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Photo props.

Create a sweet set of photo props great for photo booths, selfie fun or a perfect party favor.


MADE SIMPLY WITH FELT and lollipop sticks, these in-the-hoop projects couldn't be any faster, and they're so simple, you can get the kids involved In making them. Change out the lollipop sticks for fun themed pencils and give them as class gifts. A heavyweight wool-blend felt works best for this project, but craft store felt sold by the sheet Is a suitable less expensive alternative.


+ Two 2 1/2 "x5" rectangles of red felt

+ Tear-away stabilizer

+ Embroidery thread

+ Long lollipop sticks

+ Craft glue

+ Embroidery tape (See "Sources")

+ 4x4 or larger hoop


* Load the Photo Props Lips embroidery design onto the machine. Hoop a piece of tear-away stabilizer, and then place the hoop onto the machine.


* Embroider the first step to create a placement line directly on the stabilizer (A).


* Stack both pieces of felt on top of each other and place them over the placement line, making sure the felt covers the stitched line. Tape in place (B).


* Embroider the second step to tack down the felt and complete.

* Remove the project from the hoop and tear away the excess stabilizer from the back.

* Trim around the project, leaving a small seam allowance.

* Turn the project over to the back and determine the desired placement of the lollipop stick. Cut a small horizontal line through only the back felt layer using sharp scissors, being careful not to cut through the front layer (C).


* Place a small amount of glue on the top of the lollipop stick, and then Insert It into the cut line on the felt. Press the felt down (D). Allow the glue to dry before using. Repeat the same basic steps to construct the mustache.



Use a large hoop to create several props in the same hooping to save time.


Photo Props: Download the In The Hoop Photo Props Ups free from until Oct. 31, 2016. Find the Lips design, and the Mustache design, after the expiration date at


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