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The Linguistic Ideas of Joseph Edkins (1823-1905). Orlandi, Giorgio (Georg) Report Jan 1, 2020 11612
An afternoon teaching phonology to Prep M. Shepherd, Julie Essay Jun 1, 2019 1702
The Caspian Language of Sahmirzad. Borjian, Habib Apr 1, 2019 9567
Rules or Constraints? A Cross Methodological Comparison of Approaches to 'Syncope' and 'Vowel Shortening' in Cairene Arabic. Btoosh, Mousa A. Report Jun 1, 2018 5453
"Shooting Characters": A Phonological Game and Its Uses in Late Imperial China. Saarela, Marten Soderblom Essay Apr 1, 2018 16998
Voicing In Stop Consonants: Phonological Awareness. De'Ath, Leslie; Neron, Martin Nov 1, 2017 2750
Phonological awareness training with articulation promotes early reading development. Falth, Linda; Gustafson, S.; Svensson, I. Mar 22, 2017 6677
Integrating Orthographic and Phonological Knowledge in Early Readers: Implicit and Explicit Knowledge. Kaefer, Tanya Report Jan 1, 2016 5063
An analysis of phonology and linguistic interfaces as a new case for a biopsychological foundation for linguistics. Life, Jonathan J. Report Jan 1, 2016 11357
Phonology of Ganza (Gwami Nana). Smolders, Joshua Report Jan 1, 2016 22052
Brahui and the Zagrosian hypothesis. McAlpin, David W. Essay Jul 1, 2015 14850
The length of final vowels with respect to case syncretism in Luuditsa Votic. Rozhanskiy, Fedor Report Jun 1, 2015 13872
Helping students become linguistic inquirers: a focus on spelling. Daffern, Tessa Report Feb 1, 2015 3634
Orkney English phonology: observations from interview data. Schmitt, Holger Report Jan 1, 2015 7631
Road to the code: examining the necessity and sufficiency of program components. Schmitz, Stephanie L.; Loy, Sedona Report Dec 22, 2014 9653
The composition of the phonological consonant system and its functioning in Lituanian and French languages/Fonologiniu priebalsiu sistemu sandara prancuzu ir lietuviu kalbose bei ju funkcionavimas. Mickunaityte, Daiva Report Dec 1, 2014 2580
Phonological traits, yield components and their relationship with grain yield stability in spring wheat genotypes under terminal heat stress conditions. Zarei, Bahram; Naderi, Ahmad; Kamali, Mohammad Reza Jalal; Lack, Shahram; Modhej, Adel Report Jun 1, 2014 6309
What is the role of tone in the phonological similarity effect? Yip, Michael C. W. Report Jan 1, 2014 6562
Journal of Research in Childhood Education, volume 26, no. 4. Casbergue, Renee; Bedford, April Report Sep 1, 2013 3748
Studies in Uralic etymology I: Saami etymologies. Aikio, Ante Report Sep 1, 2013 6449
Morphophonological nature of Mari accentuation as viewed from the Uralic perspective. Rozhanskiy, Fedor Report Sep 1, 2013 9969
On defective verbs and mood marking in Hungarian. Szepe, Judit; Gerstner, Karoly; Szende, Tamas Report Jun 1, 2013 6344
The impact of musical training on the phonological memory and the central executive: a brief report. Ramachandra, Vijayachandra; Meighan, Colleen; Gradzki, Jillian Report Dec 1, 2012 3015
Comparative effectiveness of phonological awareness and oral language intervention for children with low emergent literacy skills. Fielding-Barnsley, Ruth; Hay, Ian Report Oct 1, 2012 6217
The impact of rapid automatized naming and phonological awareness on the reading fluency of a minority student population. Taub, Gordon E.; Szente, Judit Report Oct 1, 2012 4926
Assessing the phonological skills of bilingual children from preschool through kindergarten: developmental progression and cross-language transfer. Lopez, Lisa M. Report Oct 1, 2012 9109
Effectiveness of decoding and phonological awareness interventions for children with down syndrome. Lemons, Christopher J.; Mrachko, Alicia A.; Kostewicz, Douglas E.; Paterra, Matthew F. Report Sep 22, 2012 12078
Phonological comparison between Chhatthare Limbu and Athpahariya. Tumbahang, Govinda Balmdur Report Jul 1, 2012 8074
Auditory Temporal Processing as a Specific Deficit among Dyslexic Readers. Fostick, Leah; Bar-El, Sharona; Ram-Tsur, Ronit Report Feb 1, 2012 333
Phonological-based assessment and teaching within a first year reading program in New Zealand. Greaney, Keith; Arrow, Alison Report Feb 1, 2012 8189
Towards a mental representation of vowel height in SSBE speakers. Mendousse, Kevin Report Jan 1, 2012 6674
Grammaphonology: a new theory of English spelling. Ryan, Des Report Dec 1, 2011 10685
The syllable frequency effect in semantic categorization tasks in Korean. Kim, Jihye; Kwon, Youan; Nam, Kichun Report Oct 1, 2011 5115
The phonetics and phonology of a disyllabic foot in Soikkola Ingrian. Markus, Elena Report Jun 1, 2011 5921
Reduplicated nominal patterns in Semitic. Michael Butts, Aaron Essay Jan 1, 2011 16234
Pausing preceding and following prepositions in prepositional phrases of Obama's inaugural speech. Bada, Erdogan; Genc, Bilal; Ozkan, Yonca Report Dec 31, 2010 3918
Some aspects of quantity in Central Veps. Tuisk, Tuuli Report Dec 1, 2010 3247
Phonological awareness of young children with visual impairments. Hatton, Deborah D.; Erickson, Karen A.; Lee, Donna Brostek Report Dec 1, 2010 4552
Project Read[R] Phonology. What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Report. Author abstract Jul 1, 2010 485
Hungarian vocal music, with an introduction to Hungarian lyric diction, Part 2. De'Ath, Leslie; Rethazi, Andrew Mar 1, 2010 3844
On Phonetics and Phonology: A Broad-Termed Comparison and Contrast between Broad and Narrow Transcription. Ebrahimi, Pouria Report Feb 1, 2010 249
Training in phonological awareness generalizes to phonological working memory: a preliminary investigation preliminary investigation. van Kleeck, Anne; Gillam, Ronald B.; Hoffman, Lavae M. Report Jan 5, 2010 7401
SuccessMaker[R]. WWC Intervention Report. Author abstract Jun 1, 2009 408
The Dangari tongue of choke and machoke: tracing the proto-language of Shina enclaves in the Hindu Kush. Liljegren,Henrik Report Jan 1, 2009 6249
The finite-state playground. Hammond, Michael Report Jan 1, 2008 4878
Bilingualism and Cognition: A Review of a Metalinguistic Task of Phonological Awareness in Bilingual Children. Qureshi, Saira I. Abstract Jan 1, 2005 189
The phonology of epenthetic stops: implications for the phonetics-phonology interface in optimality theory *. Warner, Natasha Jan 1, 2002 10235
Reconstructive Phonology and Contrastive Lexicology: Problems with the "Gerlyver Kernewek Kemmyn". Mills, Jon Report Jan 1, 1999 637
Coarticulations and coronals in Malayalam. McAlpin, David W. Jul 1, 1998 3805
On drifts and shifts. Minkova, Donka Critical Essay Jan 1, 1997 8901
From Domesday Book to Lay Subsidy Rolls: place-names as informants of linguistic change. Diaz Vera, Javier E. Jan 1, 1996 2565

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