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Physician Relationship Management System Helps Hospitals Influence Physician Choice.

MADISON, Wis. -- CPM Marketing Group, the market leader for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for providers, announced today a new release of its Physician Relationship Management System. This release incorporates a comprehensive physician database, advanced real-time analytics, data mapping, reporting, contact management and performance monitoring.

"High-performing hospitals are proactively reaching out to physicians to build long-term, mutually profitable relationships. The CPM Physician Relationship Management System allows hospitals to look at physicians, either individually or in groups, understand their splitting and referral behavior and then act on it," says John Hallick, President and CEO of CPM Marketing Group, Inc.

The cornerstone of the CPM Physician Relationship Management System is a comprehensive physician database built using CPM's proprietary Data Fusion([R]) database construction and maintenance system. Data Fusion integrates internal, external and computed data into one system. The Physician Relationship Management System also incorporates a unique real-time analytical engine and contact management system that allow physician liaisons to better understand and influence a physician's choice of hospitals.

"Understanding physician behavior is only the first step in the process of maximizing the value of relationships, so we have integrated a contact management tool to generate task lists and resolve physician issues," Hallick says.

Using the contact management system, physician liaisons are able to view, edit and maintain physician information. Following a physician meeting, they can record actionable information and follow-up tasks. Each task is assigned a due date, issue category and priority code. In the case of an issue, an e-mail is automatically sent to the appropriate party based on the type of issue. Task reports, sorted by time period, status and subject, help liaisons stay informed of upcoming due dates.

"An added value to this system is that it is sustainable. We take care of maintaining the data on behalf of our customers and also have the ability to provide strategic and creative consultation to hospitals for direct to physician communication programs," Hallick said.

CPM Marketing Group supports its Physician Relationship Management System with expert consultation and production services. A team of strategic marketing consultants can assist clients with developing a physician relationship strategy, messaging and creative development, and complete the process with high-quality printing and mailing services.

To find out more about CPM Marketing Group's Physician Relationship Management system, visit, call (800) 332-2631 or e-mail

About CPM Marketing Group

CPM Marketing Group, headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, is the market leader in healthcare relationship management, database and communications technologies. Our mission is to help hospitals understand the value of Relationship Management and its role in your marketing initiatives. Over the past 20+ years, we have built our reputation on providing real, measureable value to our hospital clients, helping them meet their business goals. For more information, visit, call (800) 332-2631 or e-mail

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Date:Apr 15, 2009
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