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Molecular phylogeny and predicted 3d structure of plant beta-D-N-acetylhexosaminidase. Hossain, Anowar; Roslan, Hairul Azman Report Jan 1, 2014 7660
190 years of Sargassum taxonomy, facing the advent of DNA phylogenies. Mattio, Lydiane; Payri, Claude E. Report Mar 1, 2011 14411
On the value of taxonomy, phylogeny, and systematics to orchid conservation: implications for China's Yachang Orchid Reserve. Cameron, Kenneth M. Report Jun 1, 2010 3641
Phylogenetic distribution and identification of fin-winged fruits. Manchester, Steven R.; O'Leary, Elizabeth L. Report Mar 1, 2010 28484
Fossil record and age of the Asteridae. Martinez-Millan, Marcela Report Mar 1, 2010 23350
Molecular studies about two rare species of the genus Tillandsia L. (T. califanii Rauh and T. tomaselii De Luca, Sabato et Balduzzi). De Castro, Olga; Cennamo, Paola; Vazquez-Torres, Mario; De Luca, Paolo Report Sep 1, 2009 3647
Foreword. Thomas, Wm. Wayt Report Mar 1, 2009 250
Phylogeny of cyperaceae based on DNA sequence data: current progress and future prospects. Muasya, A. Muthama; Simpson, David A.; Verboom, G. Anthony; Goetghebeur, Paul; Naczi, Robert F.C.; C Report Mar 1, 2009 7752
A preliminary molecular phylogeny of the Rhynchosporeae (Cyperaceae). Thomas, Wm. Wayt; Araujo, Ana Claudia; Alves, Marccus Vinicius Report Mar 1, 2009 2866
What is a genus in Cypereae: phylogeny, character homology assessment and generic circumscription in Cypereae. Muasya, A. Muthama; Vrijdaghs, Alexander; Simpson, David A.; Chase, Mark W.; Goetghebeur, Paul; Smet Report Mar 1, 2009 6201
Phylogeny and evolution in Cariceae (Cyperaceae): current knowledge and future directions. Starr, Julian R.; Ford, Bruce A. Report Mar 1, 2009 12956
Phylogeny, species richness, and ecological specialization in Cyperaceae tribe Cariceae. Waterway, Marcia J.; Hoshino, Takuji; Masaki, Tomomi Report Mar 1, 2009 9937
Lasiocroton trelawniensis (Euphorbiaceae), a critically endangered species from the Cockpit Country of Jamaica, belongs to Bernardia (Euphorbiaceae). Jestrow, Brett; Proctor, George; Francisco-Ortega, Javier Report May 1, 2008 4574
Preliminary molecular phylogenetic studies in Pachyanthus (Miconieae, Melastomataceae). Becquer-Granados, Eldis R.; Neubig, Kurt M.; Judd, Walter S.; Michelangeli, Fabian A.; Abbott, J. Ri Report May 1, 2008 6332
Molecular phylogenetic studies of Caribbean palms (Arecaceae) and their relationships to biogeography and conservation. Roncal, Julissa; Zona, Scott; Lewis, Carl E. Report May 1, 2008 10633
New discoveries in the canellaceae in the antilles: how phylogeny can support taxonomy. Salazar, Jackeline; Nixon, Kevin Report May 1, 2008 3322
Caribbean Island asteraceae: systematics, molecules, and conservation on a biodiversity hotspot. Francisco-Ortega, Javier; Ventosa, Iralys; Oviedo, Ramona; Jimenez, Francisco; Herrera, Pedro; Maund Report May 1, 2008 9165
Molecular phylogenetics and biogeography of the Caribbean-centered Croton subgenus Moacroton (Euphorbiaceae s.s.). van Ee, Benjamin W.; Berry, Paul E.; Riina, Ricarda; Amaro, Jorge E. Gutierrez Report May 1, 2008 11675
Phylogenetics and phylogeography of the South Pacific alpine plant Oreomyrrhis: Insights into global alpine biogeography. Kuo-Fang, Chung Author abstract Jan 1, 2008 364
Palynological characters and their phylogenetic signal in Rubiaceae. Dessein, Steven; Ochoterena, Helga; De Block, Petra; Lens, Frederic; Robbrecht, Elmar; Schols, Peter Jul 1, 2005 6173
Should taxon names be explicitly defined? Moore, Gerry Jan 1, 2003 11791
Is the Neotropical flora ready for the PhyloCode? Janovec, J.P.; Clark, L.G.; Mori, S.A. Jan 1, 2003 10046
Apomorphy-based definition also pinpoints a node, and PhyloCode names prevent effective communication. Kojima, Jun-Ichi Jan 1, 2003 5519
The Linnaean system and its 250-year persistence. Schuh, Randall T. Jan 1, 2003 10772
Critique of pure folly. Carpenter, James M. Jan 1, 2003 6663
The illogical basis of phylogenetic nomenclature. Keller, Roberto A.; Boyd, Richard N.; Wheeler, Quentin D. Jan 1, 2003 10112
The PhyloCode is fatally flawed, and the "Linnaean" System can easily be fixed. Nixon, Kevin C.; Carpenter, James M.; Stevenson, Dennis W. Jan 1, 2003 4856
On the phylogenetic position of the New Caledonian endemic families Paracryphiaceae, Oncothecaceae, and Strasburgeriaceae: a comparison of molecules and morphology. Cameron, Kenneth M. Oct 1, 2002 5558
Comments on Coenogonium missouriense Davis, a unique microlichen from a cave in central Missouri. Davis, Joseph S. Jan 1, 2002 1255
Evolution of marine mushrooms. Hibbett, David S.; Binder, Manfred Dec 1, 2001 1910
AFLP Fingerprinting of Phaseolus lunatus L. and Related Wild Species from South America. Caicedo, A. L.; Gaitan, E.; Duque, M. C.; Chica, O. Toro; Debouck, D. G.; Tohme, J. Statistical Data Included Sep 1, 1999 7349
Fossil Cycadales of Argentina. Artabe, Analia E Jul 1, 1999 6165
Implications of Fossil Conifers for the Phylogenetic Relationships of Living Families. Miller Jr., Charles N. Jul 1, 1999 13908
Taxonomic affinities of Physena (Physenaceae) and Asteropeia (Theaceae). Morton, Cynthia M.; Karol, Kenneth G.; Chase, Mark W. Jul 1, 1997 2903
Reconstruction of the evolution of reproductive characters in Pontederiaceae using phylogenetic evidence from chloroplast DNA restriction-site variation. Kohn, Joshua R.; Graham, Sean W.; Morton, Brian; Doyle, Jeff J.; Barrett, Spencer C.H. Aug 1, 1996 10187
Tree balance and tree completeness. Mooers, Arne Oyvind Apr 1, 1995 5509
The accuracy of phylogenetic estimation using the neighbor-joining method. Kim, Junhyong; Rohlf, F. James; Sokal, Robert R. Apr 1, 1993 7305

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