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Philippines : Official Statement on the Vandalism against the EDSA People Power Monument.

The EDSA People Power Commission condemns in the strongest possible terms the act of vandalism committed against the EDSA People Power Monument.

The Monument stands as a symbol of our peoples triumph over a Dictatorship that distorted the rule of law, and employed violence to impose its own political beliefs on an entire nation. This act of vandalism hence is an affront against all Filipinos who took a stand for human rights and democracy in the 1986 People Power Revolution. It belittles their heroism and sacrifice for our country.

While we in the EPPC respect the vandals right to self-expression, it is regrettable that the Monument, which is deeply valued by millions of Filipinos, has to be desecrated to convey the vandals own political thoughts.

We believe that the vandal should have resorted to alternative means of self-expression that respect both the rule of law and the viewpoints of others. For when we selfishly impinge our own political beliefs on other Filipinos, we go down a slippery slopewe regress to the ways of authoritarianism and dictatorial rule.

This act of vandalism, however, cannot tarnish our devotion to the gains of People Power. The Monument may have been sullied, but we still commit our enduring faith to uphold justice, human rights, and our democracy.

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Mar 16, 2016
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