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Articles from Physics Research International (January 1, 2014)

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Advancement in microstructural, optical, and mechanical properties of PVA (Mowiol 10-98) doped by ZNO nanoparticles. Kumar, N.B. Rithin; Crasta, Vincent; Praveen, B.M. 4679
Analytical approximations of whispering gallery modes in anisotropic ellipsoidal resonators. Ornigotti, Marco; Aiello, Andrea 5488
Coherent and incoherent scattering cross sections of some lead and sodium compounds at angles below 10[degrees] for [sup.241]Am gamma rays. Vinaykumar, L.; Umesh, T.K. 2477
Cusp catastrophe model for description of bistability in ferroelectric liquid crystals. Migranov, Nail; Kudreyko, Aleksey; Kondratyev, Denis 2856
Drift modified longitudinal electrokinetic mode in colloids laden semiconductor quantum plasmas. Chaudhary, Sandhya; Nimje, Nilesh; Yadav, Nishchhal; Ghosh, S. 2655
Electronic transport properties of doped [C.sub.28] fullerene. Pahuja, Akshu; Srivastava, Sunita 3287
Free convective fluctuating MHD flow through porous media past a vertical porous plate with variable temperature and heat source. Acharya, A.K.; Dash, G.C.; Mishra, S.R. 3281
How much asymmetry of colliding pair affects nuclear dynamics at balance point? Goyal, Supriya 4514
Investigation of gamma and neutron shielding parameters for borate glasses containing NiO and PbO. Singh, Vishwanath P.; Badiger, N.M. 4394
Magnetohydrodynamic boundary layer flow of nanofluid over an exponentially stretching permeable sheet. Bhattacharyya, Krishnendu; Layek, G.C. 4633
Measurement in the de Broglie-Bohm interpretation: double-slit, Stern-Gerlach, and EPR-B. Gondran, Michel; Gondran, Alexandre 10761
Molecular tomography of the quantum state by time-resolved electron diffraction. Ischenko, A.A. 5650
Monte Carlo simulations of a scanning system based on a panoramic x-ray tube with a conical anode. Sofiienko, Andrii; Jarvis, Chad; Voll, Adne 4257
Multigap superconductivity in the ferromagnetic superconductor UCoGe revealed by thermal conductivity measurements. Howald, Ludovic; Taupin, Mathieu; Aoki, Dai 3885
Preparation, characterization, and luminescence properties of orthorhombic sodium sulphate. Vidya, Y.S.; Lakshminarasappa, B.N. 4747
Reconciliating the vertical and horizontal gradients of the sunspot magnetic field. Bommier, Veronique 13481
Reconstruction of dielectric constants of core and cladding of optical fibers using propagation constants measurements. Karchevskii, E.M.; Spiridonov, A.O.; Repina, A.I.; Beilina, L. 6009
Renormalization of QED near decoupling temperature. Masood, Samina S. 5854
Resolution of the age-old dilemma about a magnitude of the momentum of light in matter. Torchigin, V.P.; Torchigin, A.V. 8280
Structural and electrical properties of Li-Ni nanoferrites synthesised by citrate gel autocombustion method. Aravind, G.; Ravinder, D.; Nathanial, V. 5670
Structural and optical investigations of heterostructures based on [Al.sub.x][Ga.sub.1 - x][As.sub.y]: Si solid solutions obtained by MOCVD. Seredin, P.V. 6818
Structural and optical properties of germanium thin films prepared by the vacuum evaporation technique. Sharafi, Z. Al-; Mohyeddine, S.; Mohammed, Samir Osman; Kershi, R.M. 2838
Synthesis and characterization of screen printed [Zn.sub.0.97][Cu.sub.0.03]O thick film for semiconductor device applications. Zargar, Rayees Ahmad; Khan, Sharief Ud Din; Khan, Mohd Shahid; Arora, Manju; Hafiz, Aurangzeb Khurra 2864
Synthesis, structural and optical investigations of (Pb, Bi)Ti[O.sub.3] borosilicate glasses. Gautam, Chandkiram 4259
The potentially dangerous asteroid (101955) Bennu. Wlodarczyk, I. 9166
Various constructions of qudit SWAP gate. Balakrishnan, S. 2475
Work criteria function of irreversible heat engines. Huleihil, Mahmoud 4229

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