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Phone book pulls out, folds down.

Phone book pulls out, folds down Big books like telephone directories and dictionaries tend to be cumbersome for the frequent use they get. When Oakley Norton of Eagle Rock, California, designed and built his new kitchen, he installed the staggered stack of drawers you see here to hold all kinds of office clutter and the two directories he uses most often. The seven drawers step back from top to bottom so the counter below is left clear and open for home-office work or buffet serving.

What makes two of these drawers especially convenient is the way they pull out and fold down. Each holds its book at a rostrum-like reading angle.

Sized to hold an open directory, each drawer has a bottom that's shorter than its pivoting side rails (the bottom stops just short of the hinge's pivot point). The short segment of each rail supports the 3-inch-long hinge tongue and extends an inch farther into the cabinet than the tongue does. Wooden guides glued and screwed to the cabinet frame sandwich the drawer rails to hold them steady when the book base is lowered.

The back ends of the rails' long segments were cut with a slight curve so they rock down smoothly but stop against the back pieces at the desired angle.

When the drawer is lifted up to horizontal, the two-part rails slide smoothly back into the cabinet between the top and bottom guides.
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Title Annotation:storage for telephone directories
Date:Jan 1, 1990
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