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Photo: Innovative HAPPYBABY(R) Brand Debuts HAPPYBITES(R) With SECRET SAUCE, New Toddler/Kids Healthy Organic Meals.

NEW YORK, March 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Nurture, Inc., the parent company of HAPPYBABY(R) fresh frozen organic baby food and HAPPYBELLIES(R) organic baby cereals with DHA and Probiotics, today announces the launch of HAPPYBITES(R) and SECRET SAUCE. The line is the first to provide organic meals created specifically for toddlers and as healthy balanced snacks for older kids that incorporate hidden vegetables, high protein, nutritious dipping sauces and clever special agent animal characters that kids ask for by name. The line consists of the SECRET SAUCE KIT and five HAPPYBITES meals. Four of the five HAPPYBITES(R) meals will feature one dipping secret sauce.

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This is the company's third product line of healthy and beneficial foods designed to give babies and now toddlers/kids the best possible start in life by developing a taste for nutritious and flavorful foods. HAPPYBITES(R) was developed with the guidance of renowned pediatrician Dr. Robert "Bob" Sears who has worked with Nurture Inc since its inception.

"Feeding our babies and toddlers food grown without GMOs, hormones and chemical additives is more important than ever in avoiding the allergies, early onset obesity and attention problems that are becoming increasingly prevalent," says Dr. Bob Sears of the Sears family of pediatricians. "We have to give our children's immune and digestive systems the building blocks they need to ensure optimal body and brain development. I believe Nurture, Inc.'s wholesome meals deliver the essential nutrition healthy, growing children need."

HAPPYBITES(R) offers cleverly branded hand-held nutritious meal options for toddlers and healthy snacks for older kids that incorporate hidden vegetables and delicious SECRET SAUCES for dipping, specially formulated to provide a full serving of vegetables while appealing to taste profiles kids love.

HAPPYBITES(R) SECRET SAUCE KIT consists of four gluten-free, delectable dipping sauces in one convenient package, which gives parents four servings (one per three-ounce cup) of veggies to make any snack balanced and nutritious. Each sauce is high in protein, has no preservatives and is made from organic ingredients. Each features its own clever Special Agent animal character promoting its own special "case" regarding the environment, health, recycling and exercise while providing a fun colorful character to associate with each flavor.
 HAPPYBITES(R) Toddler/Kids Meals

 -- Mac & Cheese Bites:

A new healthy take on an old standby but with the same flavor profile kids crave. A blend of all organic ingredients with a full serving of vegetables hidden in the mix and an excellent source of protein. Packaged with "Monkey" Sauce for nutritious dipping.
 Monkey Sauce: Favorite of Maya the Monkey, PI
 Primate Investigator
 Hails from: Central American Rainforest
 Likes: Bananas
 Dislikes: Deforestation
 Spotted with chicken nuggets, broccoli and Mac & Cheese Bites

 -- Swimmers:

Healthy breaded wild salmon and pollock fish bites with hidden vegetables. High in fiber and protein, each serving naturally contains 520 mg EPA/DHA Omega 3 fatty acids for brain and eye development. Packaged with "Bear" Sauce.
 Bear Sauce: Favorite of Penny the Polar Bear, NYPD
 Officer: NY Polar Department
 Hails from: North Pole
 Likes: Salmon
 Dislikes: Global Warming
 Spotted with veggies, crackers, and Swimmers

 -- VeggieTots:

A blend of organic shredded mixed vegetables as a more vitamin-packed version of conventional tater tots. VeggieTots include organic potatoes, zucchini, carrots, black beans and cheese and are an excellent source of protein. Packaged with "Cheetah" Sauce.
 Cheetah Sauce: Favorite of Chui the Cheetah, CIA
 Director: Central Intelligence of Africa
 Hails from: Malawi
 Likes: jogging for at least 30 minutes a day
 Dislikes: watching too much TV
 Spotted with breakfast bake, broccoli and veggies and VeggieTots

 -- Fish Bites:

Gluten free fish nuggets with delicious malt vinegar crust. High in protein, each serving naturally contains 225 mg EPA/DHA Omega 3 fatty acids for brain and eye development. Packaged with "Roo" Sauce.
 Roo Sauce: Favorite of Joey the Kangaroo, FBV
 Agent: Federal Bureau of Vegetation
 Hails from: Australia
 Likes: Barbeque
 Dislikes: Plastic bottles
 Spotted with veggies, crackers and Fish Bites.

 -- Breakfast Bake:

A delicious nutritionally balanced handheld breakfast pie with 1/2 serving of veggies and high protein to start the day.

To provide parents with convenience and versatility, HAPPYBITES(R) toddler/kids meals with SECRET SAUCE are fully cooked. HAPPYBITES(R) meals can be heated in a toaster oven, oven or microwave.

"We are committed to providing the very best convenient options for parents while making eating fun and delicious for kids," says Shazi Visram, Nurture, Inc.'s founder and CEO. "HAPPYBITES(R) is a natural outgrowth of our commitment to help children become healthy and happy at each stage of their development."

For every package of HAPPYBABY(R), HAPPYBELLIES(R) and HAPPYBITES(R) parents purchase, the company continues to partner with Project Peanut Butter ( to feed malnourished children in Malawi and Sierra Leone.
 Contact info:
 Amanda Griffith

 Helen Bernstein

CONTACT: Amanda Griffith, +1-617-851-8335,, or Helen Bernstein, +1-718-852-7606, both of Nurture, Inc.

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