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Philosophy after Deleuze; Deleuze and the genesis of representation.


Philosophy after Deleuze; Deleuze and the genesis of representation.

Hughes, Joe.

Bloomsbury Academic


174 pages



Deleuze encounters; v.2


Joe Hughes presents a short synopsis of French philosopher, Gilles Deleuze's most salient ideas and their enduring influence on continental philosophy. He argues that "Deleuze's philosophy is best understood as a reconfiguration of Kant's." In five short chapters, he examines Deleuze's difficult writing style, his ontology of immanence, his life-affirming Spinozan and Nietzschean ethics, Deleuze's cinematic aesthetics and how it plays off his ethical thinking, and finally his political thought. This text provides a relatively accessible entry point for a relatively abstruse philosopher. Bloomsbury Academic is an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing.

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Date:Jun 1, 2013
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