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Philosophers of capitalism; Menger, Mises, Rand, and beyond.


Philosophers of capitalism; Menger, Mises, Rand, and beyond.

Ed. by Edward W. Younkins.

Lexington Books


374 pages




In this reader Younkins (business, Wheeling Jesuit U.) has gathered a substantial number of interdisciplinary articles on the ideological foundations of capitalism with the ultimate goal of developing a "paradigm for a free society." Although the 16 articles focus on the three title theorists, and a means of developing a model which incorporates their thought, other worthies include Aristotle, Bohm- Bawerk, Hayek, Hobbes, Kant, Levin, Nozick, and Rothbard, with topics ranging from methodology, economic subjectivism, the contributions of the Austrian School of Economics, obligation and value, the libertarian minimal state, law, reason, and ethics.

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Date:May 1, 2006
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