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Philippines prepared for Y2K problem: gov't.

MANILA, Sept. 1 Kyodo

The Philippine government said Wednesday the country is ready and prepared to deal with Y2K problems.

Presidential Spokesman Fernando Barican said a report in the Economist magazine that listed the Philippines as the least prepared among 34 countries surveyed to handle Y2K problems is inaccurate.

Barican said the article was based on a study made by the Gartner Group, a consulting company, in November last year and had not been updated.

"The Presidential Commission on the Year 2000 Compliance feels the Economist report does not show the true status of our country's readiness and has not given the countries included in the study a fair treatment," he said.

Barican said even the International Y2K Cooperation Center composed of 173 countries and the Asian Y2K Coordinators "view the report with doubt."

He said the government is more inclined to believe a report by the local commission saying the Philippines is ready to deal with Y2K problems.

He said the local panel's report was based on the "actual state of readiness" of all critical companies and agencies of the country.

According to the report, the finance sector is 95% Y2K ready, utilities and manufacturing 80%, telecommunications and transportation 79%, government services 77% and health care 70%.
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Publication:Asian Economic News
Date:Sep 6, 1999
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