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Physical Chemistry of Foods.

Physical Chemistry of Foods was the title of the 15th basic symposium organised by the Institute of Food Technologists and the International Union of Food Science and Technology. This event was held at the beginning of June 1991 in Dallas and was intended to help meet the demands for teaching and reference material dealing with the physical chemistry of foods. The chapters in this book deal with the major topics covered during the symposium; the four basic areas discussed were: Phase equilibria; Reaction kinetics; Physical chemistry of gels and disperse systems; and Physicochemical effects occurring during consumption and use.

As the chapters in this text show, physical chemistry provides not only useful bases for understanding physical and chemical phenomena in foods, it also provides tools for manipulating and controlling those phenomena, and for creating and upgrading food products and processes.

The 23 contributors have written chapters entitled: Thermodynamics and vapour-liquid equilibria; Solid-liquid equilibrium - crystallization in foods; Glass transitions in foods; Surface thermodynamics, protein absorption and biofilm development; Gels and gelling; Emulsions; Generation of engineered structures in gels; Physico-chemical aspects of muscle tissue behaviour; Physical chemistry of bread dough; Physical and chemical properties of nutrients affecting their absorption and utilization; The transduction of taste and olfactory stimuli; Disintegration and segregation kinetics of dry food particulates; Mechanistic basis of rheological behaviour of foods; The kinetics of non enzymatic browning; Kinetics of lipid oxidation; and Physical consequences of thermal reactions in food protein systems.

This lengthy text includes numerous references to further reading.
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Date:Jan 1, 1993
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