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Philodemus on death.


Philodemus on death.

Philodemus. Ed. and trans. by W. Benjamin Henry.

Society of Biblical Literature


160 pages



Writings from the Greco-Roman world; no.29


Henry (classics, U. of Texas-Austin) explains that Philodemus (ca 110-40 BC) studied with the Epicurean Zeno in Athens, then went to Rome probably about 88-86 where he hobnobbed with the political and literary elite and did most of his writing, little of which was known in the original until discovered in the middle of the 18th century carbonized by the eruption of Vesuvius. Overcoming anxieties about death was a major concern of the Epicurean school, and Philodemus addressed them in a treatise of which perhaps a third has survived. Henry offers it here in Greek with facing pages of English translation. The scholarly apparatus includes textual and historical footnotes, an extensive introduction, an index of Greek words, and photographs of the tattered manuscript. Society of Biblical Literature publishes the paperback edition; Brill publishes the hardback.

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