results from the Super- Kamiokande project, top quark physics, W and Z physics at Tevatron (the world's highest energy synchrotron), physics from polarized ep collisions, ultra high energy cosmic rays and the Auger Observatory, very high energy gamma ray astronomy, astroparticle physics with neutrinos, current and future searches for dark matter, rare B decays and B decay dynamics, charm physics, kaon physics, and the impact of jet measurements in ep collisions.

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