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Man's PS1,875 bill for using his mum's blue badge to fetch coffee; EAGLE-EYED ATTENDANT CHALLENGED DRIVER IN CITY CENTRE. CARL JACKSON Court Reporter Mar 23, 2020 491
1,100 tickets issued for parking in disabled bays; Council campaign aims to crack down on abuse. KAIYA MARJORIBANKS Mar 11, 2020 439
Mobility support service's healthy addition. IAN BUNTING Mar 4, 2020 434
People with disabilities speak out over blue badge abuse. JOSH LAYTON News Reporter Mar 4, 2020 967
Free hospital parking another step closer; Blue badge holders and patients who regularly attend appointments could benefit. Feb 24, 2020 286
Ex-officer barred from police after using cancelled blue badge. Feb 20, 2020 267
Cop used old Blue Badge to park in Brum; POLICE. STEPHANIE BALLOO Feb 19, 2020 331
Blue badge holder speak out after receiving parking fine; Melanie Smith says warnings were not visible enough in a Prestbury car park. Alex Scapens Feb 9, 2020 472
Blue badge holder speak out after receiving parking fine; Melanie Smith says warnings were not visible enough in a Prestbury car park. Alex Scapens Feb 9, 2020 472
Free hospital parking plan for groups of frequent visitors. DAVID HOLMES @Sherlock1968 Feb 6, 2020 437
Warning to blue badge fraudsters; Motorists who misuse special parking permits face PS1k fine. GEORGE MAKIN Local Democracy Reporter Jan 29, 2020 310
BLUE BADGE FRAUD UNDER SPOTLIGHT. GEORGE MAKIN Local Democracy Reporter Jan 21, 2020 229
SUPER SELFISH; Anger as drivers park in disabled bays at Mailbox 'to avoid risking a scratch'. JANE HAYNES News Reporter Jan 15, 2020 660
Action call over parking spaces; Blue Badge bays are not clearly marked out says campaigner. KERI TRIGG Jan 3, 2020 393
Decline of Blue badge numbers in Wigan. Jan 3, 2020 132
Plans to scrap some hospital parking fees are welcomed; but move doesn't go far enough, say some. ELAINE BLACKBURNE @TeessideLive Dec 30, 2019 701
Thousands with hidden disabilities benefit from extended Blue Badge scheme. Dec 30, 2019 819
Progress made on blue badges. DALE HASLAM Councillor Martin Greig Dec 30, 2019 425
Free hospital parking rolling out - who will get it and who won't; Blue badge holders and patients who must regularly attend appointments for long-term conditions will get free hospital parking. Graeme Brown Dec 30, 2019 508
Government to scrap hospital parking fees. Dec 28, 2019 194
Blue badges for hidden disability. Dec 28, 2019 171
Free hospital parking to benefit thousands; New rules for blue badge holders and patients who regularly attend appointments. Dec 28, 2019 284
Blue badges for hidden disability. Dec 28, 2019 171
Blue badge boost for 12,000 people with hidden disabilities. Dec 28, 2019 276
Thousands benefit from blue badge changes. Dec 28, 2019 349
Hospital free parking plan; NEWS WIRE. Dec 27, 2019 101
FREE HOSPITAL PARKING FOR PATIENTS WHO NEED IT MOST; Night-shift staff will also be exempt in NHS shake-up. MARTIN BAGOT Health Editor and OLIVER MILNE Dec 27, 2019 378
Hospital parking fees scrapped for thousands of patients and staff; Some NHS staff pay thousands of pounds every year to park at work. Emilia Bona Dec 27, 2019 409
Hospital parking fees abolished after Mirror campaign stops us being ripped off; The Mirror has campaigned for two years for the hospital car parking charges to be abolished for everyone after patients, staff and visitors have been forced to shell out. By, Martin Bagot Dec 27, 2019 371
And bloom! Mr Horrible has gone. POLLY HUDSON Dec 3, 2019 596
'Use someone else's blue badge and risk a big fine' warning goes out of parking enforcement officers' new powers. ALEX METCALFE Local democracy reporter @Mecs_LDR Nov 28, 2019 465
Blue badge scheme needs an overhaul. Nov 28, 2019 139
Wrongful use of Blue Badge leads to conviction. Nov 27, 2019 223
Wrongful use of Blue Badge leads to conviction; Fine handed down following Parking Services investigation. Nov 26, 2019 223
Blue badge education call; Understanding of hidden disabilities. KAIYA MARJORIBANKS Nov 20, 2019 323
Plush new station part of PS500m regeneration. DAYNA FARRINGTON Nov 8, 2019 193
A 'landmark' station vision for Perry Barr; VIEWS SOUGHT ON PLANS FOR STATION AND BUS INTERCHANGE. ZOE CHAMBERLAIN Nov 8, 2019 499
YOUR VIEW Joe Michna, manager Citizens; Joe Michna, manager Citizens Advice Hartlepool, answers questions on the Blue Badge scheme. Joe Michna Nov 4, 2019 358
TV star Paddy McGuinness tells of his anger after stranger questioned why he had parked in a disabled space. Nov 4, 2019 399
Park these cruel fees; VOICE OF THE. Nov 2, 2019 179
Blue Badge application changes are a big mistake; VIEWPOINTS Write to: Viewpoints, M.E.N, Mitchell Henry House, Hollinwood Avenue, Oldham, OL9 8EF Or email: Oct 22, 2019 962
Isles restaurant wins global award for easy access; DESIGN. STAN ARNAUD Oct 11, 2019 204
Council's vow to blitz blue badge backlog. DALE HASLAM Sep 30, 2019 445
Southampton City Council tables fresh proposals for parking charges for Blue Badge Holders in its Off-Street Surface Car Parks. Sep 23, 2019 544
Clampdown on blue badge cheats. Sep 8, 2019 669
Parking habits which make motorists angry are revealed. Sep 4, 2019 285
Blue Badge extended to include hidden disabilities. Sep 3, 2019 212
Blue Badge extended to include hidden disabilities. Sep 3, 2019 211
Blue Badge extended to include hidden disabilities. Sep 3, 2019 213
Blue Badge extended to include hidden disabilities. Sep 3, 2019 213
Changes to Blue Badges. Sep 2, 2019 174
Blue badge scheme opens to people with hidden disabilities. Aug 31, 2019 406
People with hidden disabilities can access Blue Badges for the first time from today. Aug 30, 2019 863
Disabled parking appeal after shortage is revealed. Aug 30, 2019 220
People with hidden disabilities can now get a blue badge for parking; People with conditions such as anxiety disorders or brain injuries will now be eligible for a blue badge. Aug 30, 2019 492
Thousands more people to be eligible for disabled Blue Badges from Friday; People with mental health problems, such as depression and those in "severe psychological distress" will be able to access the benefit. Aug 29, 2019 489
YOUR VIEW; The Blue Badge scheme is the topic in the spotlight, with Joe Michna, manager, Citizens Advice Hartlepool. Aug 26, 2019 370
Lots of confusion over blue badge entitlement. Aug 21, 2019 654
South Wales Echo letters: Wednesday, August 21, 2019; Your letters to the South Wales Echo. Aug 21, 2019 581
Crackdown nets blue badge fraud. Aug 10, 2019 481
Fined in 180 seconds: Disgruntled disabled driver takes parking penalty battle to court; Hip op patient hits out as 10-minute stop proves costly. Jul 28, 2019 628
TRAVEL News and information. Jul 20, 2019 219
Parking fine for disabled driver who forgot his blue badge; Council: Authority called 'inflexible' by man with short-term memory loss. Jul 11, 2019 431
Council guard parked with stolen blue badge; News. Jun 29, 2019 472
Taxis causing havoc at back of market; LETTERS Get in touch - tell us what you think Email: Twitter: @coventrytelegraph Facebook: Post: Coventry Telegraph, Leicester Row, Canal Basin, Coventry, CV1 4LY. Letter to the editor Jun 29, 2019 365
MP welcomes changes to Blue Badge scheme; People with mental health conditions now eligible. Jun 26, 2019 339
Disabilities you can't see. Jun 25, 2019 164
Blue Badge parking for people with an 'invisible' disability. Jun 18, 2019 480
Driver hits out in blue badge row; 'WARDEN TOLD ME I COULD PARK IN A DISABLED BAY TO PICK UP PARTNER... THEN I WAS FINED'. Jun 18, 2019 434
Blue Badge move for 'invisible' disabilities. Jun 15, 2019 241
Blue blade parking scheme extended to cover people with 'invisible' disabilities; Permits will be issued to those suffering from conditions like dementia and anxiety disorders. Jun 15, 2019 357
Blue blade parking scheme extended to cover people with 'invisible' disabilities; Permits will be issued to those suffering from conditions like dementia and anxiety disorders. Jun 15, 2019 357
Blue blade parking scheme extended to cover people with 'invisible' disabilities; Permits will be issued to those suffering from conditions like dementia and anxiety disorders. Jun 15, 2019 357
Blue blade parking scheme extended to cover people with 'invisible' disabilities; Permits will be issued to those suffering from conditions like dementia and anxiety disorders. Jun 15, 2019 357
Blue blade parking scheme extended to cover people with 'invisible' disabilities; Permits will be issued to those suffering from conditions like dementia and anxiety disorders. Jun 15, 2019 357
More to be eligible to get a blue badge. Jun 7, 2019 233
Blue badge misuse and assault among court cases. May 23, 2019 1808
MSP in call over online badge appeals; TRANSPORT. May 18, 2019 232
Book leads way for walking tour of town. May 17, 2019 448
Pensioner with terminal cancer waits nearly THREE MONTHS for blue parking badge; Michael Sparkes, 70, from Nottinghamshire, is being put "through hell". May 11, 2019 517
NEWS BRIEFING 115 new spaces as car park opens up. May 6, 2019 149
You don't have THAT blue badge, Jordan.. May 3, 2019 111
Pensioner's toilet dash lands him PS70 parking fine. May 2, 2019 540
Parking fine appeal woe for ill Ken; blue badge holder must pay up after rushing to toilet. May 1, 2019 457
Alert on renewal of blue badges; STAR BRIEFING. Apr 29, 2019 138
Woman lucky to survive accident turned down for Blue Badge three times. Apr 25, 2019 775
So many denied blue badge for hidden disability; MUM FINALLY WINS CASE AFTER THREE ATTEMPTS TO PROVE NEEDS. Apr 25, 2019 645
Allocation of blue badges 'a lottery' says charity. Apr 23, 2019 423
Christine McGuinness says total strangers demand to see autistic twins' Blue Badge; Christine McGuinness appeared on BBC Breakfast to talk about the struggles of raising three children with autism. Apr 19, 2019 996
Christine McGuinness shares rare snap of daughters while they watch her on BBC Breakfast; The mum-of-three was praised for her campaigning. Apr 19, 2019 801
Barber used pensioner's blue badge to park in disabled bay rather than paying for ticket; Sean Jones left his purple Volkswagen in a disabled bay but was caught after a member of the public reported him. Apr 8, 2019 325
WHAT THE COUNCIL SAYS. Mar 30, 2019 114
Mum admits to illegally using son's blue badge. Mar 28, 2019 237
College lecturer found guilty of blue badge fraud; COUNCIL SAYS IT WILL PROSECUTE ANYONE IT FINDS MISUSING 'ESSENTIAL LIFELINE'. Mar 14, 2019 373
'Tackle the misuse of disabled parking bays'. Feb 20, 2019 399
'Selfish' blue badge cheat fined by court; IN BRIEF. Feb 15, 2019 174
Parking cash pot questions; attention drawn to PS8.5m profit. Feb 15, 2019 590
Blue badge parking anger Sir [...]. Feb 1, 2019 142
Apply your local knowledge. Jan 29, 2019 472
Blue Badges are not handed back; Amnesty targeted misuse. Dec 12, 2018 387
Man brutally attacked in parking row. Dec 7, 2018 204
Disabled driver slams surgeon for nabbing last blue badge spot for sports car; Anita Harvey, 45, complained to Nuffield Health Tees Hospital about the selfish surgeon, who claimed he needed the parking space for his flip-up BMW doors. Nov 24, 2018 454
Equality worry in a row over hospital parking. Nov 12, 2018 500
Disabled mum left humiliated after parking outside school. Oct 20, 2018 390
Disabled mum 'humiliated' after son's school 'shames' her in parent newsletter over 'dangerous' parking; Anita Partidge maintained she had parked legally and safely after a photo of her car parked on double yellow lines was circulated in a newsletter headlined 'Dangerous Parking'. Oct 20, 2018 687
Heartless crooks steal specially adapted car used to transport disabled daughter; The car contains a ramp, hoist and a blue badge. Oct 4, 2018 691
Cost of failing to display blue badge in car. Sep 26, 2018 418
Pensioner's 'disgust' after dead relative blue badge blunder. Sep 13, 2018 369
Pensioner's 'disgust' over dead relative permit error. Sep 13, 2018 372
Rogue car dealer jailed for PS1m fraud; gambling addict used blue badge holders in tax scam. Sep 12, 2018 704
Here's how you can request Instagram verification badge. Aug 29, 2018 219
Parking mad after three-year dispute; CASH PENALTY Sandra faces having to pay despite honest mistake. Aug 29, 2018 506
'You lazy conning b****' Vile note left on car of mum taking her terminally-ill son to visit doctor. Aug 22, 2018 554
Abusive message left on car of mum with disabled son; NOTE CALLING HER 'LAZY CONNING B****' PUT ON THE WINDSCREEN. Aug 17, 2018 514
Mum of terminally ill tot reduced to tears after vile note left on car. Aug 17, 2018 242
@dailyrecord. Aug 16, 2018 162
Mum of tragic Bobby blasts 'cowardly' blue badge note. Aug 16, 2018 152
Disabled driver finds abusive note calling her a "selfish c**t" in row over blue badge spot; Fiona Scullard, 36, was stunned when she found the offensive note on her windscreen in a Sainsbury's car park. Aug 15, 2018 565
Long-term need for a blue badge; Get in touch - tell us what you think Email: Twitter: @birminghammail Facebook: Post: Birmingham Mail, 60 Church Street, Birmingham B3 2DJ. Letter to the editor Aug 14, 2018 206
Why must blue badge scheme be extended? Aug 2, 2018 107
Blue badges for people with 'hidden disabilities'. Jul 31, 2018 407
'Hidden disabled' to get blue badge permit; mentally ill and people with conditions such as autism to benefit from parking scheme. Jul 30, 2018 474
Huge change to Blue Badge scheme announced - and it's good news for people with 'hidden disabilities'; It is the biggest change of the Blue Badge scheme in 40 years. Jul 30, 2018 601
Thousands with 'hidden disabilities' set to get blue badge parking permits; From next year, those with illnesses which are not easily identifiable to the eye will get the same parking rights as the physically disabled. Jul 29, 2018 417
Changes to Blue Badge scheme to help thousands of 'hidden' disabled; The changes will see thousands with autism, dementia and mental illnesses qualify for Blue Badges. Jul 29, 2018 922
The Blue Badge system is to be overhauled - this is what it will mean; The Government has described it as the biggest overhaul to the scheme since the 1970s. Jul 29, 2018 619
Badge win for autistic. Jul 29, 2018 115
Huge change to blue badge scheme set to help thousands of 'hidden' disabled people; People with autism, dementia and mental illness will qualify for Blue Badges across the country in the biggest shake-up for 40 years. Jul 29, 2018 432
Anti-fraud unit has 350 cases. Jul 6, 2018 394
Blue badge-holders criticise parking enforcement at Guildford train station; A driver has labeled the charges an 'attack' on the ability of disabled members of society to access facilities. Jun 25, 2018 506
Man fined [pounds sterling]1,000 for falsely using disabled blue badge in Ealing; A driver who falsely displayed a blue badge in Mattock Lane recently faced one of the most expensive shopping trips of his life. Jun 8, 2018 426
Fined PS100 - and you can see my blue badge on the picture. May 14, 2018 319
Disabled man parked in disabled bay using his sticker - but was still fined [pounds sterling]100; 79-year-old John Hibell is NOT happy with Iceland. May 13, 2018 376
Open day at Aberfoyle garden. May 11, 2018 147
Firefighters rescue dog from house kitchen fire; Crews were called to Cutler Crescent in Stacksteads. May 11, 2018 117
Blow as [pounds sterling]5.2m cycleway network set for 12-month delay; The project would see 30km of new and improved cycleways in Hyndburn and Rossendale. May 10, 2018 233
Setback as [pounds sterling]5.2m cycleway network facing 12-month delay; The project will create 30km of new and improved cycleways in Rossendale and Hyndburn. May 10, 2018 218
Mum's heartbreaking message to the woman who tried to shame her for using disabled parking space; Hannah Blatch was returning to her car with four-year-old Lily - who has a range of complex conditions including autism - when they were suddenly approached by the stranger. May 3, 2018 1088
IN THE DRIVER'S SEAT: STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES BEHIND THE WHEEL: Independence is an important precursor to driving, so parents who hope to see a son or daughter with disabilities behind the wheel are advised to start fostering independence and decision-making early on. Chapman, Peggy May 1, 2018 1860
Disabled face NEW hospital parking fees; Blue Badge holders forced to pay up; EXCLUSIVE. Apr 8, 2018 251
Goofy Photo Booth Receives Blue WeddingWire Rated[TM] Badge. Mar 13, 2018 543
Those Fancy Twitter Ticks Will Soon Be Open to Everyone. Mar 13, 2018 425
Disabled face wait of over one month to get blue badges. Mar 7, 2018 314
'I have less legs than you, I can park in any disabled space I like' 'War veteran hits back at 'ignorant' complaint over parking van in blue badge bay. Mar 2, 2018 380
Parking wardens needed at hospital. Feb 28, 2018 406
Dad blasts blue badge shame note; Anger at attack on disabled daughter. Feb 24, 2018 225
The blue meanies... Disabled parking badge theft rockets by 42% in two years. Feb 16, 2018 172
You say... Named and shamed [...]. Feb 14, 2018 169
Blue badges for those with hidden disabilities. Jan 22, 2018 273
Blue Badge shake-up. Jan 21, 2018 151
Blue badge for 'hidden' disabilities. Jan 21, 2018 136
'How can I pay for parking if I can't reach the meter?' WREXHAM COUNCIL WON'T CHANGE MACHINES FOR DISABLED DRIVERS. Jan 20, 2018 421
'Blue badge holders used to buy luxury cars in scam'. Jan 18, 2018 546
Tory raps disabled park fee. Jan 12, 2018 105
Kingston Hospital: Petition calls for Trust to scrap proposed 'unfair' disabled parking charges; Blue badge holders visiting the hospital will be expected to pay for their parking from January 22. Jan 12, 2018 465
Council hope to make PS25k from disabled parking fees. Jan 4, 2018 381
Parking shame; VOICE OF THE. Jan 2, 2018 115
Hospital parking profits leap but it still axes free disabled spaces. Jan 2, 2018 253
Trust 'lowest of low' for blue badge fees. Jan 1, 2018 123
Court told man punched traffic warden in head. Dec 21, 2017 296
Hospital's blue badge charges delayed. Dec 16, 2017 327
Bryn Williams restaurant wins disability award. Dec 7, 2017 185
More wardens to tackle bad parking; blue badge abuse, pavement parkers and illegal selling of permits to be targeted. Nov 8, 2017 734
Texts. Nov 2, 2017 210
Blue badge holders are being charged by our hospitals ... but not in Leeds; LABOUR PARTY SLAMS POSTCODE LOTTERY ON PARKING CHARGES. Oct 25, 2017 533
but disabled spaces on streets could be ditched. Oct 19, 2017 164
Two blue badge cheats in court. Oct 6, 2017 318
Blue badge holders: Don't get caught out; Get in touch - tell us what you think Email: Phone: 0151 227 2000 Twitter: @LIVECHONEWS Facebook: Post: Liverpool ECHO, PO Box 48, Old Hall Street, Liverpool L69 3EB. Travel narrative Sep 21, 2017 1221
Disabled face tolls for 'free' crossing. Sep 18, 2017 553
Fines proposal for fume-belching motors. Sep 7, 2017 217
BLUE WITH AN ER; PS145k in fines handed out for disabled parking spot cheats. Aug 19, 2017 479
Mayor's car caught in disabled parking bay. Aug 9, 2017 227
Give free parking to disabled people and unemployed may want it next; ONLY COUNCIL IN N.WALES TO CHARGE DEFENDS POLICY. Jul 20, 2017 523
Disabled man bought luxury cars in PS1m blue badge scam. Jul 15, 2017 582
Disabled four in PS1m Blue Badge luxury car scam; Pass holders used by criminal gang to avoid VAT. Jul 15, 2017 366
Shock findings on blue badges. Jul 6, 2017 353
Airport's FREE drop and go car park now open. Jun 30, 2017 389
Disabled drivers call for action on cheats. Jun 22, 2017 459
We say... The policy of [...]. Jun 21, 2017 268
I KICKED UP FUSS ABOUT rogue PARKING.... AND THEY GAVE ME A TICKET; Disabled man fined outside house for not displaying Blue badge properly. Jun 4, 2017 427
I was fined for parking in my OWN space. May 13, 2017 384
Nurse's affair with mother of patient. May 11, 2017 438
Drivers who used relatives' blue badge permits to dodge parking charges fined almost PS1,400. May 6, 2017 202
Priest used dead person's permit; UK BULLETINS. Apr 14, 2017 117
Council to refund disabled drivers' junction parking fines. Nov 25, 2016 252
OAP alleged to have misused disability badge. Nov 17, 2016 124
Blue Badges extended in Wales to cover temporary illness. Oct 6, 2016 197
Plan to give disabled drivers parking bay outside their home. Sep 30, 2016 352
Badge mystery in a League of its own. Sep 28, 2016 446
Driver's anger at police cars in disabled spaces. Sep 23, 2016 338
Why couldn't a blue badge holder park at the station when visiting police? because somebody got there first. Sep 23, 2016 344
Snapped: Police caught parking in disabled bays as blue badge holder tries to park; A blue badge holder spotted the police cars parked in the only two disabled bays at Alnwick station. Sep 22, 2016 341
Council fire woman in parking row. Sep 18, 2016 210
Blue badge jobsworths sack 'cheat'. Sep 18, 2016 117
Did you have an Examiner badge? Sep 16, 2016 150
PARKING There are plenty of [...]. Aug 27, 2016 179
Red rag to a Blue Badge holder. Aug 27, 2016 190
Problems with parking spaces. Aug 24, 2016 185
Things to know... TALL SHIPS BLYTH 2016. Aug 23, 2016 350
Things to know... Aug 23, 2016 357
Time so sort out those Blue Badges. Aug 22, 2016 183
Misuse of blue badges on the rise; SUNDAY SHORTS. Aug 21, 2016 126
Red light as theft of blue badges trebles in three years. Aug 20, 2016 261
No sympathy for cheats; Letters. Aug 20, 2016 190
Increase in badge thefts. Aug 20, 2016 121
Blue badge thefts treble in three years; CRIME. Aug 20, 2016 207
Theft of Blue Badges up by 30% in 3yrs. Aug 20, 2016 130
150,000 lost blue badge and benefits. Aug 18, 2016 206
Mum's blue badge used on posh BMW. Aug 11, 2016 319
Disabled bay vigilante told to stay away from car park. Aug 9, 2016 491
Disabled driver's PS35 parking fine refund win / Ted Stocker; BLUE BADGE HOLDER TED FORCES COUNCIL TO SUSPEND NEW RULES. Aug 4, 2016 396
Disabled driver's PS35 parking fine refund win; BLUE BADGE HOLDER TED FORCES COUNCIL TO SUSPEND NEW RULES. Aug 4, 2016 406
MP backs call for dementia victims to get Blue Badges. Jul 30, 2016 153
Car park to re-open. Jun 11, 2016 112
Car park altered after 2 years of complaints. Jun 9, 2016 252
Blue badge belonged to dead relative. May 26, 2016 102
Amnesty on blue badge fraud nets 30. Apr 7, 2016 216
TOP COMMENT Hugh Lamont said: "Using a disabled space when you're not entitled is just wrong, no matter for how long or short a time.". Apr 5, 2016 207
Watch the moment in Fenham when two drivers clash over a disabled parking bay; The dashcam footage in Fenham shows an apparently able-bodied driver parked in a space reserved for Blue Badge holders. Apr 3, 2016 291
ABOUT TIME; Council vows to act in disabled parking bays row... and driver says: 'I hope it's worth the wait'. Mar 15, 2016 401
Council reconsiders free parking options for blue badge holders. Mar 15, 2016 166
Be careful how you use blue badge. Mar 5, 2016 138
Police 'helped take PS15k car over PS60 fine' DISABLED DRIVER TOLD HER TOYOTA WILL BE SOLD TO PAY OFF DEBT. Mar 3, 2016 528
Driver uses dead gran's blue badge. Feb 27, 2016 127
Driver uses dead gran's blue badge. Feb 27, 2016 126
Fraudsters target Blue Badge holders. Feb 19, 2016 254
Think again on blue badge; Letters. Feb 15, 2016 137
Blue badge amnesty in Calderdale. Feb 13, 2016 182
Badges also help with parking cost. Feb 13, 2016 129
Newcastle is a hot spot for disabled badge prosecutions figures reveal; Report reveals the number of prosecutions for misusing Blue Badges in Newcastle has risen by 400% in a year in the city. Jan 29, 2016 744
Durham student fined after being caught using disabled grandad's blue badge to go for coffee; Durham student Hannah Kirby 'looked after' her disabled grandfather's blue badge as he can't drive, Peterlee Magistrates' Court heard. Jan 8, 2016 214
Student used blue badge. Jan 8, 2016 122
Hospital to review blue badge charges. Nov 20, 2015 185
Anger at plan to charge for disabled parking. Nov 13, 2015 335
MP vows to fight hospital car park fees for disabled. Nov 10, 2015 352
Disabled drivers 'unfairly' fined PS90 receive refunds; VICTORY FOR DOZEN BLUE BADGE HOLDERS HIT WITH CHARGES AFTER CAR PARK WAS SOLD. Oct 30, 2015 361
I've had people shout at me when I use a blue badge ... they assume I'm faking; Dad-to-be's five types of Crohn's disease. Oct 29, 2015 1045
MP PAULA WINS BLUE BADGE FEES RETHINK; Hospital to review disabled charges. Oct 12, 2015 492
Changes to disabled parking. Oct 9, 2015 128
Hospital car parking fees attacked by MP; Big rise in charges and disabled people must pay. Aug 1, 2015 548
Divisive disability parking rules come under fire. Jun 8, 2015 389
Apply early for badge; 22 FEEDBACK. Jun 3, 2015 169
I am terrified.. I can't see how my life can continue; Disabled Moira, 44, fears losing mobility car and blue badge as a result of brutal new benefits tests. May 6, 2015 394
Disabled-parking abusers. Essex, Amanda May 1, 2015 506
Blue badge anger; FEEDBACK. Apr 28, 2015 130
A DISABLED 'DISGRACE!' Readers slam hospital park charges. Apr 23, 2015 448
What about blue badges? FEEDBACK. Apr 21, 2015 164
Demonising the sick while rich evade tax; LETTERS. Mar 24, 2015 392
Blue badge holders to be charged by council. Feb 21, 2015 457
Car park charges for disabled drivers. Feb 21, 2015 146
Blue badge holders to be charged for parking in Newcastle City Council multi-storeys; Newcastle City Council hopes to raise [pounds sterling]140,000 by introducing car parking charges for blue badge holders parking in city centre multi-storeys. Feb 20, 2015 438
Charges for blue badge parking 'never an option' DRAFT IDEA THAT SPARKED FURY HADN'T EVEN COME TO CABINET, SAYS LEADER. Feb 10, 2015 303
Blue badge fraud on rise across region. Jan 30, 2015 341
Accused of blue badge misuse. Jan 12, 2015 324
Driver fined over abuse of blue badge. Jan 8, 2015 201
Council sorry after staff vans snapped parking in disabled bays in disabled bays; MAN WITH BLUE BADGE UNABLE TO FIND SPACE. Dec 19, 2014 391
Information on the Blue Badge scheme; FEEDBACK YOUR VIEW. Dec 8, 2014 394
MS sufferer abused in car park for not looking ill enough; WOMAN'S BATTLE TO HIGHLIGHT 'INVISIBLE ILLNESSES'. Dec 5, 2014 549
Blue badge error 'could cost PS1,500'. Oct 13, 2014 138
PS1,500 PARKING TICKET FURORE; And all because disabled John had his badge upside-down. Oct 12, 2014 433
BLUE BADGE VICTOR; Double amputee wins fight. Oct 3, 2014 256
Just one arm but I don't qualify for a Blue Badge. Sep 15, 2014 418
Double amputee Tom not disabled enough for blue parking badge; Grandad's fury as council turn him down. Aug 29, 2014 451
Warning over the misuse of disabled badges. Jul 18, 2014 145
Crackdown on blue badge abuse. Jul 7, 2014 191
Crackdown on badge abuse. Jul 7, 2014 192
Blitz on disabled badge abusers. Jul 7, 2014 201
Motorist's fury over parking fine blunder. Jun 11, 2014 457
Driver's concern at wrong advice by traffic warden. May 13, 2014 332
Beware of blue badge fee-charges. Apr 25, 2014 112
Warning over blue parking badge websites. Apr 16, 2014 145
TICKET TO WALK; Blue Badge guide for day trippers. Apr 13, 2014 434
Deflorio Fashion Receives Blue WeddingWire Rated[TM] Badge. Apr 9, 2014 528
Disabled parkers to pay. Mar 28, 2014 461
VICTORY AS WAR HERO'S CAR PARK TICKET IS RIPPED UP; OUTRAGE COMMON SENSE PREVAILS; Disabled badge had fallen of dashboard. Mar 21, 2014 220
@dailyrecord; Letters.. Letter to the editor Feb 21, 2014 189
Disabled badge issue; You Say Jan 20, 2014 180
Harriet's ready to welcome city day trippers; Laura Davis meets a Blue Badge guide who has her work cut out for her in 2014. Jan 15, 2014 1402
BLUE BADGE FRAUD COSTING MILLIONS; Liverpool hit by failures of neighbours. Jan 6, 2014 772
Crackdown on blue badge abuse; RECORD VIEW. Dec 19, 2013 171
Scottsdale Car Service Receives Blue WeddingWire Rated(TM) Badge. Dec 15, 2013 359
Parking fines a burden on elderly; FEEDBACK. Nov 5, 2013 236
BOYS IN BLUE BADGE; PARKING OUTRAGE AS COP AND MEDICS CAUGHT USING DISABLED SPACES Officer and ambulancemen accused of being selfish and lazy. Nov 1, 2013 384
City leaders target blue badge frauds. Oct 18, 2013 284
SUICIDE RIDDLE OF BLUE BADGE SCANDAL HUBBY; Body is found hours after police quiz him at station EXCLUSIVE. Aug 28, 2013 332
DISABLED WIFE SAW HUSBAND KILLED IN PARKING SPACE ROW; He had blue badge for her. Aug 7, 2013 445
'These plans are just parking mad...' Disabled bay proposals blasted by campaigners. Jun 18, 2013 559
Resurfacing hits station car parking. May 30, 2013 336
Getting tough on blue badge abuse. May 29, 2013 567
Parking abuse; COMMENT The policy of honesty. The might of right. The expediency of principle. May 29, 2013 224
Amazed at my petty disabled parking fine; Letters Letter to the editor May 22, 2013 330

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