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Master trainers call for effective patient communication for de-escalation of violence. Jul 22, 2022 392
Master trainers call for effective patient communication for de-escalation of violence. Jul 22, 2022 390
Why Choose a Pathology Career? A Survey of Australian Medical Students, Junior Doctors, and Pathologists. Fielder, Timothy; Watts, Francesca; Howden, Christopher; Gupta, Ruta; McKenzie, Catriona Report Jul 1, 2022 5191
Measuring empathy in medical students: A cross-sectional study. Jun 16, 2022 3135
Obesity-friendly language. Kalra, Sanjay; Kapoor, Nitin; Deshpande, Neeta Report Jun 16, 2022 1110
Enhancing nurse-patient communication is vital. Jun 1, 2022 615
Enhancing nurse-patient communication is vital. Jun 1, 2022 613
Construction of Health Education Competency Model for Nurses Based on Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Method and Fuzzy Cluster Analysis Method. Li, Honghe; Jin, Nannan; Zhang, Limin Report May 23, 2022 4098
Application of Data Mining Technology-Based Nursing Risk Management in Emergency Department Care. Han, Weiwei; Wang, Songqin; Gao, Jianhong Report May 2, 2022 8828
India's Frantic Fight Against COVID-19: Rescuing a Broken Healthcare System by Adopting a "Doctor and Patient First" Approach. Omar J. Baqal and Amal F. Farouk Apr 8, 2022 1494
Medical Field Best Platform To Serve Humanity: Prof Al-Freed. Apr 7, 2022 361
Medical field best platform to serve humanity: Prof Al-freed. Apr 7, 2022 360
Impact of the Requirement of Bone Mineral Density Evidence on Utilization of Anti-osteoporosis Medications, Clinical Outcome and Medical Expenditures of Patient With Hip Fracture in Taiwan. Wang, Chen-Yu; Fu, Shau-Huai; Hung, Chih-Chien; Yang, Rong-Sen; Lin, Jou-Wei; Chen, Ho-Min; Hsiao, F Apr 1, 2022 6540
Provider-patient communication: an illustrative case report of how provider language can influence patient prognosis. Pierce, Kelsey; Troutner, Alyssa; Rae, Lindsay; Austin, Janet Report Apr 1, 2022 3993
Use of Standardized Patient Encounters as Predictors of Fieldwork Performance: A Pilot Study. Frasier, Linda; Rider, John V.; Fecht, Ashley Report Mar 22, 2022 5404
The Effect of High-Quality Nursing Management on Thyroid Tumor Patients after Bipolar Coagulation. Ji, Yanting; Zhang, Buyong; Zhang, Xuan; Xue, Lingbo; Shi, Qingfeng; Li, Jie Clinical report Mar 19, 2022 4022
Telepresence Robots at the Urology and Emergency Department: A Pilot Study Assessing Patients' and Healthcare Workers' Satisfaction. Laigaard, Jens; Fredskild, Trine Ungermann; Fojecki, Grzegorz Lukasz Mar 15, 2022 3273
Why you should always talk to your doctor before taking any medication. Feb 15, 2022 1218
ACANTHAMOEBA KERATITIS: CLINICIAN AND PATIENT PERSPECTIVES. Carnt, Nicole; Kalaiselvan, Parthasarathi; Ekkeshis, Irenie Feb 1, 2022 3589
Understanding holmium laser enucleation of the prostate (HoLEP) recovery: Assessing patient expectations and understanding. Assmus, Mark A.; Lee, Matthew S.; Large, Tim; Krambeck, Amy E. Report Jan 1, 2022 4352
Patient Communication and Consultation Experience with Tele-medicine in Patients with Movement Disorders in COVID-19 Pandemic: Its Usability, Benefits and Problems/COVID-19 Pandemisinde Hareket Bozukluklari Hastalarinda Tele-tip ile Hasta Iletisimi ve Danismanlik Deneyimi: Kullanilabilirligi, Kazandirdiklari ve Sorunlari. Çelik, Nazli Durmaz; Kumcu, Müge Kuzu; Aydemir, Sabiha Tezcan; Özkan, Serhat Report Dec 15, 2021 4470
Study of Likelihood of Infection with COVID 19 Based on Source of Exposure to Infection among Hospital Staff. Jayalakshmi, T.K.; Madhav, Bhumika; Patil, Narendra; Dhanwate, Dipti; Cherath, Prakash; Revande, Dha Report Dec 13, 2021 2393
Vendiz Pharmaceuticals Inc. offers life changing solutions. Oct 13, 2021 422
Vendiz Pharmaceuticals Inc. offers life changing solutions. Oct 7, 2021 422
from SENSATION MACHINES. Wilson, Adam Excerpt Sep 1, 2021 1942
Shedding myths about medicine requires an honest look at systemic racism. Thomas, Tanya Sep 1, 2021 1452
The 'hateful' patient: Firm boundaries are critical. Benabio, Jeffrey Sep 1, 2021 725
Confidentiality and privilege: What you don't know can hurt you: Understand the exception in divorce and child custody cases and inform patients accordingly. Landess, Jacqueline S.; Kruse, Kathleen L.; Raphaely, Shiri; Friedman, Susan Hatters Report Sep 1, 2021 3025
Breaching the Bridge: An Investigation into Doctor-Patient Miscommunication as a Significant Factor in the Violence against Healthcare Workers in Palestine. Saeedi, Munther; Al-Othman, Nihad; Rabayaa, Maha Report Jul 23, 2021 5879
Managing 'difficult' patient encounters: Recognize and address the 3 types of contributing factors: The patient, the physician, and the system. Black, Donald W. Jul 1, 2021 3672
The Cures Act: Is the 'cure' worse than the disease? Persampiere, Victoria; Skolnik, Neil Jul 1, 2021 1122
'Patients avoiding hospitals due to COVID-19 fears'. Jun 28, 2021 583
WHAT DO PATIENTS SAY? Patients are often confused about the differences between various types of health care providers but statistics show they place a high value on physician-led teams. Jun 22, 2021 262
Reflections on healing as a process: We physicians should not think of ourselves as 'fixers'. Jun 1, 2021 553
Who's Screaming Louder, Your Patient or Their Owners? Dealing With Challenging Clients in Avian Veterinary Medicine. Marino, Amanda Jun 1, 2021 2417
Chauvin guilty verdict: Now it's time to get to work. Norris, Lorenzo May 1, 2021 1063
Disclosing bad news of cancer diagnosis: Patients' preference for communication. Saqib, Sabah Uddin; Pal, Khawaja Muhammad Inam Report Apr 30, 2021 2589
Twistle's HIPAA-compliant patient communication platform implemented in the Carle health system to reduce COVID-19 test result delivery time. Apr 14, 2021 193
Twistle's HIPAA-compliant patient communication platform implemented in the Carle health system to reduce COVID-19 test result delivery time. Apr 14, 2021 191
Twistle's HIPAA-compliant patient communication platform implemented in the Carle health system to reduce COVID-19 test result delivery time. Apr 14, 2021 190
Development of a Structured Communication and Counseling Skills Course for Pharmacy Students: A Simulation-based Approach/Eczacilik Fakultesi Ogrencilerine Yonelik Iletisim ve Danismanlik Becerileri Egitim Programi Gelistirme Calismasi: Simulasyona Dayali Bir Yaklasim. Gulpinar, Gizem; Ozcelikay, Gulbin Report Apr 1, 2021 5840
Factors Associated with Antidepressant Medication Non-adherence/Antidepresan Ilac Uyuncsuzlugu ile Iliskili Faktorler. Marasine, Nirmal Raj; Sankhi, Sabina Report Apr 1, 2021 5541
The Effect of Medical Developments on the Patient-Physician Relationship from past to Today. Koc, Ahmet Turan; Yildirim, Nuran Report Apr 1, 2021 312
PPE - A Hindrance to Therapeutic Alliance! Sasidharan, Shibu; Singh, Harpreet Apr 1, 2021 1368
Evaluation of the Appropriateness of Valproic Acid-Levels Monitoring in Mexican Pediatric Patients. del Rosario Hernandez-Jeronimo, Maria; Chehue-Romero, Alejandro; Olvera-Hernandez, Elena Guadalupe; Report Apr 1, 2021 3033
When doctors deliver bad news. Mar 29, 2021 1202
Shaping the future of healthcare by leveraging Al innovation. Harper, Kenneth Mar 1, 2021 673
A Renewed Commitment to Cultural Humility. Rebar, Cherie R.; Heimgartner, Nicole M. Mar 1, 2021 1520
The Effective Way in Answering the IPSS: Patients Themselves or with the Physician? Turgut, Hasan; Ozgur, Guner Kemal Report Mar 1, 2021 2854
Resetting the bar for patient interactions, visits. Wilkoff, William G. Feb 1, 2021 761
Polydoctoring: The case against fragmented psychiatric care. Badre, Nicolas Feb 1, 2021 922
WhatsApp-propriate? A retrospective content analysis of WhatsApp use and potential breaches in confidentiality among a team of doctors at a district hospital, South Africa. Meyer, G.D.; Meyer, N.; du Toit, J.D.; Mans, P.A.; Moffett, B.D. Report Feb 1, 2021 3692
Intraoral Botulinum Toxin Injection in Mental Foramen Site in the Treatment of Trigeminal Neuralgia. Nvabazam, Alireza; Judi, Reza Jan 25, 2021 2724
The Human Touch-REALITY vs. RIGHTS. Jawad, Fatema; Kalra, San Report Jan 19, 2021 1313
Applications of Healthcare Robots in Combating the COVID-19 Pandemic. Raje, Shruti; Reddy, Nikunj; Jerbi, Houssem; Randhawa, Princy; Tsaramirsis, Georgios; Shrivas, Nikhi Report Jan 1, 2021 6898
Are Technology-Driven Mobile Phone Applications (Apps) the New Currency for Digital Stent Registries and Patient Communication: Prospective Outcomes Using Urostentz App. Hameed, B. M. Zeeshan; Shah, Milap J.; Naik, Nithesh; Amaresh, Mohan; Hegde, Padmaraj; Beary, Rahil Clinical report Jan 1, 2021 3611
Breaching the Bridge: An Investigation into Doctor-Patient Miscommunication as a Significant Factor in the Violence against Healthcare Workers in Palestine. Saeedi, Munther; Al-Othman, Nihad; Rabayaa, Maha Report Jan 1, 2021 5878
A Real-World Single-Centre Study of Patients with Diabetic Macular Oedema Who Wore a Home-Use Sleep Mask (Noctura 400) for One Year. Meyer-Bothling, Ulrich; Meyer-Bothling, Oliver; Pinney, Marika Report Jan 1, 2021 8466
The Efficacy of Little Lovely Dentist, Dental Song, and Tell-Show-Do Techniques in Alleviating Dental Anxiety in Paediatric Patients: A Clinical Trial. Abbasi, Hira; Saqib, Muhammad; Jouhar, Rizwan; Lal, Abhishek; Ahmed, Naseer; Ahmed, Muhammad Adeel; Report Jan 1, 2021 4639
Awareness on Teratogenic Effects of Isotretinoin and Compliance with Precautionary Measures among Women of Childbearing Age in Makkah Province, Saudi Arabia. Al-Mekhlafi, Rawan; Attiyah, Rawabi E.; Haddad, Yara R.; Salah, Louai A. Jan 1, 2021 3853
Heart Failure Clinical Care Program at The Medical City. Dec 30, 2020 545
Eyenovia Submits New Drug Application to FDA for Pharmacologic Mydriasis with MydCombi Targeting 80m Patient Encounters in the US Annually. Dec 29, 2020 380
HMC's Ambulance Service records over 1.2 million electronic patient encounters. Dec 7, 2020 394
HMC's Ambulance Service records 1.2mn electronic patient encounters. Dec 6, 2020 431
HMC's Ambulance Service records more than 1.2mn electronic patient encounters. Dec 6, 2020 436
RE-ENGAGING THE CONTACT LENS CURIOUS: With patient interactions evolving as a result of COVID-19, OT speaks to experts and optometrists at Johnson & Johnson Vision on how practices can invite patients to experience contact lenses. Haden, James Dec 1, 2020 1722
Too many patient call messages. Wilkoff, William G. Dec 1, 2020 799
New Americans: Considerations for culturally collaborative care. Abdul-Karim, Yasmeen Nov 1, 2020 1030
Doctor-patient relationship: Rust in trust. Panday, Bhuwan; Choudhary, Prabhat Nov 1, 2020 1622
THE"EXPERTS" ARE WRONG--REALLY! "... Patients need a trusted physician who shares their views [concerning early outpatient treatment for COVID-19]. If you do not have one, start looking--hard and right away.". Lee Vliet, Elizabeth Nov 1, 2020 1719
Research on Management of Doctor-Patient Risk and Status of the Perceived Behaviors of Physician Trust in the Patient in China: New Perspective of Management of Doctor-Patient Risk. Sun, Jiang Jie; Zheng, Zhi Bo; Jiang, Xue Li; Hu, Wei Wei; Liu, Jun; Ma, Nan Zhen; Li, Meng Ying Oct 8, 2020 5882
Here's the secret behind Eliud Kipchoge's longevity. Oct 3, 2020 1393
Choosing Wisely: 10 practices to stop--or adopt--to reduce overuse in health care: The evidence-based recommendations presented here, made by the AAFP and other societies, can help you to avoid unnecessary testing and interventions. Rowland, Kate Cover story Oct 1, 2020 3086
How searching under time pressure impacts clinical decision making. van der Vegt, Anton; Zuccon, Guido; Koopman, Bevan; Deacon, Anthony Report Oct 1, 2020 5658
The Use of Tweet-Format Narrative Reflections during a Service-Learning Trip to Appalachia. Munn, Allison C.; George, Tracy P.; Philips, Tiffany A.; Hucks, J. Marty Sep 22, 2020 6872
Cadaveric Oath--Perceptions of First Year Medical Students. Keche, Harsha Atul; Thute, Preeti Prabhakar; Gajbe, Ujwal Lehandas; Keche, Atul Shankarrao; Fulmali, Sep 14, 2020 3050
Clinician and Patient Factors Influencing Treatment Decisions: Ethnographic Study of Antibiotic Prescribing and Operative Procedures in Out-Of-Hours and General Dental Practices. Thompson, Wendy; McEachan, Rosemary; Pavitt, Susan; Douglas, Gail; Bowman, Marion; Boards, Jenny; Sa Report Sep 1, 2020 7269
Nurses' Active Empathetic Listening Behaviors from the Voice of the Patient. Myers, Karen K.; Krepper, Rebecca; Nibert, Ainslie; Toms, Robin Report Sep 1, 2020 5167
Level of Patient Satisfaction with Inpatient Services and Its Determinants: A Study of a Specialized Hospital in Ethiopia. Asamrew, Nebsu; Endris, Abduilhafiz A.; Tadesse, Musse Clinical report Aug 31, 2020 8393
Refusing to have a coronavirus vaccine is inexplicable. George Koumoullis Aug 2, 2020 810
Refusing to have a coronavirus vaccine is inexplicable. Aug 2, 2020 784
Commentary on "Do physician incentives increase patient medication adherence?". Gibson, Teresa B. Report Aug 1, 2020 2034
Do physician incentives increase patient medication adherence? Kong, Edward; Beshears, John; Laibson, David; Madrian, Brigitte; Volpp, Kevin; Loewenstein, George; Report Aug 1, 2020 6607
No-suicide contracts: Can they work? Roberts, Caroline Report Aug 1, 2020 1884
How to resolve difficult interactions with patients. Craven, Jeff Aug 1, 2020 1072
Factors influencing patients' preferences for their treating physician. Alraddadi, Khalid S.; Al-Adwani, Fayzah; Taher, Ziad A.; Al-Mansour, Mubark; Khan, Muhammad Survey Aug 1, 2020 6065
Listen to your patients. Hossain, Nazli Letter to the editor Jul 11, 2020 698
Tears of a Physician, are they justified? Arshad, Sohaib; Allah, Nasar Um Min; Khamis, Mohammad Fadhli Letter to the editor Jul 11, 2020 710
Barriers and facilitators to use of a clinical evidence technology in the management of skin problems in primary care: insights from mixed methods. Burke, Marianne D.; Savard, Liliane B.; Rubin, Alan S.; Littenberg, Benjamin Jul 1, 2020 7045
Patient experiences of pictogram use during nurse-led rapid-access chest pain clinic consultations in regional Aotearoa New Zealand/Nga wheako turoro o te whakamahi whakaahua i roto i nga toronga mamaetanga poho tomo hohoro na te tapuhi i arahi i nga rohe o Aotearoa. Low, Tracy; Scott-Chapman, Sue; Forrest, Rachel Jul 1, 2020 4230
How the pandemic impacts healthcare. Salvana, Maurice T. Jun 28, 2020 953
Study Finds Doctor On Demand Video Visits Foster Physician-Patient Relationships. Clinical report Jun 16, 2020 173
Study Finds Doctor On Demand Video Visits Foster Physician-Patient Relationships. Clinical report Jun 16, 2020 187
Study Finds Doctor On Demand Video Visits Foster Physician-Patient Relationships. Clinical report Jun 16, 2020 187
A Physician Communication Coaching Program: Developing a Supportive Culture of Feedback to Sustain and Reinvigorate Faculty Physicians. McDaniel, Susan H.; DeCaporale-Ryan, Lauren; Fogarty, Colleen Jun 1, 2020 2758
TOP DOCTOR PROFILES 2020. May 1, 2020 5105
Doctors must refrain from unethical practice, Self projection - Prof. Majeed Chaudhry. Apr 17, 2020 1100
Under the influence. Wilkoff, William G. Viewpoint essay Apr 1, 2020 659
Solutionreach Offers Free Emergency Messaging to Support COVID-19 Patient Communications. Mar 27, 2020 394
Solutionreach Offers Free Emergency Messaging to Support COVID-19 Patient Communications. Mar 27, 2020 380
Solutionreach Offers Free Emergency Messaging to Support COVID-19 Patient Communications. Mar 27, 2020 394
There Was a Little Girl. Lang, Dennis Viewpoint essay Mar 22, 2020 4987
New Survey Reveals Unmet Treatment Needs of IBD Sufferers. Mar 16, 2020 682
Good relationship between Doctor-patient expedites healing process. Mar 14, 2020 266
Physicians underscore need for ensuring patients care. Mar 14, 2020 358
QliqSOFT Launches COVID-19 Virtual Patient Communication Kit. Mar 13, 2020 303
Are patient portals working? Ask your mother-in-law! Notte, Chris; Skolnik, Neil Column Mar 1, 2020 972
Abortion is big business' former abortionist says. Terzo, Sarah Mar 1, 2020 689
Quarrel between Seremban doctor and patient 'settled', N. Sembilan health dept says after viral video. Feb 18, 2020 613
Assisted suicide bill sets a dangerous precedent. Wade, Steven Feb 14, 2020 414
Mzee Moi loved meat, sacrament wine from Israel - Dr Silverstein. Feb 12, 2020 292
Narrowing the empathy gap between doctors and patients using emotion forecasting. Qian, Guoying; Zheng, Wen; Liu, Shuchang; Jiang, Suo; Du, Yuan; Yang, Sijie Feb 1, 2020 4275
Empathy in clinical practice: a qualitative study of early medical practitioners and educators. Sonia Ijaz Haider, Qamar Riaz and Roger Christopher Gill Jan 24, 2020 4983
Poll: Older Adults Frequently Use Online Physician Ratings; Two-thirds of older adults using online ratings chose a doctor due to positive reviews. Survey Jan 6, 2020 325
How the Internet influences the relationship between outpatients and gastroenterologists: A multicenter study. Drug, Vasile Liviu; Chirila, Ioan; Albusoda, Ahmed; Bancila, Ion; Iordache, Sevastita; Nedelcu, Laur Jan 1, 2020 3633
Communication Barriers in Pakistan: Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis. Adnan, Malik; Latif, Faiza; Abid, Shumaila Jan 1, 2020 3551
How the Internet influences the relationship between outpatients and gastroenterologists: A multicenter study. Drug, Vasile Liviu; Chirila, Ioan; Albusoda, Ahmed; Bancila, Ion; Iordache, Sevastita; Nedelcu, Laur Jan 1, 2020 3665
Differentiating the Personalized Information of the Physician-Patient Communication for the Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease with General Probabilistic Vector Linguistic Terms. Zhai, Yuling; Xu, Zeshui; Ren, Peijia Dec 31, 2019 13162
HIMSS and Forrester Announce Partnership to Determine How Healthcare's Digital Transformation Impacts Provider and Patient Experience. Dec 17, 2019 594
Future is digital Health. Dec 12, 2019 395
Movers+Shakers. Oct 28, 2019 1053
'Bloodied' fight breaks out between surgeon and patient at cosmetic clinic; Valentina Sidorova posted a video online showing her bloodied face which she says was a result of Dr Olesya Sokolan attacking her. By, Lorraine King Oct 25, 2019 762
Clinical Profile of Patients of Sickle Cell Crisis in a Rural Tertiary Care Hospital. Verghese, Betty; Acharya, Sourya; Khandekar, Aditya; Shukla, Samarth; Acharya, Neema Oct 21, 2019 3367
Enhancing Medical Students' Communicative Skills in a 3D Virtual World. Wu, Yi-Ju Ariel; Lan, Yu-Ju; Huang, Sin-Bao Paul; Lin, Yen-Ting R. Oct 1, 2019 8766
What We Are Reading Today: Bright Side Of The Road. Arab News Sep 29, 2019 190
Give Seniors a Memory Check at Annual Checkups, Experts Say. Sep 23, 2019 279
Direct Primary Care--Where Does Integrated Behavioral Health Fit? Nielsen, Marci Report Sep 1, 2019 2727
Technology and the Doctor-Patient Relationship. Book review Sep 1, 2019 120
Association of Asthma Control and Metered-Dose Inhaler Use Technique among Adult Asthmatic Patients Attending Outpatient Clinic, in Resource-Limited Country: A Prospective Study. Kebede, Bezie; Mamo, Girma; Molla, Abebaw Clinical report Aug 31, 2019 3666
Exploring agendas of patients attending family medicine clinics in Jordan. A qualitative content analysis study. Barghouti, Farihan F.; Almasri, Nihad A.; Takruri, Dima H. Report Aug 1, 2019 2911
Social determinants of health gain traction in training, practice. Kilgore, Christine Aug 1, 2019 1839
Patient Relationship Management (PRM) Software Market to Set Phenomenal Growth from 2019 to 2025/ Key Players: Solutionreach, WebPT, RevenueWell, Weave. Aug 1, 2019 1078
GP and patient relationship thriving. Jul 23, 2019 520
Evaluative Role of Family Physician in Diagnosis and Management of Gout in Primary Health Care Centers: A Simple Literature Review. Alzahrani, Maan Ibrahim; Alzahrani, Muath Ibrahim; Alsolami, Essam Abdulrahman; Sulami, Azzam Hamed Report Jul 1, 2019 2993
Finding neuro: How to develop a positive relationship with your neurologist. Knight, Mike Jun 22, 2019 1778
Imperial Home Health, Synzi to enhance patient communication and engagement. Jun 19, 2019 280
Imperial Home Health, Synzi to enhance patient communication and engagement. Jun 19, 2019 266
Imperial Home Health, Synzi to enhance patient communication and engagement. Jun 19, 2019 280
What is not owed. Jun 10, 2019 707
Patient-centered communication in type 2 diabetes: The facilitating and constraining factors in clinical encounters. Paiva, Dagmara; Abreu, Liliana; Azevedo, Ana; Silva, Susana Jun 1, 2019 9049
The Impact of Behavioral Health Consultations on Medical Encounter Duration in Pediatric Primary Care: A Retrospective Match-Controlled Study. Riley, Andrew R.; Paternostro, Jennifer K.; Walker, Bethany L.; Wagner, David V. Report Jun 1, 2019 2507
HELLP--I Need Somebody. Kannai, Ruth; Rice, Aya Personal account Jun 1, 2019 1705
The development of ethical guidelines for telemedicine in South Africa. Townsend, B A; Scott, R E; Mars, M Jun 1, 2019 7895
Students' perception regarding behavioral patterns used in doctor-patient relationship. Manea, Mirela; Chirita, Roxana; Manea, Traian; Ionescu, Ecaterina Jun 1, 2019 2154
Case report. Late onset manic episode: evolution and management of the elderly patient. Ciulea, Stefania; Gavril, Radu; Gavril, Raluca M.; Lupsa, Livia A.; Stefanescu, Cristinel Jun 1, 2019 2236
Artificial intelligence is not going to replace Physicians but it will redefine their role. May 31, 2019 2008
Breaking bad news skill of postgraduate residents of tertiary care hospital of Lahore, Pakistan: A cross-sectional survey. Report May 31, 2019 3027
digitalcare100 Launches Communication Platform to Facilitate Doctor-Patient Relationship Growth. May 16, 2019 271
The importance of relationship marketing in healthcare: differences and similarities in the physician-patient relationship in the Romanian private and public healthcare sectors. Mehedintu, Mihai May 1, 2019 2454
Integration of Traditional Birth Attendants into Mental Healthcare: A Multistakeholder Qualitative Study Exploration. Musyimi, Christine W.; Mutiso, Victoria N.; Nyamai, Darius N.; Ebuenyi, Ikenna D.; Ndetei, David M. Report Apr 30, 2019 4903
Medical malpractice cases depend on foreseeability. Apr 22, 2019 1365
Supreme Court Digest: April 17, 2019. Apr 17, 2019 272
Putting up with abusive patients? That's not for me. Block, Allan M. Column Apr 1, 2019 405
Hope is one of our most important gifts to patients. Benabio, Jeffrey Column Apr 1, 2019 609
Please slow smoking. Perry, Jessica Mar 25, 2019 910
The Two Faces of Medicine. Singleton, Marilyn M. Mar 22, 2019 2044
GPs lose patience with patients who criticise staff on social media; DOCTORS' SURGERIES THREATEN TO DE-LIST PEOPLE AFTER RECENT BACKLASH ON FACEBOOK. KELLY WILLIAMS Daily Post Chief Reporter Mar 21, 2019 410
DEALING FAIRLY WITH DISRUPTIVE PHYSICIANS. Fibuch, Eugene; Robertson, Jennifer J. Mar 1, 2019 2371
Effect of Telehealth System on Glycemic Control in Children and Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes. Doger, Esra; Bozbulut, Rukiye; Acar, A. Sebnem Soysal; Ercan, Sebnem; Ugurlu, Aylin Kilinc; Akbas, E Report Mar 1, 2019 3865
Development and validation of the Patient--Healthcare Provider Communication Scale: Chinese version. Wang, Ya-huei; Liao, Hung-Chang Report Mar 1, 2019 5726
Patients who want to make you retire, and how to cope. Coldiron, Brett M. Mar 1, 2019 969
NEWS BRIEFS. Feb 1, 2019 711
Empathy: An essential tool in any doctor's skillset. Archer, E.; Turner, R. Editorial Jan 1, 2019 1313
The Caregiving System and the Doctor-Patient Relationship: Responding to One's Needs/El sistema de cuidado en salud y la relacion medico-paciente: responder a las necesidades del otro/O sistema de cuidado e a relacao medico-paciente: respondendo as necessidades do outro. Neves, Mariana Guerra Barstad Castro; Grillo, Rafaela Oliveira; Sollero-de-Campos, Flavia Jan 1, 2019 4522
"Como un sedimento que se va quedando en el cuerpo": Percepcion social del riesgo sobre compuestos toxicos persistentes y otras sustancias quimicas sinteticas en la alimentacion entre mujeres embarazadas y lactantes en Espana. Larrea-Killinger, Cristina; Munoz, Araceli; Begueria, Arantza; Mascaro Pons, Jaume Jan 1, 2019 9631
Breaking bad news. Cole, Andrew Jan 1, 2019 2649
Addressing patients' complaints. Eastern, Joseph S. Column Jan 1, 2019 821
Motivational interviewing: The RULES, PACE, and OARS. Haque, Shariq F.; D'Souza, Allen Jan 1, 2019 984
The gift of misery. Schnipke, Brent D. Personal account Jan 1, 2019 1079
HONING THE FINE ART OF COMMUNICATION. Fibuch, Eugene; Robertson, Jennifer J. Jan 1, 2019 2051
Addressing patients' complaints. Eastern, Joseph S. Jan 1, 2019 839
Modern challenges of patient care in healthcare system. Khan, Muhammad Ahmad Jan 1, 2019 1762
They can hear the silence: Nursing practices on communication with patients. Antonacci, Rosetta; Fong, Annie; Sumbly, Pia; Wang, Yi Fan; Maiden, Leslie; Doucette, Elaine; Gauthi Report Dec 22, 2018 3016
BEYOND THE SYMPTOMS. Simington, Maire O. Dec 22, 2018 548
How well are your phones being answered? Eastern, Joseph S. Viewpoint essay Dec 1, 2018 750
Does Patient Demand Affect the Physicians' Decision to Prescribe Antibiotics in Emergency Departments? A Survey Study. Isik, Gulsah Cikrikci; Ekingen, Evren Report Dec 1, 2018 5104
Unlearning Cisnormativity in the Clinic: Enacting Transgender Reproductive Rights in Everyday Patient Encounters. Erbenius, Theo; Payne, Jenny Gunnarsson Dec 1, 2018 6208
Role modelling: A missing link in medical education. Nov 30, 2018 1234
A spiritual check-up amid realities in medical advances (2). Nov 30, 2018 736
The patient who doesn't like you. Block, Allan M. Column Nov 1, 2018 434
Grounding My Patients: One Practitioner's Experience. Nov 1, 2018 1306
The patient who doesn't like you. Block, Allan M. Nov 1, 2018 424
COMPRESS: Key questions to ask during shift changes in a psychiatric ER. Kalapatapu, Raj K. Report Nov 1, 2018 418
ETHICAL ASPECTS INVOLVING THE USE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY IN NEW SURGICAL APLICATIONS: TELESURGERY AND SURGICAL TELEMENTORING/Aspectos eticos relacionados con el uso de informacion tecnologica en nuevas aplicaciones quirurgicas: tele-cirugia y tele-tutoria/Aspectos eticos envolvendo o uso de tecnologia da informacao em novas aplicacoes cirurgicas: telescirurgia e telemonitoria cirurgica. Fuertes-Guiro, Fernando; Velasco, Eduardo Viteri Nov 1, 2018 7639
Patient interaction a sense of pride for pharmacy veteran. Oct 22, 2018 736
8.5 lac patient interactions served successfully by PKLI. Oct 9, 2018 361
Implementing EMRs Affects Time Spent With Patients in Clinic; Even after return to pre-EMR efficiency, more time spent on documentation, less on patient interaction. Sep 28, 2018 335
Scribes Improve Physician Workflow, Patient Interaction; Scribes lower EHR documentation burden for doctors and increase time spent interacting with patients. Sep 18, 2018 276
Keeping the doctor-patient relationship at the office. Block, Allan M. Sep 1, 2018 285
The professionalism of psychiatry registrars as perceived by patients and various health practitioners at Weskoppies Psychiatric Hospital, Pretoria. Banda, Matthews M.; van Staden, Werdie C.W. Sep 1, 2018 4865
When to stop therapy. Etingin, Orli R. Brief article Sep 1, 2018 250
Tattoos: A summary knowledge for the practising clinician. Isaacs, T.; Ngwanya, R.M.; Lehloenya, R.J. Report Sep 1, 2018 7498
The Legacy Continues. Kessinger, A. Jay Essay Sep 1, 2018 676
Using a Patient Communication Poster to Triage Care Needs Between the Registered Nurse and Nursing Assistant: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Tepei, Georgeta; Victor, Patricia; John, Anita; Mtabo, Joyce; Mwaipasi, Leah; Sebastian, Angelita; T Sep 1, 2018 4978
Physicians Rate Communication During Visit Lower Than Patients; Lack of correlation between physician scores of doctor-patient communication versus patient scores. Aug 20, 2018 256
Confidentiality of medical reports. Aug 19, 2018 340
Knowing Patients' Social Needs Helps Clinicians Tailor Care; Primary care physicians report changes in care delivery, patient interactions. Aug 14, 2018 241
Medical reports confidentiality. Aug 4, 2018 318
GP Practices as a One-Stop Shop: How Do Patients Perceive the Quality of Care? A Cross-Sectional Study in Thirty-Four Countries. Schafer, Willemijn L.A.; Boerma, Wienke G.W.; Schellevis, Francois G.; Groenewegen, Peter P. Report Aug 1, 2018 6244
Respect is key to treating dermatologic issues in transgender youth. Brunk, Doug Aug 1, 2018 624
Adherencia a controles prenatales en el norte argentino desde la perspectiva de la interfaz social. Gonzalez-Cowes, Valeria Laura; Pablo Landini, Fernando Aug 1, 2018 7064
From the Publisher. Collin, Jonathan Aug 1, 2018 2938
How to Approach the Cancer Patient, Diagnosis, and Treatment. Jurasunas, Serge Disease/Disorder overview Aug 1, 2018 6016
'Patients should tell GPs about their rongoa'. Brief article Aug 1, 2018 252
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Medici raises over USD22m in private capital. Jun 14, 2018 164
IMPROVING PHYSICIAN KNOWLEDGE AND FAMILY SUPPORT AT THE TIME OF A DIAGNOSIS OF INTELLECTUAL DISABILITIES: Special Olympics has recognized the need as an organization to take a more positive approach to empower parents and caregivers of children with ID because of their experience with Special Olympics athletes who continue to inspire and amaze with all that they are able to do. Boseman, Charita R. Jun 1, 2018 920
Modern healthcare system provides little opportunities for Doctor Patient relationship. May 31, 2018 1610
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Quest Survey Suggests Beliefs about STD Risk, Poor Physician-Patient Communication May Impede Screening in Young Women. Apr 12, 2018 445
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Demise of Clinical Acumen has serious consequences for patient care-Prof. Majeed Chaudhry. Report Mar 15, 2018 1406
IMA's battle against National Medical Council Bill. Mar 10, 2018 335
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Politicians should stop invading our privacy and reject SB1394. Mar 1, 2018 597
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Biggest Factors When Choosing a New Doctor. Feb 1, 2018 334
Plan to allow Bahrainis to choose their family doctor being tested. Jan 24, 2018 430
Madison Street Dental to host Jan. 30 open house. Jan 20, 2018 355
Factors Influencing the Introduction of a Process of Advance Care Planning in Outpatient Hemodialysis Facilities. Moran, Aoife Jan 1, 2018 7653
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Privacy, please! Winder, Janette Viewpoint essay Sep 1, 2017 647
Improving patient communications and price transparency. Dyke, David Report Sep 1, 2017 931
Considering work as an expert witness? Look before you leap! Marett, Christopher P.; Mossman, Douglas Sep 1, 2017 2864
Doctors pressured this woman to die by euthanasia one year later she is much better. Schadenberg, Alex Reprint Sep 1, 2017 332
Outcomes for Successful Cannulation of the Arteriovenous Fistula: Perspectives from Patients on Hemodialysis. Wilson, Barbara; Harwood, Lori Report Sep 1, 2017 6216
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Suicide and Drug Consumption Legislative and Deontological Implications. Scripcaru, Veronica; Iliescu, Diana Bulgaru; Knieling, Anton; Dobrin, Romeo P.; Scripcaru, Andrei Report Sep 1, 2017 2119
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Patient-Physician Trust, Emotional Distress, and Self-Care Activities of Adults with Type II Diabetes Mellitus. Niazi, Mishal; Rafique, Rafia Report Jun 22, 2017 6134
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