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Phone addiction must be bad []; Tech.

Byline: With SHIVALI BEST, by Dave Masters

HoldFree / IOS and Android


Phone addiction must be bad since this app rewards you with discounts just for putting your handset away.

Hold is for students who will earn one point for every 20 minutes they don't use their mobile between 6am and 1am.

You get 10 free points in your account when you sign up and you build these up to purchase goods in the app's marketplace, which download as QR code vouchers.

For example, 60 points get you free popcorn the week ale ch Yo it l at a Vue cinema or lets you unlock cheap PS4.99 tickets. You can also play virtual scratchcards for prizes and donate to charities such as Unicef (20 hours of not playing with your phone will buy a football for children in Syria).

The app also links with your Facebook account to encourage users to get into points battles with their friends.

Hold is only open to genuine students in the UK, Norway and Sweden and requires an .ac university web address to sign up.

by Dave Masters

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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Sep 14, 2018
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